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the toughest thing I had ever done was coming towards me at the speed of a bullet. Why it came today, I would never know, all that I knew was that I had to make it through this. For my friends, for my family, for myself

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the hillside was her favorite place when she was younger. she enjoyed its green grass, its abundance of wildflowers, and most of all, she enjoyed the view of her small town from the top of it. it used to be her favorite place, but now it was all ashes and dust.

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The gameplan was simple. Get in. Take the loot. Get out. Nothing could be simpler. Except, of course, the actual implementation of the plan. The complications began with the dragon at the entrance.

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A single word was in her mind. A single dangerous word. This word could potentially destroy her life. It could potentially save it though. It was so hard to know what love could do.

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He was fading. There was nothing he could do about it, and he knew that. He didn’t care. He had lived a good life. He still loved his wife, and longed to be with her again. He only hoped his children knew that he was happy.

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the dread crept up her spine like a cockroach. there was nothing to describe what she was seeing right now. she couldn’t even scream.

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The dog’s bark brought him joy as he came through the door. The dog had been his best friend since he was young. It was getting old now, and he knew its time was almost up, but he loved it anyway.

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the room let no sound escape. no matter how I screamed no one outside could hear. I could see them, but they ignored me.

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The fire was burning in his eyes. This was a power he had never felt before. It was frightening. He felt so alive, and so angry at the same time. There was no other way to let it out than to avenge the wrongs that were done to him.

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He caught the orb as it was thrown to him.
“Good, you can handle magic. I think that you will grow to be a great mage. Now, trow it back to me.”

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she was selective in who she chose. the entire village knew that. That didnt stop every young child from hoping to become her next student.

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his cough had only gotten worse over the past few days. this fever was destroying him. there seemed to be no cure.

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I listen as hard as I can. I don’t want to listen to anything else. My earbuds are my escape.

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The daisies were flowing like water in the wind. I watched them from my window. I had never left my house to see them. But how I longed to. I knew, however, that I never could.

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The table was coated in blood. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the body on it. The body of my brother. The worst thing was, I was the one who caused this.

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i saw the butterflies in the distance. i wished that i could go and see them for real. i couldn’t i was stuck inside. as i had been for all of my life.

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