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I can’t imagine I’m someone you’d want to be around with my ways of disappearing. Dark glimpses into my shadow being. I’m a restless one: it’s true. Fan the fire of lost desire, hardly, the truth of which I hide for the choir in my brain sings your name in rounds on repeat, daily, when I look at you I lie, hold back and do my duty to deny. Fear, I’m tired of the game, long stretches with no reprieve. Without connection I am detached, distracted, lost in some imagined reverie. Still I circle back all the same. Why can’t I let you go? Heaven knows I try and try. Dirt, encrusted pennies are offerings, wishes to the well where I drown your memory. Or drown in it like the pools of your eyes. Whisper that it’s done. Tell me I’ve changed too much or not enough. Snuff the last of these embers so when our gazes glance again I don’t feel myself soften and surrender. Move my feet and find I never want to leave.

» Posted By Dreams On 10.14.2018 @ 9:33 pm

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