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My makeshift weapon lodged in the squishie’s skull and I knew I would probably never see my trusty chair leg again. Fortunately, its three brothers sat patiently nearby, waiting for their chance to shine.

» Posted By Dresden St James On 10.21.2017 @ 10:56 am


People always assume in my line of work a backpack would come in handy. I always disagree. Backpacks are cumbersome and require you remove them to retrieve your gear. Vests are, by far, the superior accessory for the man on the go.

» Posted By Dresden St James On 10.19.2017 @ 5:48 am


The welfare of the people was at stake. War broke out in the streets; women and children lay dead at the feet of monsters. Something had to be done.

» Posted By Dresden St James On 10.16.2017 @ 4:43 am


Two sides clashed against one another, with innocents caught between. War is never pretty, but when that war focuses around advanced technologies and genetically altered soldiers, it becomes even more atrocious.

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After the attacks, lobbyists on both sides argued for heavier restrictions against the other. Neither side seemed to be gaining a foothold. Then came the war.

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The announcement was made on a morning following one of thr most brutal attacks in the world’s history. Countries around the world watch in horror as a gene bomb went off in New York City, simultaneously warping the genetic code of millions of people and turning them into monstrosities. The gede modders were blamed, at first, but it soon became apparent they may not have been involved at all.

» Posted By Dresden St James On 10.11.2017 @ 5:10 am


The gene editor was, perhaps, the greatest invention of the 22nd century. It allowed people the option to completely rewrite their genetic makeup from the smallest trait to their most defining features. This, of course, caused no small amount of controversy with religious sects and purists who believed that a person is only themselves, so long as they never tinker with their base genetic makeup.

The Gene Wars started off small, as they always do. Local acts of terrorism, fueled by growing numbers of people dissatisfied with their apparent lack of safety. Gene editing became a commonplace matter on one side, while the other took a more technological approach. In the end, both sides suffered.

» Posted By Dresden St James On 10.10.2017 @ 11:29 am

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