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i went to the metro station to ride on the subway on my way to work and ran into my ex boyfriend and it was really awkward at first but we warmed up to each other and thought it was best to become friends.

» Posted By destiny On 02.14.2019 @ 9:21 am


I dont even know the definition of this word. Is it even a word?

» Posted By Destiny On 04.09.2018 @ 4:55 am



» Posted By Destiny On 08.09.2017 @ 11:46 am


lots of things have value. whether its your life or just a object. many people think others have value in them. personally i think everyone has value in some form. even simple objects, they mean so much and have much value to me.

» Posted By destiny On 02.05.2016 @ 11:26 am


Agendas are constricting. Worrying about if you’re covering everything you can from minute to minute, the way it takes away opportunities throughout the day. I hate to be limited. It takes away from the wonder of enjoying the little things. Makes the person adhering to the schedule jump out of the creative mindset and into being an “adult”.

» Posted By Destiny On 01.30.2015 @ 1:43 am


Whoa, this might be a tough one.I don’t think I’ve ever used the word leveled in a sentence. Hmm well I have no idea what to say. I might have leveled myself out a little by writing in that journal today thank God.

» Posted By Destiny On 12.09.2014 @ 4:38 pm


someone having some thing special and careing what they are doing support for what they are doing

» Posted By destiny On 11.13.2014 @ 8:11 am


I misspelled my name because everyone else does. Because words only having meanings if you give it to them right. After all, what meanings do we create. Everyday someone redefines them.

» Posted By Destiny On 06.22.2014 @ 8:44 pm


He came bounding down the stairs wagging his bushy tail as drool flew out of the side of his little puppy mouth. The new dog curled up against my one year old son on the floor. They has become the best of friends. Lately they’ve been almost inseparable.

» Posted By Destiny On 03.01.2014 @ 5:15 pm


He straightened his bowtie and stepped out of the TARDIS doors to see the busy city of London bustling about below the high building top the ship had landed on. This was a wonderful day of adventure for the Doctor himself and he couldn’t wait a second longer to get started.

» Posted By Destiny On 02.27.2014 @ 3:44 pm


A spot that is being used or that is no longer available. On the trip their is no more vacant spots they are all occpancy

» Posted By destiny On 02.27.2014 @ 8:05 am


i was revved up to go on the trip after school today

» Posted By destiny On 02.25.2014 @ 7:40 am


Ha, God is good. God is great, right? He controls all and loves all but is He really our creator? Did He actually make us because He was THAT lonely? I love Him. But does He love me?

» Posted By Destiny On 07.01.2013 @ 4:31 pm


bagels are awsome with cream cheese and strawberry don’t forget raisin bagels choclate chip yummmy

» Posted By Destiny On 04.04.2013 @ 10:26 am


I found a smudge on my shirt my favorite shirt why! why! Eeh

» Posted By Destiny On 04.03.2013 @ 10:42 am


I bought a fabricated clock and it is beautiful

» Posted By Destiny On 04.02.2013 @ 10:14 am


I’m sad i have an eternal injury I can’t play with my friends for eturnity.

» Posted By Destiny On 03.14.2013 @ 10:31 am


I like tales the ones that frighten me like the first little Red Riding Hood that one is scary or like the first Hansel & Gretal that one is a little bit grim but there all… Tales I went to see the original Cinderella still a tale but grim well parents don’t read the grim books I wonder why?<Tales

» Posted By Destiny On 03.11.2013 @ 11:50 am


The Mexican terrain loved to kill. It loved to take and swallow and worship. But mostly it just hurt, murdering for pleasure and wanting all.

» Posted By Destiny On 03.09.2013 @ 2:37 pm


Some people think they can walk all over us. That they can use us and tear us in half and write on us. I’m disgusted. So many filthy hands, dripping beverages on our skin and spread crumbs in our spines. And to think some of us get left in forgotten spaces forever, never to be seen again. Trapped. Useless. repugnant are those who leave us behind.

Library books.

» Posted By Destiny On 03.08.2013 @ 9:53 am


I weatherded through the park through the town everywhere I went is scary

» Posted By Destiny On 02.21.2013 @ 10:50 am


To grasp is to handle with the power of knowing you want it.

» Posted By Destiny On 02.19.2013 @ 9:35 pm


I been through so much sanctity said the boy that was in the school play.I
told him be quiet your so annoying why don’t you practice somewhere else.sorry I forgot to mention my name it’s BOB.

How about you practice in the school gym or the class room.

The play boy said no I’m going to practice in about you go somewhere else

But me bob said this is my home so leave and the play boy said fine then bye.


» Posted By Destiny On 02.15.2013 @ 10:26 am


I fell flat on my butt in the winter because it was snowing on my way to school somebody helped me up I was laughing at myself because I thought it was funny.

And for valentines day today were using flat bags of paper to hold our candy.


» Posted By Destiny On 02.14.2013 @ 10:15 am


Protectors, life-savers, heroes. Officers protect and serve others, going places most wouldn’t dare and doing things most would find impossible.

» Posted By Destiny On 12.29.2012 @ 1:44 pm


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» Posted By DEstiny On 12.27.2012 @ 10:21 am


Five dollar, five dollar foot long. :D

» Posted By Destiny On 12.18.2012 @ 6:53 am


Patient is when you have time to wait.

» Posted By Destiny On 12.14.2012 @ 8:53 am


methods is a way of doing something.

» Posted By Destiny On 12.10.2012 @ 6:57 am


Under is to be below something. Not above.

» Posted By Destiny On 11.28.2012 @ 6:58 am

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