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I discovered that she had a liking for chewing taffy. It seemed she always had some with her, and she chewed it nearly like gum. Must’ve been horrible for her teeth. I myself hated it, and therefore, it gave me just one more reason to hate her.

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“You can say that my celebrity is all luck, but that’s mostly just what the people who hate me say. I got here by pure talent, damn you, and you’d be better off to remember it! I worked from the bottom up for this! So you leave me the hell alone.”

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He’d been commissioned to do this, Nate had to keep reminding himself that. This was completely platonic, he said inside his head as he outlined the basic figure of the man’s anatomy. And what a nice thing to outline, too, completely nude. Briefly, he wondered whether the portrait was for someone special.

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The assignment in general was a load of bollocks, and Harry already hated it. He glared across the interrogation room at ‘Healer’ Malfoy.
“Are you sure you didn’t ‘accidentally’ poison him?”

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It was a mechanism that would be used to free me, a simple razor that let my blood flow down and out. It killed me slowly, and that’s why I loved it.

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Meanwhile she brushed out her hair in preparation for her date. It would be only her second, and she wanted it to be absolutely perfect. Smoothing down her dress once more, she stood before the mirror.
“Juliet, you have this. It will be fine. Just keep up conversation,” she said to herself, smiling falsely.

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He was buying her flowers. Meanwhile, she was busy sneaking off, kissing another behind his back and destroying him invisibly.
He was purchasing the ring. Meanwhile, she was in someone else’s bed, selling away the chastity that she’d promised to him.

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“I don’t have a choice!” The words were whispered, but they bore the weight of a scream, eachoed on in the silence forever.
“Yes, you do. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t’ve been chosen,” this man was insisting; the thing was, he didn’t want to believe.

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Carrie was about to rip her hair out of its roots.
“I didn’t choose this!” she screamed at her door, furious tears spilling down her face. “I didn’t ask to be chosen!”
She was a disappointment to her family, as though she hadn’t been one already.

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drips and drops and melting. if one falls down its sure to crack you right open. better hurry and get out of this cave.

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cuts and carves and blood and guts… ink and presses and tumors and pressure applied to the wound. what happened to my inspiration? it’s gone out the window…

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And everything he touched turned to dust. Until he found himself then everything he touched blossomed and turned into fluttering birds. Many became jealous of this gift but could not touch what he had made until they had found themselves; then everything they touched blossomed and the whole world blossomed with thoughts.

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Deer. The main constabulary assumption that drives all throbbing life forms together in this stupefying world of ours. As I shiver gently down the road of unforgiving sexuality, I learn that not all differences in the space/time continuum can be settled by a mere atrophy.

fuck you all

and all you fuck


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alumni are very intelligent people. they learn new things. per definition. that is a great way of living, isn’t it? also there is a funny little resemblance with the word aluminum. maybe that has a deeper meaning. probably not.

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