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I dive off the diving board into the pool. The water is cool, but it feels good. It is hot outside today. I love to dive into the pool.

» Posted By Dominic On 12.01.2017 @ 8:45 am


A careful lick smoothes the ball of strawberry ice cream threatening to melt over the edge of the cone.

» Posted By Dominic On 08.31.2013 @ 8:11 am


The fox’s leg was strung tightly to the fence. It desperately gnawed at its paw, sweating, panting, unable to bite free. It wriggled, squirmed and writhed, to no avail.

» Posted By Dominic On 08.29.2013 @ 6:59 am


I didn’t know where I was or who I was with, I only saw the fat man and the damn slits in the walls letting the light in. Those little sabres of brightness on that fat bastard’s face sickened me. It was bad enough I was tied up and naked, but to be next to this lardass was the worst.

» Posted By Dominic On 07.07.2013 @ 9:03 pm


God is in the face of children, whether they lie or not. This is what Miss Hacklebee had aways thought, at least. Teaching at Angels Wings Preschool had been her life for the larger part of twenty-five years, and she thought that no child would ever make her take the Lord’s name in vain; that was until she had crossed paths with Tim, the meanest five-year-old ever to enter the large, wooden doors.

» Posted By Dominic On 07.02.2013 @ 6:03 am


Tarzan swinging thru the trees fuckin jane smokin with her and his monkey friends beatin his chest like a gorllia just chillin and relaxin not a care in the jungle surrounded by nature
just a man in his own world

» Posted By Dominic On 04.04.2013 @ 7:27 pm


Real? What is real? Real can be many of things like the love between a man and a woman. but Real love between man woman and God is better. Just saying.

» Posted By Dominic On 01.22.2013 @ 6:53 pm


The object in the room is very vivid. You can see it from a mile away. It is made of gold and silver, glinting in the morning light. I love this object, so does my mother. If I break it she will break me- VASE

» Posted By Dominic On 12.03.2012 @ 6:29 am


they see themselves differently now that they are older
they do not know that in ten years they will see themselves differently still
they don’t care
who cares about tomorrow anyway when today is so boring
i will never be old
will you ?

» Posted By Dominic On 11.08.2012 @ 7:24 pm


What has happened to Catholicism? Once one of the most powerful and growing faiths; it has abandoned its own by spending its energy reflecting inward instead of outward. Get over yourself.

» Posted By Dominic On 10.08.2012 @ 5:46 pm


i think flirting is social currency it makes inter reaction easier between people even between people who are not sexually attracted it can be harmless and everyone does it all the time how ever it can be used as a pejorative term, that someone is a flirt and really this just means that a person does not know how to flirt

» Posted By dominic On 02.15.2012 @ 6:36 pm


What’s that up my sleeve? Oh my God, it’s someone else’s arm!

» Posted By Dominic On 12.16.2011 @ 8:58 am


To suppose is a grave mistake in my eyes. It removes the chance and opportunity beyond it and thus removes part of what you could have been. Never suppose, just do. You will be happier for it later. Do not be afraid be open and sure it can help at times but to suppose it to doubt.

» Posted By Dominic On 10.03.2011 @ 1:15 pm


She immidiatly fell ill to the violent virus spreading over the country. Every person she had grown up with had fallen ill to the horrible disease, mass genocide spreading over the country. Everybody were falling to their death, vomiting organs. father had always said “if you have your health you have everything” this was ringing truer in my ears than ever. Illness is hell.

» Posted By Dominic On 07.25.2011 @ 12:16 am


I looked inside my megaphone and saw a little city filled with factories and building and the tiniest people the eyes could see. Thank god i didnt think about singing inside of it to my brother sitting only a few feet away. Sometimes, all you have to do is look inside to see what something is all about.

» Posted By Dominic On 07.19.2011 @ 8:15 pm



» Posted By Dominic On 07.06.2011 @ 6:57 pm


I try to be as honest as I can. All the time. Honesty shows that you are a good, loyal person. And that’s what I strive to be. I actually get really frustrated when someone is incapable of being honest and truthful. But what can you do?

» Posted By Dominic On 06.30.2011 @ 11:59 pm


I hear the sounds coming from small radio to my right. Its sounds are nostalgic. They bring with them the memories of my past. THe funky beat remindes me of the bell bottom pants i wore to the disco. The melodic notes of a distant violin remind me of the time when i experienced immense sorry. But as i get lost in my reverie, a thought brings me back. The thought that this is all music. So i pick up my radio, click the off button and go on my way.

» Posted By Dominic On 06.03.2011 @ 10:21 pm


pretty much every thing can be foreign…just cuase foreign means we dont know about it…and we dont truly know all about anything…so if everything is foreign and we dont know of anything about everything…we know all…yes this is twised logic if you think about it…so just dont think about it…just do…do all that you love and dont give a care to the world…for you know not of it…and it knows not of you. Think to give all youi can to the world…learn of it…but keep in mind that you will know nothing of it until it knows all of you.

» Posted By dominic On 04.21.2011 @ 5:39 pm


feel running scared why dont you really asnt to be with me why do you reject me when I need you you said you loved me so much but you never show me that way you feel so I always feel as if you are useing me

» Posted By dominic On 03.18.2011 @ 2:23 pm


Science is really fun. You can learn about the world around you, which is very interesting. It’s quite possibly the best thing ever. Without science, we wouldn’t know about many things. Health. Technology. The world around us. We wouldn’t understand ourselves! How sad is that?

Science is the basis for everything in life. Coupled with math, it is probably the best thing ever. If you don’t fail.

» Posted By Dominic On 11.19.2010 @ 4:27 pm


Bandage is a fun word. How old is the band? you never know. Put a bandage on your wrist. Just in case. Make sure it has fancy pictures though. You cant have a bandage without that. I recently found out if you use vodka, it will make the residue left from the bandage go away quicker. How amazing is that. I drank a lot of vodka last night incidentally.

» Posted By Dominic On 01.01.2009 @ 6:50 pm


Something that you own. You do it! Cough! Cough! I don’t know, cough, cough. 30 seconds, ah! I don’t know, dad!

» Posted By Dominic On 12.14.2008 @ 9:55 am


Getting up is the worst part of the day, although I suppose if it help catches the worm then its good for something. Why are buses only ever early when you are late? And why is your boss always early when you decide to come in early. Early is never early enough.

» Posted By Dominic On 09.23.2009 @ 2:35 am


I was totally startled by the fact that startling somebody was so easy. He was startled that I was startled by startling her and it was totally killer startling dewd.

» Posted By dominic On 11.03.2008 @ 9:31 pm


got a taste of evidence, it tasted alright. It was a little bit sweet and had a very bitter finish. It was evidence that you might be dead. I hit you pretty hard, but didn’t think that you would die. I just like seeing your blood.

» Posted By Dominic On 10.02.2008 @ 1:05 pm


the feathered bum walked down the dirty dusty road pushing a shopping cart full of old bags and a foam mattress. He sat down at the piano and began to play. Deep, melancholy music began to flow from his fingers. It was unlike anything that anyone had ever heard, so thoughtful and emotional.

» Posted By Dominic On 09.23.2008 @ 3:11 pm


a cylindrical tube which filters the and sews
oh my good what a shape it is. It can be used as a ice cream holder. What do you think? It can be used for public speaking, it can be used as a device which can help in capturing more light and view far of object. it is worn as a party cap some time. It reminds me of Cyndrila and very sweet fairy tail.

» Posted By dominic On 05.07.2008 @ 3:52 am


This is the end result of every word that comes out of a females mouth ages 5-85

» Posted By Dominic On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


lol, this makes me think about sports players. I don’t know why…i guess i always aspired to be that, but stud also connotates a negativity asspciated with douchbaggery.

» Posted By Dominic On 12.12.2009 @ 1:54 pm

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