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As we crept into the tomb, we ignored the “beware” signs posted around the entrance of the building. Sarah excelled in front of me, eager to get on with the adventure. Suddenly a loud, “Hey!” sounded behind us. Terrified, we sprinted out and into the night.

To this day I still don’t know who the noise came from.

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His eyes scanned the perimeter and he noted the possible danger of the canine at the edge of the fence. No operation meant more than this one.

Suddenly a person darted out into his line of vision. This mission was supposed to be covert, undercover, and there went Thomas, grabbing one of the cookies from the jar and slinking away, sacrificing the whole mission as the jar clattered to the floor and the mom stalked into the room. Her eyes landed on the the boy under the table, and he knew he was doomed.

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Also is the word that will let you add what you forgot. I would like some bread.. and also some butter. Say also instead of too.

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