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The corner where she sits is dark and gloomy. She is watching from her tent that is now wet from the rain pouring all around her. She hears every drop hit the roof of her tent, thankful she made the choice to buy an extra strong, waterproof tent. Especially after her last adventure of loosing her tent to another storm. It is her only pertection to her new home. She thought she would have this time to reflect with the sunshine. The weather report had said it would be sunny for the next two days. A storm was what is surrounding her, however she is protected and safe. She listens to the piter pat of rain falling. It lulls her to sleep. Her thoughts and sleep tonight are filled with a time not so long ago.They are her dreams and expectations of herself, no one can take away.

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To be unstable is something to question whether or not she was able to perform her duties. She has come to depend on her schedule. Tonight, she grasps hard and tight to her daughters hand. She has found herself out of a home and now without a way to make basic means to be met. Her daughter lays in her arms looking into her eyes and face. She smiles. She feels and knows she is safe, and has no idea what is ahead for her little girls mind. Her daughter, only knows she finds comfort in laying her head against her mother’s chest. It is the familiar rhythm that allows her drift off to sleep. In this unstable place she finds her peace.

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Her heart felt stale like an old piece of bread. The morning had started with focus and hope for a good day. However, turned when she was going over her ideas with her sister. They had an upcoming event planned with a dead-line fast approaching. She felt the pressure and angst in her sisters voice. It began to get louder with desperate need. This brought responses back from her sister that continued to escalate. Now, she was trying to wrap her head around why? There must be something she can do, in these moments of chaos? She was quickly approaching her own limits. It was evident in her response to her sister.

Something was needed in those moments. It was then she had an epiphany. “Listen to her well. She is not in her own mind. There is more to her story than you know. That is why she is responding in this way. Take a deep breath. Ask for forgiveness for your part. Be gentle and kind with your words. Love her uncodontional, the same way you have been loved. Watch your hearts change right before your eyes. No more stale bread. Instead, fresh baked hearts, like fresh baked bread. The sweet auroma permeates thru your homes. Comfort and peace. It ts now, well with your souls.” She follows her recipe to the tee. No deviations. They have found a new joy in the preparation; together with new baked hearts.

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Today, as she walks up to her door, she has found there a plethora of groceries in bags covering her front porch. She is taken aback from the sight, and has to put her children down from bringing them in from the car. They had just left the bank and had found out she had no monies in there. Her husband was away on a Med-Cruise with the navy on his new ship, and had forgot to take care of this before he left for 8mo. She was devastated and trying to wrap her mind around what was lying before her and her children. Trying not to let them see her cry, however it could not be helped, as she tried to explain to her children the truth of that situation.

They were listening in their own little ways, when her oldest daughter spoke up and said, “We have to pray mommy!”, and so they did, in the car that was still parked at the bank. They held each other; as she and to her surprise: her daughter prayed together and cried out for help and what to do. It was in those moments there was a peace that came over all of them , as they all knew something was happening; heavens gates were opening with the prayers of a mama and her children lost, but not forgotten and the angels singing. Which brings them back to what was greeting them at their front door when she arrived.

There were so many groceries of food, as well as necessities needed from diapers, to paper towels, to toilet paper, to everything needed for laundry supplies, to bath soap, to shampoo, to cleaning products for the house, to plastic bags, to ziplock bags, to new clothes for everyone, to toothpaste and toothbrushes, to candy for the children and special chocolates for her, to monies that helped which was exactly the amount that was needed; with a note that simply read, “God knows and loves you.”

Needless to say, they were laughing and crying at the same time, as they brought into their home the gift of love, never to know for whom it was, but they did, espically when her daughter said, “See mommy, our prayers worked. And with that, she said with a smile on her face and in her heart, “Yes, they did, hunny! Yes, they did!”

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Jumping is all she could do, as she tried to let the feeling of needing to move not take her away, however it was building up inside of her. She was feeling like her little girl was waiting to escape and go on an adventure; take with her every memory of always needing to move. That’s why she was in gymnastics and dance. She remembers how she would take what she had learned from her teacher/coach, and put it to practice literally. All the time…hopping, splitting , cartwheeling, hand springing, anything that could keep her moving, especially jumping.

She loved running full speed down the runway to the end and do handsprings off the vault or run and jump on a springboard to get her high up on the uneven bars. Always trying to jump an little higher or dance a little more expressive on her floor exercise. And that was only after she had done her set on the balance beam. It all kept her jumping and reaching for something more, to allow her the privilege of moving forward knowing there was always someone there to keep that drive in her going.

It was there long before she was even brought into this world. Her master designer and creator of her heart, mind, body and spirit was the driving force of her movement. Dancing and jumping into her daddy’s arms, she knows she is safe and secure from all unharmed. Gratefully thankful for every moment, as she cherishes every memory, reflecting back to the day , for such a time as this.

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She sat at the edge of her bed , as the paramedics loaded up their equipment to return back to thier Fire station. She had been down this road before and was almost a pro at making sure her episodes were under control, and so a visit from the paramedics was a good sign; she was keeping her body and mind right, both spiritually and physically well.

The journey has been long; now she can see the end to the means. She covers herself and snuggles into her cozy place on the couch. She listens carefully to the sounds outside; the breeze is whistling its tune to her heart from her windchime, and she smiles. She takes a breath in, and knows all is well with her soul, as she recognizes the still of the silence and drifts off to sleep.

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She is so excited to know a mighty oak starts from a mustard seed! This is great lessons learned from her father; as she grew up and shown the different stages it goes through to become the mighty oak. It stands strong and tall with limbs extended to the heavens and its roots grounded in the very foundation of its creator. Chosen to be in that place, so as others may see how marvelous and beautiful it is. Standing underneath can be breathtaking, as well as, climbing can bring out the kid in her and others who have joined her. There’s just something to be said of understanding the concept, of something greater and bigger of what she has come to fathom.

Her love for trees is a definite connection to her heart and can’t help but, be swept away in many life moments. She has found her help, healing and hope from her faith of a mustard seed to experience standing under the majestic mighty oak. She lifts her hands high to the heavens, being captured and taken beyond anything she can or ever would imagine. Her connected heart, mind and spirit are one with his. She gazes up and delights in the beauty that surrounds her; grabs her blanket and lays down for a while, with her hands behind her head; she looks up into it’s branches and leaves. The wind sweeps by for a moment and she smiles and takes a deep breath in and drifts off to sleep.

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She had just finished her lunch and was now putting everything away to clean up before she had to go to her meeting this afternoon. She decided she would have a little dessert, and so she gathered her ingredients and made a beautiful creation from her organic fig bars, peppermint bark and organic very dark chocolate. She added with her little towers of goodness, a tall wine glass of very cold organic coconut milk with ice. It is her philosophy that everything tastes better in a wine glass.

As, she started to put away her ingredients, she grabbed for the tin box that held the prized peppermint bark, and it slipped out of her hands, landing full force onto the granite counter, at this point , it set the whole house with alarms going off , very, very loudly. It was so intense , she had to cover her ears and was incredibly startled from everything going off, as well as the rooms lighting up from the system set to do so; if anyone should try and enter or breaks the glass from her window. Startled to say the least, however she did keep her calm as she moved toward the alarm system on her wall and keyed in her information.

Just as quickly as it happened, it was now peaceful again; she can really enjoy her delights before having to leave, for which she does , every savory/sweet bite; in the beautiful silence of every moment.

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The horse she loved so much , stood proudly with her brand new harness, as she walked with her owner; around the pen. They both allowed their eyes to take in the celebration of the day with great eagerness and excitement, while they strolled slowly into their place. Suddenly, the crowd that had gathered there to see them both perform, burst into clapping and cheers, sending anticipation chills down her spine, which carried thru to her horse.

She had not realized how tight she was now holding the new harness, so her horse began to fight it. Now, they both needed to get back what they knew was right, so as they could continue in the moments of this day of celebration. At this point the crowd had become silent at what they were seeing; they too were holding their breath; watching an amazing transformation happen right before their eyes. Both owner and horse were now, perfectly in sync with each other, portraying beautiful moves together, as they moved in harmony with their creators amazing orchestration of each move, until the music came to an end. They both were smiling and standing tall now, as the crowd erupted with greater cheers, clapping and now on their feet…a standing ovation that continued on for much more than anyone even anticipated or imagined; for such a time as this.

At the end of the day, they were back together at their barn, reliving the beauty of the moments of the day. They knew they were right where they were supposed to be, as she hugged Beauty’s neck and patted her nose. They both took in a breath and closed their eyes. Her heart and mind are full of love and stayed on her creator; she smiles deep: gratefully thankful his love light shines bright: always and forever; as well as, Beauty’s new harness that was hanging proudly on the wall of her stall, as the light reflected off her name. She is content, knowing it is well with her soul and drifts off to sleep with Beauty by her side.

Dedicated to my Grandson: Jaxon and Granddaughter: Natalie Jean.
They both love horses just as much as me, their Grandma does. It is in our DNA❤️

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She thinks to herself and ponders her moment of coming to the conclusion, “Yep: Artificial, not appearing of real substance. Today too many things are a far cry from what is the real deal and what used to be; especially when it comes to pretty much everything. No more secrets and the time for this chaos has to stop. It is ruining our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits, coming to a place that can cause irrefutable damage. Not in her vocabulary.” She knows how hard it has been to walk the path of what is the real deal of her life. She made a conscious choice to never return again to the world of the artificial mask. She now chooses daily to wear with confident satisfaction; her heart, mind, body and spirit: open and authentic; her creators design of love, hope, peace, joy, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, patience, and self control; not easily angered. She smiles from her heart and it shows on her face,. She wears well the fruit of the spirit…absolutely no room for artificial here.

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Meeting the metro train downtown in the middle of London, on time, was one of her greatest accomplishments along this trip of discovery to her place of heritage. She has safely boarded and can now sit and ponder what new adventures lie ahead for her. She has been told all her life, she comes from Royalty, but now to be on the way to meet up with her relatives at the castle is far too much for someone else to even comprehend, however here she sits with great anticipation of what is now her truth…how amazing and truly blessed she is to have the incredible opportunity to share her story now with her family.

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She can hear the sound of the plates clanking together as she moves her head to see where the sound is coming from. She peeks around the corner and to her much demise, her mouth has fallen opened to the sight before her of broken shattered pieces of her once heirloom collection handed down from many generations to herself, that was to be handed down to her own daughters and son. She runs frantically to the sight and falls to her knees, sobbing at what has just now been a pile of rubbish: good for nothing but the trash. As she sits amongst the ruins, her mind fills with so many memories that were flooding her heart and mind; never to return back to such a time as this. Then as, she slowly moves forward, her eye catches a glimpse of something shiny.

She ever so gently moves toward it, and is taken aback from the other angle she is now looking at it from. She gets up and starts to look deep into the pile and can now see a reflection of beauty shining forth, from the rubbish. She is now filled with a peace , as she looks at the pieces; she can now see herself in that rubbish from what used to be, so very hard to even look into; at a few times in her life. However, as she stands there she feels a holy presence with her, that has made itself known, alive and well in her. She knows very well in her heart, mind, body and spirit the rubbish formed from the broken plates, is not the rubbish she holds onto in those very moments. A beautiful masterpiece, designed by the very hands and heart of her creator; beautifully broken into pieces to reflect his love light for him, as well as those around. It is well with her soul, to be broken into beautiful.

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As she sits in her livingroom she can hear the low sound of the tv, as it is the backdrop for her and her husbands day for which is filled with them both getting sick. She was visiting her family and and when she returned home midweek, she found herself the next day very sick with severe stomach pains, that left her in her bathroom trapped with no where to go. She found herself projectile vomiting and other things too bad to mention. Her husband was doing his best to help her out, but to no avail, he ended up trying to sleep on the couch with the noise traveling thru the house. She was far too week to try and move, and so sometime during the early the next morning she had moved herself to the floor, and stayed there trying to just get thru. Her stomach wrenching, overcome with chills, and still no end in sight. Some how she had fallen asleep and when she woke, her husband had left. She found herself with such a headache; it added to the other aches and pains she was already feeling from whatever had taken over her body. She thought maybe it was Her salad from the night before, but her husband had the same thing and he was ok. So, the only other could possibly be, she got some kind of bug. Her grandson she had gone to visit was not feeling well before she left, but she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions as of yet. She just tried to get thru the moments, for which , later in the morning, she ended up making an essential oils mixed together and rubbed on her feet, back of her neck and at her pressure point on her head from the pain. It was meant to help with the pain and hopefully help her sleep. And that is exactly what it did. She woke from the couch from where she was sleeping and looked at the clock, it was 3:00pm. Holy-Moly was all she could get out of her mouth, as she made a mental note, her oils worked.

She was stlll feeling dizzy, but able to get up and get herself some more water. It is the only thing she is able to keep down, still from Thursday night. And tries to keep down, so as she doesn’t get dehydrated. She manages to get herself moving enough to accomplish some things getting done, taking it very slow. By this time her husband returns home from work and can still see how much she is being overtaken. He helps her out with getting her more water and then brings in some organic apple juice, as he prays for his wife that night for some kind of relief for her. He has watched her walk thru it all, and this is one more thing he has kept his promise to always be there for her, as well as, she for him. Many trips still back and forth to the place. Still week and nausea, but this night they will be sleeping together. She got up during the night, but was able take care of things, even though she was still nauseated, dizzy, and other things. Finally when , they woke up Saturday morning, she wasn’t feeling dizzy, but stomach still acting up. She at this point still had nothing to eat, and continued with her apple juice and water.

After taking a shower she felt much better and so they got ready to go to a goodbye event with their friends that was later that afternoon. It was a great event and everyone was so happy to see each other; some it had been awhile and others, not so long ago. Everyone smiling and enjoying being in community together, was healing for her, as she took in every moment. She was watching what she ate, only trying a few berries, and a couple of small meatballs, made by her oldest and dearest friend; who brought great joy to her as they shared great conversation while she ate them slowly and was ok. She was so thankful, especially after her husband noticed and keenly keeping his eye on her, so as she is still doing good. And she was, after they left. She was able to go for a drive and walk around with her husband, as he kept close eye on her. They found a little place, that made homemade corn tortillas and so they attempted to try and have some cheese quesadillas and chips with mild salsa. It tasted so good on her tongue she was savoring every tiny bite. Unfortunately, only after a few she could not finish, and her stomach was hurting again. She was nauseous again and having to revisit what had become her favorite room. And feeling dizzy again. The evening was of her trying to get thru this again with the evening of being on the couch again, only now with him making sure she was being taken care of with her hot and room temperature water and more apple juice. They were able to sleep together, again this night. Waking with much less nausea, but again visiting her favorite room.

So, this day today, Sunday is now filled with some knowns and unknowns. Known: she was able to eat a very tiny piece of her yesterday’s food. No more, no less. It was hard, but she ate it anyway, because it needed to try and get her energy back. And it definitely helped. She has been able to write and talk to her children over the phone to find out this bug has been reeking-havoc on her son and his family. Yikes, not good, but she knows she has to power thru, especially for her husband, since he now has it. Dizzy, dizzy her head is spinning, but she is good while on the couch with her husband as she now is giving back to him, what he has done for her.

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Swift is the air and breeze that flows thru the trees, as little hummingbirds fill its branches; as it stands tall with pride from the Sonshine brightly beaming thru the crisp morning atmosphere. Each one with wings fluttering, as they get their nourishment from the mighty tree standing tall , rooted deep , knowing this is exactly how it was created to be. As she stands there watching the miracles all around her, she breathes deep and is warmed by the warmth of his love light, as well as, the sounds of music from her wind chimes: kissed by his God breezes. This is a wonderful day and knows it is well with her soul, as she takes her surroundings deep into her heart and soul. She knows she is rooted deep , just like the tree, and smiles back at the warmth of the love light coming thru; his wink to her and so, she winks back. The gentle nudge she feels to her spirit, keeps her staying in the moments; forever captured in her heart and mind’s eye. It is well, it is well, with her soul!

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She glances down at the table set with the beautiful colors of the holiday. Fall’s in the air and ready to have her home be filled with her family and friends. She runs her hand over the silverware and plates passed down to her from her grams, for whom instilled etiquette along with fun and laughter at the very table she sat as a little girl so many times right next to her. Shared with many family and friends being passed on for generations. She holds tight to these precious memories and can’t wait to share and partake in the festivities. Her home filled with the auroma of good eats lingering and beckoning her to participate; as she breathes deep it takes her to her sweet place, and this makes her smile from the inside out. She is right where she knows she is to be.

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As she stared down into her cup of steaming Cappuccino, it brought a smile to her face and heart. She had waited so long to experience the blend of ground prime coffee beans; fresh from the cheerful lady who greeted her with a smile, as she drove up to receive her prize at the window of the Dutch House. It was bumping with music and laughter from all around who worked and partook of their masterpieces. She delights her nose with the auroma of amazing blend of coffee and real cream. She takes a long slow sip, savoring every moment; now it is her tastebuds dancing with delight. She is in her sweet spot of heavenly paportions and knows she will be returning again.

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The majority of those who sit in this time with her can bring either angst from her or a time of calm and peace, as she decides how to manover her thoughts. She moves onto her beginnings of a new phase to start to happen right before her very eyes. She is filled with much excitement and ready to get started with her gift: showing those around how to bring out the best of everything she does as she prepares the space around her to bring out those who gather together; conversations creating an inviroment where she wants her friends to show more of themselves: modeling vulnerability is almost a prerequisite and so powerful.

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Ukulele music is what she is drawn to since it is a part of her heritage of her Hawaiian ancestors. She remembers the times sitting around the fire at night with her family and friends at their home on the island of Oahu: gathering to eat, fellowship and sing while playing the ukulele; always with much laughter and love to go around for everyone…it is a Hawaiian tradition that still holds near and dear to her heart.

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As she sits vertical she can feel the warmth of the sunshine on her legs. She is ready to discover her new found reality of knowing she can do anything and really does have the capacity to do so, because she has His strength that allows her to move mountains with her faith and encouraging words of wisdom. She has come so far: now her new reality is certainly from within. It is like the sound of running water from a babbling brook. It can take her to places she has been present for; to keep the memories and momentum going, especially in days like these.

No more fear, but faith and fear holding hands as they dance together; like running water, which brings her to a place of content and peace. To dance with them, gives her renewed hope, as she lets them walk her into the realization of just how capable she is. She Believes. She’s Got This.

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Market she thinks …this is not something she was looking forward to to be in a crunch time of having to decide what to do with her phone that is now needing to be replaced, from the back light not working anymore. She actually has to use a Husky flashlight to help her see what is there that is just as if it had not stopped to begin with. She is good with that and knowing at least everything is completely there working and this is only but a small glitch that having the flashlight allows her to continue as if nothing has even happened. However, she is now facing the reality only after trying to get help to see if it is fixable, that it is not. Bummed she is brought back to reality of having to get another one. Insurance will cover replacement, however the one it is to be replaced with, is out of stock.

She takes a very nervous deep breath in, as she is now making the arrangements to replace with an up graded model of her phone with no turning back, but now keenly aware of needing to work on getting all her information from one to the other with as little problems as she can. This is one of her biggest concerns and fears of loosing everything again, like so many other times before with other devices. They held precious moments, whether writing, pictures, or important work and papers…never to return again: only in her heart and mind’s eye with fondness of joy that comes from learning thru each time and letting go; to find the stories thru these storms are always there and have never left.

So, she chooses to continue to move forward , especially now in these moments, knowing she is more than a conqueror and can do anything with His power and strength.

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As she listened to her husband hurl the insults, she couldn’t help but wonder to whom and why he was in such a disarray with his words and actions, that brought concern and wonder to her mind and heart.

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Her heart was rising to a fast pace, as she thought about her time she had as a child with the two of them growing up together in Georgia. Now it is many years later; they choose to meet at the very same tree they used to play around as children, Hide and Go Freeze Tag. The memories in her mind with her best friend and best cousin bring a smile to her face and heart, as she looks up and sees her best cousin-friend coming from the hill towards her. As she gets closer they both can see the familiarity of their genes and what everyone has said their entire life…Twins! It is at that moment they begin to laugh and hug each other, flooded with emotions of bittersweet…and for all those moments they can disappear into each other’s arms holding tight and not letting go; at least for now,

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All she could remember were the scattered memories left behind her as she moved from her uncomfortable surroundings to her now place of comfort and peace.

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Cone-head is all I can think about from when I was a young lady watching Sat. Night Live with my brothers and sisters, as we laughed hysterically until we were all crying. Great memeories

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She is heated up not because it is 98 degrees outside, but inside her very being that is ready to explode: because she can’t take it anymore.

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To store something in one’s mind’s eye is something that can be taken to extreme places varing from places, to childhood memeories, to even moments of miracles.

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Typical , typical is all I can say when I am not understanding the reasons of why some others feel the need to put me in a closed caption of a box, that has no bearing on whom I really am.

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To be classified in something allows you the opportunities to dream big. To be something of what your character can speak volumes without even speaking a word.

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Scared is something I try not to be, for it represents fear…and to have faith I must not fear or be scared , but hold tight to what I know is true.

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Orange can bring such great expressions to my face and heart, when I see it mixed together with my favorite season of fall with the leaves falling to the ground.

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