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Wealthy with wisdom that is of your own but also borrowed from another who truly touched and still touches your inner being, and they still live there beyond life itself.

Wealth is either tangible or unseen. The unseen wealthy is what is priceless to the person and possibly only to them.

» Posted By Doreen On 06.12.2018 @ 1:49 pm


A place for me to learn additional things about a topic I enjoy. An event held that’s hands on learning. An event to like people interested in the same topics.

» Posted By Doreen On 02.24.2016 @ 7:19 am


I am stalling just now thinking about the garden instead of cleaning the kitchen! That is typical of me, wondering what plants to buy etc. Then I go to the garden and wander around wondering where to start the make over.

» Posted By Doreen On 06.05.2014 @ 4:59 am


The misty fog blurred my vision. I tried to see through it but I just couldn’t! I couldn’t see her face/ I just had to but i couldn’t. I was so close. If only I could see, just for a second. At last!

» Posted By Doreen On 08.17.2012 @ 5:46 pm


half blood. half blooded prince. reminds me of harry potter. Snape. Snape. Severous Snape! The half blood. He was a lonely man, and also a heartbroken man, indeed. He loved Lilly Potter but she loved someone else: not him. poor snape. I hope he died in peace.

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ship people fever sick sophia popeyes pilot water anchor sea blue white members

» Posted By doreen On 05.09.2011 @ 1:45 pm


What is purpose. We all have one, but what can it be. Can it be something that we do for others, or can it be something that we do for ourselves. I think that purpose is something that we do for ourselves that ends up helping others.

» Posted By Doreen On 04.01.2011 @ 10:50 am


If life was perfecty lived we would all be happy fullfilled and at peace. How do you do that?To love to herish and give up your own ideals to suit another

» Posted By doreen On 01.08.2011 @ 7:59 am


There was no love in her life no joy. She lacked one thing: compassion. She felt like no one cared enough loved enough.

» Posted By Doreen On 05.13.2010 @ 3:46 pm


once upon a time i had a bright shiny chrome watch that i just loved to look at. I used to feel a special delight as I watched the sun glint off the shiny chrome. Except on cars you don’t see much chrome these days.

» Posted By Doreen On 08.20.2009 @ 2:59 pm


my contact lens fell out… I thought I wouldn’t find it… I was at a roller skating rink but my nephew was able to retrieve it for me

» Posted By Doreen On 02.28.2009 @ 5:19 pm


of mud running down his sleeves no one knew from where he came or where he was going he was the town mystery and yet with all the grime under his fingernails and the mud manifesting itself over his body he had a gentleness no one could place without staring

» Posted By doreen On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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