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You gave up all the savings? Why? She asked in a harsh tone as if the world had fallen for her. Men spend as if they have the sole right to spend on earnings. this is it

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Feelings when lost something

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Corpses filled the land from his feet to the horizon. The bloody sunset reflected down on the crimson-stained ground upon which the battle took place. This is what war is. This is how you desolate.

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it represents how blind people can be, and how foolish. Too many times have I seen people fall prey to the clutches of dogmatic ideologies without even thinking twice or stopping to analyze what they believe in. This is

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lion roar…it seems ….when he used cry….his anger….pouring through eyes….scarier…but

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name of a girl
probably a bengali girl. also name of a dish in india

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there is a lot of definations of gallery. one is photo gallery, one is aristocrist gallery, where my mam’ house is located.
she used this words to explain me about her house, and i said i will come she say ok and ask me to return the notes where i will collect them.

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There was no evidence to show that she was depressed a happy go lucky mum – always charming and always charmed everyone. If I had known, only if I had known that she would take her own life, I would have paid more attention. It was a time of trial, there was no one to work things out with. I was the focus of pity, sorrow, suspicion.

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Pepper, salt – al the things that she ever needed with her food during the last days of her life. She was unable to use much else.

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bad family
poor family

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is the most numerous and (in most circumstances) the weakest piece in the game of chess, representing infantry, or more particularly armed peasants or pikemen. Each player begins the game with eight pawns, one on each square of the second rank from the view of the player.

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This is a quality that usually associated with the women folk. In fact, they are even called the gentler sex. While that may be contestable by the ultra-modern, independent woman and the metrosexual man, it is but true that some os the specific qualities relating to the word gentle are more

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Really nice I put it everyday aftr I take a shower. It reminds me of god because of my munj ceraminy. Some cause a lot of smoke and smell really bad but some smell really good! I wish I did it everyday but Im alwyas too tired to do it jn the morning

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