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The trumpets let out a loud bellow as the princess delicately walked outside. She smiled a sweet smile, deaf to their blow. Ever since she was four she’d been deaf. She simply couldn’t hear. The people were non the wiser.

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The date was September 3rd, 1998. I couldn’t remember it, at least not well. My mom says it was one of the most important dates in my life, her life, my dad’s life. It was the day I was found. The day that they discovered that sweet little child hiding behind the bush in their yard. She’d said exactly six words, “Mommy says your my mommy now.” Yes, that was an important date.

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Her sons stared at her, tears in their blue eyes. She sighed softly, wondering what to tell them. They all knew they were going to burn, burn in a wonderful array of red for their Lord Jesus. So, she said nothing at all.

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The cat stared at her with slitted eyes, boring a whole into her soul. She shivered and turned away from it, as if that would help. A loud meow was the only warning she had before it pounced at her unaware body. She screamed and fled, terrified of the devil cat.

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She wrapped the wound tightly, praying for the best. They were hundreds of miles away from the next town and there wasn’t a single bar on her cell phone. Her daughter whimpered softly beneath her and tears fell from her cheeks. This was hopeless, utterly hopeless.

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No one is sure of anything. Whether we will wake up tomorrow or simply find ourselves in heaven stands to reason. So, honestly, sure is never sure. To be sure would be to know. And we don’t. We can’t be what everyone wants- sure.

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The upper floor was my destination. I knew that much. I had to make it to that floor. Dad lay there, all alone. He might be dead. The doctors had told me he wouldn’t live long, but I hadn’t thought… No, don’t think like that. Dad’s still alive, he has to be.

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The icing glimmered beneath the soft glow of the candle’s light. The flame danced as everyone sang an off-key version of “Happy Birthday”. It was halfhearted at best. I kept my eyes on the candles, watching as wax melded with the icing. Birthdays were never a happy year for my family. Especially sixteenth birthdays.

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A modem has to do with the computer, but I’m not exactly sure what it is. It begins and ends with the letter m though. It’s harsh when you pronounce it; It has a cold and technological feel to it. It reminds me of steel; cold and uncaring.

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I stare at the cap silently. It is the one reminder of him that I cannot seem to get rid of. I pick it up shakily and allow myself to imagine him for a brief second. His hay colored hair, sea blue eyes, and tiny dimples flash through my mind. Oh, little brother, why did you have to go?

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Hearing is a blessing, but it is also a curse. When one hears the sweet song of a bird it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without ears. One couldn’t even comprehend a day without sound. Yet, the curse hearing brings can be worse than any gift sound has to offer. To hear the inconsolable wail of a mother who has lost everything brings grief beyond comprehension. Sometimes hearing is something we never want to do again.

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Chapped lips were the least of her problems right now, but chapped lips was something she could deal with. She could put a little bit of lip balm on them and they’d be alright. Her life wasn’t that simple, but she didn’t need to be thinking about that right now. She just needed to keep the simplicities of the present in mind and not worry about the future; however chapped it may be.

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Everyone’s always afraid how they’ll sound to someone else. They don’t care how they sound to themselves. They don’t care how they sound to God. if they could just hear half the words they said they’d be ashamed. Looking back on each day, I don’t want to be ashamed of what I did and didn’t say. I want to be proud, and I want God to be proud too.

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The swan is beautiful and graceful. When it glides across the water it makes me envious. Why can’t I be like a swan? No one would dare compare me to a swan with my two left feet… sigh.

» Posted By Dreamergirl On 04.20.2012 @ 7:46 pm


Satan entices me every day to slip up, make a mistake. He gets at me in so many different ways it’s impossible to describe them all. I don’t want him to win though. I don’t want him to seem even slightly enticing to me. All I can do is hope and pray that God will entice me most in the end.

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The children stood before me, thin and malnourished. You couldn’t look at these kids without feeling something. I wanted to rip open a pound of rice and feed it to just one kid. I couldn’t do that though. We had to ration the little food we had to give. How could so many people overlook this?

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The snake stared at me calmly, as if it hadn’t just bitten me moments before. I couldn’t fathom why it hadn’t attacked again. I tried to hold it’s unblinking gaze, but my vision was getting fuzzy. Maybe if I just laid my head down to rest for a moment it’d go away. As everything went black I realized why the snake hadn’t bitten me again. It knew I was already dead.

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The murky water lay before me, a barrier I couldn’t cross. I told myself it was only a puddle, but maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was the entrance to another world. Maybe I wouldn’t be me when I made it to the otherside. I took a deep breath and stepped through the puddle. Seconds later I was on the otherside, same as always. It was only a fantasy that would never be fulfilled.

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