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Walking through the cool, dappled forest on my Unicorn was one of my favorite hobbies. It was lovely to watch the Fairies dancing in and out of the trees and flowers. The birds singing in the trees added to the songs of the Gnomes as the planted their gardens, helped birds who had damaged their wings, and stored up food for the winter. It was all Enchanted. It was pure bliss. It was my strong imagination, seeing as I didn’t know yet how to get to the Enchanted world of Fairies, Pixies, Elves, and Gnomes.

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“Don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there any more. The past is the past.”

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Can i tell you something? God styled each of us in a very different way. Even twins, triplets, quadruplets, they are still different to each other. God knows how many hairs you have on your head, how may freckles, eyelashes, blood cells you have in/on your body. each one of you is special in God’s eyes. He loves you.

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‘Swoosh’, the tsunami wave came crashing into the small seaside town. There were screams of terror, and screams of help. You could hear the squeal of tires as cars tried to rush out. It was deafening. Small buildings collapsed under the weight and strength of the water. The wave was 30 meters tall and was going at a terrific speed! There was no stopping that wave. In one minute flat you could only see debris and palm trees floating in the turbulent waters.

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If I am faulted, I don’t know. Neither do I know if I’m gifted. Am I gifted with writing, poems and the love of animals? Am I gifted with something else that I’m not sure of? I prefer to write about majestic horses, mysterious fantasy, and about how great Jesus’ love is for us. Faulted doesn’t quite fit. Maybe that’s were I’m faulted. I’m faulted with the fault of not being able to write about other words like ‘faulted’.

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I went off into slumber land. Everything was blurry at first, but then every thing cleared up. Green rolling hills dotted with trees that grew golden fruit. Magic castles with white marbled columns and golden topped towers with crystal clear water in the moats. Majestic white unicorns grazing around the castles with gold manes and tails blowing in the breeze and silver horns. It was magnificent. This is what I looked forward to every day. This beat waking up at six thirty and going to school for seven hours and coming home for home work and chores.

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I cracked the free range egg into the pan alongside a battery egg ( that’s when the hens just sit under blaring lights all day and night so that they lay non-stop. It’s terrible). The free ranged egg’s yolk was an orange colour and the battery egg was a slight yellow. Free ranged egg are orange ‘cos the hens get all the nutrients that they need, while on the other hand the battery hen’s egg are a dull yellow because they sit in a cramped up cage with blaring lights.

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“Uh-oh,” Cassy said as Kate’s dad walked in with a serious face.
“What did you do, Kate,” asked Kate’s dad.
“Dad I didn’t mean to do it.”
“I know. What did you do.”
“Kate, listen, you’ve got to tell me what happened. If you don’t, I won’t let you go with Cassy to the pony camp.”
“Fine!” Kate yelled.
“If you carry on shouting at me, Cassy is going home and you’re staying at home this weekend.”
“I used Miss Hess’s Expensive riding tack. Mine wasn’t there. I left it here.”
“That wasn’t a mistake?” Cassy said.
“The mistake was leaving my tack at home, silly billy!”
“That’s it! You’re not going to Pony camp and Cassy is going home,” Kate’s dad yelled, his face going as red as a tomato.

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“Uh-oh,” Cassy said as Kate’s dad walked in with a serious face.
“What did you do, Kate,” asked Kate’s dad.
“Dad I didn’t mean to do it.”
“I know. What did you do.”
“Kate, listen, you’ve got to tell me what happened. If you don’t, I won’t let you go with Cassy to the pony camp.”
“Fine!” Kate yelled.
“If you carry on shouting at me, Cassy is going home and you’re staying at home this weekend.”
“I used Miss Hess’s Expensive riding tack. Mine wasn’t there. I left it here.”

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“Are you serious!” They yelled in unison.
“We’re going to pony camp!”
“Guys, this is the best day EVER!”
“But wait, who’s taking us?”
“I’ll ask my mom.”
“I’ll ask my older brother.”

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Psycho? What’s that? Oh well, I’ll talk about physiotherapy. i wan’t to be a horse physiotherapist one day. (Does psycho have something to do with nerdy?)

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“Brr, it’s icy out there, why don’t you come in,” I said when a stranger knocked on the door.
“Thanks,” a muffled voice beneath all the layers he was wearing.
“You can sit on the couch there near the fireplace and I’ll get you something warm to drink.’

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Heaven: bright, sunny, gold, love, peace, beauty, glory, holy, magnificent, life.
Lake of Fire: dark, fire, eternal pain, crying, burning, scorching,smoking, fumes, death.

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“Hee, hee, hee!” cackled the disgustingly ugly, and I mean ugly, witch.
“Oh quick! Hide!” Jamie whispered to urgently to Sarah.
“I smell little children hear. Come out, come out where ever you are.”
“Don’t let her see you,” Sarah said crouching beneath a bush.
“Don’t worry, let’s use our invisible cloaks.” Jamie pulled his hood over his head.

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“Your hair’s so thick and long. It’s good for braiding,” Whillouby said to Sophie.
“Yeah, it sure has grown quite thick.”
“What kind of braid should I do.”
“Surprise me.”
“Cool. I’ve go the perfect one in mind”

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I sometimes feel bound to chores, school, extra murals, and a whole bunch of other stuff. But all I want and need to do is ride. Ride like the wind. I love the feel of the wind in my hair as it gushes past me.

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In ancient times there was a flower. A flower with the scent of the sweetest thing ever. A flower with the most vivid colour imaginable. A flower with the thinnest stem; yet is stayed strong in the wildest of storms. That flower was the root of life.

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“I dunno,” I said as I twisted the stem round and round until it broke.


“I just can’t make up my mind.”

“Saying ‘I can’t’ is another word for ‘I don’t want to’.”



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Everyday seemed to take the beautiful stallion farther and farther away. Every day, he seemed less and less closer. It was painfully long. I just wished he would come closer and closer.

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I poked my head through the stable doors. No one was there. I went to the tack room and got out the wheelbarrow and fork and welled them to Pepper’s stall.
“Hey girl. How ya doing this morning?” I said as I started mucking out her stall. Soon after, Mathew popped his head around the door.
“Hey, how are you doing, Megan”

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As I walked in our front door, Mom had just ground the coffee to a powder.

“It smells good, doesn’t it,” She said taking the coffee out.

“Yip, there’s nothing better than a good cuppa coffee.” She put the coffee into the coffee maker and flicked the on button. A few minutes later, we were in the lounge and sipping on some hot coffee.

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It makes me so relieved to be able to know that Jesus is in me. Without God I wouldn’t be able to do anything. There is only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for every one’s sin and all you need to do is ask for forgiveness and give your life to Him. He’ll forgive you and you feel relieved, just like I do.

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I had a longing to just mount my noble steed and gallop off to La-La Land. I had a longing to just be free to dream whatever I wanted to dream about instead of being yoked to school, work and no La-La Land, no Dream Land, no dreaming. I just had to be myself. So I broke free. I mounted my noble steed and we galloped off to La-La Land. After that, we galloped off to Dream Land. It was true bliss. It was my life.

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i was creeping in the under growth, keeping an eye on the two smugglers. Snap!

“Hey, what was that?” asked one of the smugglers. He had a black beanie pulled low over his forehead and was dressed in camouflaged clothes.

“I dunno. Probably a deer. Just loosen up, pal, we’re fine out here. Nobody suspected we were smuggling these rhino horns,” replied the other smuggler. He was bald and was also dressed in camouflaged clothes. I hated these men. Who would be some cruel as to poach any creature, especially rhinos?

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I was sitting under the willow tree thinking of the beautiful creation that God had made for us to enjoy when Casey stuck her head out of the hollow tree trunk.

“The air smells so good out here, doesn’t it?”

“Yip.” I closed my eyes and imagined God creating the trees and bushes on the 3rd day of Creation.

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“Ugh, I hate these canned and salted veggies. Do I have to eat them?”

“No don’t worry I will have them.”

“You like the stuff?”

“Yes, I like it.”

“You’re weird.”

“:Yes I am. Wait, what did you say?”

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The tame mare came forward as I called out.
“Hey girl. how are you doing today. Ya wanna go on a ride, huh?”


“OK let’s go!”


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“Ugh! This is bland. Do you get it! Bland!! How many times do I have to tell you to add the salt.”

“We didn’t have salt, Sire.”

“Well then buy that jolly salt, d’ya here me!”

“Life is always bland, Sire.”

“Just get out!”

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The brave stallion charged towards the cougar. He fought, blood trickling down. He fought, and fought until the cougar was near death and crept away. The stallion slowly limped towards the rest of his heard.
“You were brave, sir. thanks for saving me.” said a little voice out of nowhere.
“Colt, next time don’t go wondering again.” He answered back.

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There I saw him. The Majestic Stallion. There he was, proudly craning his neck in the warmth of the sun’s rays on the hill. I clicked Faith into a gallop all the way up the hill . But when I got there he was gone. The realization that he wasn’t there, and wasn’t mine and never would be mine nor there, struck me like a lightning bolt. It was just an illusion.

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