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He was the full spectrum, I thought, all the light all at once and that made him bright white. Like the light from a welder. I wondered if I held a prism up and looked at him through it, if he would break into a thousands shards of himself.

Impossible, I thought. Not only was he a million things at once, but he was only one person at the same time.

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Cam tried to ignore everything. She tried to ignore the incessant sobbing in the background, the way Dustin’s mom had her lips pinched closed, the way Dustin was sitting, stone face, right next to her.

Ellie draped her arms over Cam’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Cam.”

Yeah, Cam thought, me too.

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I bunch up his shirt in my hand and hold it like he’s dangling from a cliff.

“Let. Go. Of. Me.” He says through clenched teeth, tugging my hands from him gently.

“No,” I say, crying as the sheet slips from my hands a bit, “Dustin, no, it’s not-”

He’d freed himself and made it to the door, and as he pulled it open and looked back at me he sneered, “Please, don’t ruin your moment by soiling it with something as dramatic as ‘it’s not what it looks like’, Jessie.”

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Cliffs aren’t strictly physical things, you know.

I remember thinking about you, and those thoughts were jumping off cliffs. They weren’t being physically splattered on an actual rock, but it was quite a fall, nonetheless.

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“You can’t be serious.”

Miles rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand, turning and looking James in the face, who just grimly nodded.

“After all this time, she still said no? She still turned you down, even after everything she said to you?”

James nodded again, and Miles got the feeling that his friend felt like he was alone.

“Hey,” Miles said, pulling James out of his stupor for a moment, “I’m here.”

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She turned and looked at Hannah, her eyes blazing, her hands frozen in the air.

I watched to see what would happed; normally Hannah would back down- normally she would neer stand up for herself in the first plce.

“You go around, furious and negative all the time, and I’m sick of it,” Hannah said, holding her gaze. I drew in a breath and waited to see what destruction was sure to follow.

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“What did you do?”

I swallow hard, trying not to meet his eyes. He already knows what I did, everyone knows what I did becuase it’s what everyone wanted to do. And what nobody wanted me to do.

“Sam,” he grows.

I turn to him, trying to match his gaxe, “I asked her to stay.”

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The world is blurry around the edges suddenly, like my mind has decided the best way to cope with this is not at all.

“What?” I say, my mouth dry and sticky.

My heart rate spikes as she repeats herself and the monitor next to me goes crazy. “You’re dying,” she says again, “and I am so sorry.”

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She was glowing- and not in the “light-radiating from” kind of way.

Her smiles were wider and brighter, her eyes were up and her hands moved when she talked.

She was to the rest of the world what she had always been to me, and it was like I didn’t know her anymore.

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I knew it was over then.

All the comments, all the stupid games. The way my heart lit on fire- it was done as soon as she brushed my hand away.

It was all burnt to hell.

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“Things have changed. I have changed. Stop pretending like I’m a fucking charity case and just let me go already!”

I did as she said and let go of her wrist. She wrapped her other hand around it like it hurt, like where my skin had touched her’s there had been physical pain.

“Fine,” I whispered, “fine.”

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When you live in Iowa, you can tire of seeing silos everywhere you look. But on that particular day, an old silo on the gravel road down the road from my house caught my attention and I couldn’t help but climb it, looking out from the top, gripping with one hand and feeling like I was on top of the world.

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Her eyes flitted with indecision as he walked away. If there was ever a time that hewr f*cking legs should have just MOVED, just walked for her instead of waiting for her command, it was that moment. But, to her complete and udder horror, she stood there and watched as he disappeared.

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Let’s try to make this worthwhile,
Let’s try to make you smile,
Let’s wipe away those tears,
Let’s change gears.

Let’s bring them down,
Let’s hurt those who hurt you,
Let’s do the things they told you not to,
Let’s kill tonight.

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His hand clamps over mine and he drags me down the street, shoving me into the alley and hiding me from the lion. “Are you insane?” He scolds when the lion is gone. “You can’t do stuff like that.”

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Close all the doors that won’t open all the way. Shred the doors that no longer have screaming children behind them. Open the doors that led to power, to energy. Avoid the doors that lead to Earth.

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With thier polite ways and sickenly sweet words, some people may bend you to make you believe that they love you. But how can someone that loves you be so intent on mkaing your every waking moment a living hell? If your pain makes their eyes light up in joy and they humorlessly laigh as you struggle to remain composed, maybe you should ignore the sickenly sweet words.

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And her strong will was wrought into a twisted shape. They kept hitting with that steel hammer until she finally crumpled, leaving a scarred version of her once beautiful self as their suvenire.

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I carded my hands through his raven black hair. “No, don’t,” I pleaded with my little brother, holding his head in my lap. It was everywhere, pooling at his side and smudged on his face. His breath was coming in short pants and I knew he was gone.

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Her whole body was submerged as he jumped on top of her. A strangled gasp left her mouth and she desperatly tried to breath, but all that came rushing in was water. I watched as she came back up, sputtering and laughing. And I wished she hadn’t come back up.

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I watched the small corners of her mouth twist into an unsettling smile, derived and strained from the largest of grins. It seems as if this small gesture was her best try to project to me her happpines, but she hadn’t been in so while, she’d forgotten how.

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Desperation wrapped itself around me and I opened my mouth in a silent scream, waiting for the pain to pass. Because as much as people say that it gets easier. it doesn’t. She’s gone, gone. And she always will be.

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How it was that they passes undetected through the checkout was unbelievable. The kid had a toy up his shirt! But, sure enough, when we got home, there he was, playing with the toy that he had stolen with none of us being any the wiser.

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The way things can escalte is alarming;

I hate when people pour my cereal for me.
They don’t know how much I want.
They don’t know my life.
They don’t know what I’vebeen through.

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A gigantic cloud of powder fell over me. “James!” I sceamed, running at him.
He laughed and jumped away from me, laughing as I tried to wipe the flour on him.

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I walked towards the building. Mysterious vines warped themselves around the sides, as if squeezing the shack into it’s last breath. I could see the smoke pouring out the windows and I knew I had found what I was looking for: the Stoner Shack.

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The mascara was smudged on her face. But nobody was paying attention to her ruined make up when she pulled the gun from her purse and pointed it at her head.

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Nobody knew. How could they? It was a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Once Shirly left and went to visit her cousins in Vermont, the zombie plague began to spread.

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I wakled through the park and tried to ignore all the people waking around it with me. Looking up into the sky, I saw the large bronze statue, looking back at me, taunting me as I went.

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The bronze statue gleamed back at me as I walked past it, sipping my lemonade gingerly. I felt so nauseous , as if what i was about to do wasn’t bad enough, now the statues were mocking me, too.

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