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The donkey remains dormant as he looks at the Mexican from around the corner, and the donkey is filled with fear.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 04.08.2016 @ 6:40 am


Possible: impossible, crazy, magical, talking, flowers, ants, tank, cliff, and plane.

Possible is also very impossible.
Like crazy ants and talking flowers.
Like magical tanks and planes falling down cliffs on purpose with no passenger.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 04.07.2016 @ 6:47 am


Bullet: fast, flaming, bird, rocket, rock, smash, and winner.

The bullet was as fast as a rocket.
The bullet was flaming.
The bullet hit a bird and smashed it to pieces.
The bullet was the winner.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 04.05.2016 @ 6:43 am


Dough: bread, chocolate chips, killer, banana, apple, and person.

The dough was turned into bread by a person.
The person added chocolate chips to the bread.
Then a killer banana and a killer apple came in and ate the man.
Then the killer fruits ate the bread that had chocolate chips all over it.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 04.04.2016 @ 6:46 am


The plant’s discovery really seemed scientific to many of the other plants, so the zombies were jealous and called upon Dr. Zomboss to make the plants dumb, so Dr. Zomboss created a machine that was supposed to make every plant dumb, and the zombies would seem very scientific due to this, but it failed.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 04.01.2016 @ 6:43 am


I accused the rat of eating the elephant whole, so then the rat decided to eat me and the elephant together, then after the rat ate us, the rat blew up after that due to the bloated belly that the rat had.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.30.2016 @ 6:40 am


The outsider was alone and scared, so scared that he would eat any animal that walked by him whole, then he always felt bad afterwords, so he tried to get along with others, but he always ended up eating them, what a bad person, but actually, he was an elephant, so tragic.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.24.2016 @ 6:44 am

The ant was an outsider, all alone crawling along the floor, no other ant colony would accept him, so he had to live the hard life on his own, then one day, a creature crawled out of the ground and ate him, and then the ant was no longer an outsider, because he died on a horrible way.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.23.2016 @ 6:39 am


The battle between plants and zombies seemed endless, due to all of the wars that makes Dr. Zomboss proud, and sometimes the plants win, and make Crazy Dave very happy since he did not die today.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.22.2016 @ 6:42 am


Dr. Zomboss was being an angel when he said that Super Brains could test out his new invention, the zombot hero tron, and then super brains was very happy to use his invention, and to finally destroy the plants for good, doing this would make super brains seem like an angel to everybody for destroying the plants.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.21.2016 @ 6:44 am


The cat delivered the candy to the dog, so the dog pulled out his shotgun and shot the cats head off, then the dog ate the cat’s insides out.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.18.2016 @ 6:41 am


A nuke will soon go boom in the US, destroying us all in a painful way soon, so when we hear the word boom, we will all die in a painful way.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.17.2016 @ 6:43 am


A pan is a good defense to hold off those old hillbillies, especially the retarded ones, so remember kids, always bring a pan when you walk alone on the streets at night.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.16.2016 @ 6:45 am

A pan is hard, small, and dangerous since people can throw them at you and cause severe pain to your body, possibly breaking bones.

» Posted By Dr. Zomboss On 03.15.2016 @ 6:35 am

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