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journey, life, travel, vacation, destination, end, beginning, middle,

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government, choices, information, titles, difficult

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Tradition is when one does what always has been done. Children follow the tradition of their culture. Why do I try to change it by bringing them a new “tradition”? My culture seems so different…

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never giving up trying to stick to it having faith to keep going trying the best you can finding a way to get it done looking for a solution keeping focused on the goal looking for a way to complete the task no matter what

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That’s what my parents always said I was. They taunted me with it. Made me feel bad about it. I’m not spoiled. I can and do think of myself first. and I would with so many of my clients on being self-less. This word has so many negative co

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I get upset with my self when I do not think before I speak and I say things that are better left unsaid. I get upset when people leave me out.

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I instantly jumped off the cliff. If I had taken the time to think about it I would have had Seth carry me back down the mountain the way he brought me up. The way he looked at me before I jumped seemed to say “you wont.” I had to prove him wrong.

» Posted By Denise On 01.05.2016 @ 7:30 pm


i like pianist the best they are such awesome people with their own sense of style and personality imbued upon the way they perform. They do ot reliquish their persona when they begin maneuvering the ivory keys, they make the ivory keys follow the lead of their identity.

» Posted By denise On 02.08.2015 @ 6:28 am


Never have I Ever. She felt insecure around the campfire. She hated playing this game. She hated Lying and She’d done everything. Now everyone would know her dark secrets… as long as the asked the right questions.

» Posted By Denise On 09.30.2014 @ 1:38 am


She looked over the clay before her; A semi-round misshapen ball.Taking it in her hands she moved the moved the material in all directions, feeling it take life.

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To think…she could have stood tall. Now, she would never stand. The loss of legs put her in this chair. To live such a geometric existence.

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The transmission in my car failed… Uh! A long trek outside the car just to lift the hood. This day isn’t starting good. I take out my cell phone to call my best friend; “Hey! Julie, my car died. I need your help.” “Sorry, I’m on my way to see Ryan in Pennsylvania,” she says. My face wilts. Why must my best friend see her boyfriend on this day. “Okay, have fun.” “Thanks. Bye,” she concludes. It would be awesome if I had AAA. I have to write that down. What do I do next?

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On the subway, Monday morning, I’m tired. I see a guy out of the tiny corner of my eye; he has a wonderful smile. His teeth are white, his eyes are smoldering, and intriguing. The slight feeling in my pants means I’m interested.

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I felt ravenous standing before him, even though I was covered in dirt. It felt that way every time he looked at me. No matter what, I was the most beautiful person he ever saw. I loved him for it.

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I feel strung out on you. I need more and crave more then anything else. when you are not around I get jittery. But when I see your truck coming down the drive and you open your arms I get my fix that I needed.

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“meow” the cat whispered as it snuck into the living room through the window. “Meow,” the cat whispered as he murdered his family. “Meow,” He whispered as he rode off into the sunset.

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Worn at a circus. They are long, wood, dangerous. They make people taller. You may fall and hurt yourself. Clowns wear them a lot. Kids find them fascinating.

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high strung, my mom is high strung and it drives me nuts. when we work together she talks to much and i cant get a single word in. she asks all these questions and i don’t know what to say to them then she stops at the end and just looks at me like i’m supposed to remember the first question she asked. it’s like that bus joke when the answer is ‘you’re the bus driver’

» Posted By Denise On 06.16.2013 @ 4:09 pm


AH, the vail of all womanly desires and needs. Sisterhood is not a reality. It is a false statement that is been poured over feminine mystique to make women feel like failures for not having a complete sisterhood circle

» Posted By denise On 06.01.2013 @ 6:30 pm


It has been a long time since I have eaten a bagel – I’m not sure I even remember what one tastes like. It’s of no loss to me really, since I have always liked english muffins better. Kind of like how different people tend to pronounce the word differently — beggel, baygel. Potato potahtoe.

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I am destined to persue my career. I will try my best to complete my associates degree in less than two years. After I have completed school I will join the military. I believe I am destined to help others. This is the only way I know I can. The job I hope to get is military police.

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she looked at the picture in her hands, a wistful smile on her lips. the face looking back at her, dirty with mud and eyes shining like the stars. the picture wasn’t hers; wouldn’t ever be hers, and she knew that. but she knew when it arrived to its owner, it’d be taken care of.

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I think about a weakling as someone on the beach with no muscles. People kick sand into their faces. I feel sorry for those people. It is so unfair to them. They didn’t ask to be in that body. Why would people be so mean? Sometimes I am a weakling. I can’t even open a new jar of something without asking someone to help me. It is frustrating.

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Hurricanes, and general weather disasters come to mind. Also human traffickers and people who sell their children. They destroy children’s and women’s lives. But God can fix what we think has been destroyed. God can do what we think is impossible.

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there is a large amount of apple on the tree outside in the backyard. i amount to a lot of things ad i dont get what this is or why im writing about it

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The real thing!

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i received nothing but pain and sorrow for the last few days and i’m really really getting sick of it. i know that i deserve better but i keep on going back and back until i cry and hurt my own feelings again. i don’t know what to do and it feels like i’m stuck in a loophole i can’t get out of… :(

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When I was little I played with my sister a lot. That was because there wasn’t really anyone else around. My dad would be working on something at my mom would be at work so I was left with little Marie. I had a cousin who lived down stairs, but she was much older than Marie or I.

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I was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba parents who loved me and in a house that they still own. I have found memories of my time there. I still go home to visit and miss the place terribly.

» Posted By Denise On 10.18.2012 @ 3:08 pm

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