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I am incapable of locating a well paying career or even short term shitenjobs. I am incapble of holding a job. Depression is a bitch. I am incapable of curing it only masking it. The Prozac is wearing off. I still have no appetite. I am incapable of staying out of trouble in this quickly sinking ship. I welcome our North Korean overlords! Michinoms the lot of ya!

» Posted By Derrick On 07.29.2017 @ 10:47 am


Banks are locations where money is stored and stolen. Not stolen by any bank robber, but stolen by the bankers themselves. Every cent you put into the bank is then taken from you and invested, turned into billions and sarcastically handed back to you. Don’t put your faith in the bankers…they’ll kill you…and your little dog too!

» Posted By Derrick On 08.13.2012 @ 1:50 pm


I weave into your bloodstream
across the cells of the forgotten times…
Give me your heart
and i will give you mine

» Posted By Derrick On 03.02.2012 @ 3:46 pm


there is a mutual agreement here that states if one is not happy then the other must work on happiness together. together meaning as one, the way you chose to be when you committed to one another. now you must have commited for a reason am i right? i mean why else commit your entire essence to someone unless for one hell of a reason.

» Posted By derrick On 10.18.2011 @ 5:09 pm


it absorbs any and everything it touches… it is a post-modern inanimate object. It is an adolescent, taking in everything. But unlike a sponge – it is difficult for us to rid ourselves of the unwanted water.

» Posted By Derrick On 09.02.2011 @ 7:06 am


The bulb in your dress is wearing out
give me some cheese so the light shines through the screen
of darkness
now leave it to the bulb for the lightening masses

» Posted By Derrick On 08.06.2011 @ 8:08 pm


the lock on the door
It’s cracked
toasted, seeping at its core
Let me out

Give me space,
give me the time to open my mind
untangle the words broken inside

» Posted By Derrick On 08.06.2011 @ 2:11 am


someone told me about a year ago that i look like one of the guys from the tv show bones. not david boraneaz but the insect guy. I’d never heard that before. i have been told though that i look like jake gylenhaal and ryan gosling many times. thats interesting because those two dont look anything like each other. i’ve never considered acting a dream of mine.

» Posted By derrick On 05.11.2011 @ 5:27 pm


i wanna be a robot…one with feelings and emotions. i wanna be the kind of robot that you can depend on. your friend, your face. if you select to take me home, you will own the most loyal robot there is.

» Posted By Derrick On 04.20.2011 @ 12:22 pm


nearly there. nearly at my limit. i’ve endured it up till now but it’s nearly over. nearly, almost, over. this loneliness will end. and a new life will begin. but for the time being i must endure.

» Posted By Derrick On 03.07.2011 @ 1:07 pm


when i was younger, I had these two neighbors, both a few years younger than myself. They would hide clear tubes in the willow tree behind our houses, everytime i see a willow all i can think about is watching the younger of the two fall.

» Posted By Derrick On 12.08.2010 @ 7:19 am


Oh what a wig i wear, it covers my head and looks like hair!

» Posted By Derrick On 04.12.2010 @ 9:42 am


the evidence is amazing in the case which with i have been so dutily inclined to persue, not as if i have have anything better to do, I just have this peculiar and arrogant man’s charge to defend. We have so little time in which to defend, yet his defense is what will garner my pay…Oh the Irony.. I deeply dislike this man..He is sloppy, pompous, perverted, and a number of other things which have come to define him in my eyes.

» Posted By Derrick On 09.29.2008 @ 7:26 am

the evidence is amazing in the case which with i have been so dutily inclined to persue, not as if i have have anything better to do, I just have this peculiar and arrogant man’s charge to defend.

» Posted By Derrick On 09.29.2008 @ 7:22 am


something so beautiful you want to set it ablaze just to watch the embers disintegrate into a million little pieces, and sit by silently.

» Posted By derrick On 09.11.2008 @ 9:02 pm


Another brick in the wall, another cross in the ground. To be just a number is to give up your individualism. That is the sacrifice we all make, some to more or less of an extent, when we commit ourselves to our government. By becoming a cell in the system we give ourselves security at the price of our individuality. Integral theory.

» Posted By derrick On 09.09.2008 @ 3:47 pm


and the it all became apparent that everything was not as it had seemed, the crashing of reality struck his ears harder than anything he had hear all his lonely, miserable life, and then something happened. she said I love you, I love you more than anything.

» Posted By derrick On 01.09.2010 @ 7:36 pm


i used to have this old phone in my living room. rotary. i’d call my mom every couple of hours to tell her that i love her. and that i missed her. sometimes i’d even call just to hang up. or i’d call my aunt and uncle to tell them that i did something new today. no thats a lie. instead i’d just pick up the receiver and keep rotating the dial.

» Posted By Derrick On 12.09.2009 @ 10:21 pm


The round sphere. Sitting upon my desk. How you spin and turn. When i look upon your skin, i know where i live.

» Posted By Derrick On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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