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I sigh as I watch the tv, groaning internally when the news comes on. I flip the channel, finding a re-run of my favorite show. I watch that instead. After a little while I get up to go the the bathroom, finding that my dad was listening to the news in the other room. I groan and roll my eyes, go to the bathroom, and go back to my show.

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I tap my feet to the music playing in my headphones, the beat loud on the otherwise silent bus. I look out the window, watching the trees pass by. I’d been on the bus for three hours now, and was growing tired. I soon fall asleep, only to be jolted awake a little while later by the bus stopping.

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I watch as he stands there, seemingly motionless. But he’s moving, I know he is. I can see his eyes flic around and his fingers twitch. And so I sit there, waiting for him to say something.

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I look around the rom and sigh, my tail swishing annoyedly behind me. Stupid Winchesters… “Sam! Dean!”I yell. The two walk into the room a few minutes later. “What did I tell you about touching my stuff?!”I hiss. “Dude chill, it wasn’t us…maybe Gabriel did it..”Dean raised his hands in defense. I glare at him. “Sure.”i roll my eyes.

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Dean sat in front of the building in his car, waiting, watching for the shapeshifter. The monster would be disguised as one of the proffesers, like it had been for a little over two weeks now. So Dean waited, and waited, and waited. Castiel was sitting beside him, there to help with the hunt. After a few hours the “proffesser” showed up. Dean slowly gets out of the car, Castiel doing the same.

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Dean walks into the building, finding the room him was looking for. He talks to the professor and checks out a book from the city library. He goes back to the motel and reads the book.

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Dean sneaks around the building, an iron crow bar in his hands as he looks for the ghost and young girl trapped with her. Michael was in the graveyard, finding the grave that held the ghost’s body. Once Dean finds the ghost, he swings the crowbar, slashing the ghost in half and making no her disappear. He quickly picks up the little girl who was with the ghost, and starts running towards the entrance of the building. Meanwhile in the graveyard, Michael finds the grave and digs it up, throwing salt, gasoline and a match on top, setting the bones on fire. In the office building, the ghost screams and tries to attack Dean, but is quickly sent up in flames, killing her. Dean then takes the girl back to her mother, who was working on the other side of the building, completley oblivious to what had happened.

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“One two three four, one two three four..”The numbers are silently repeated in his head as he moves along the dance floor, his partner gliding along with him. His partner knew this dance well, but he was learning.

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Dean sits on the hood of the impala watching the sun rise. A warm cup of coffee in his hands. He lays back against the cool metal, watching the trees sway in the wind, the occasional stray leaf floating to the ground. Castiel appears beside him, sitting next to the human. The angel’s wings were curled tight around him. “Hello, Dean.”he says, his voice slicing through the still air. “Hey Cas.”Dean glances at the Angel.

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Jax groaned as the doctor examined his broken foot. After the xrays the doctor started putting it in a cast. About this time JAx’s mother rushed in. “What happened?!”she asks frantically. “I was playing football and wasnt paying attention.”JAx shrugs.

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The ghost roamed the now unfamiliar halls of the office building. “This used to be a house…”she states, looking at the young person beside her, “my house.”she adds.

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Sam had started to see the changes in his brother and how he acted and he hated it. Dean had become snappy, rude, judgmental and just a total displeasure to be around. Sam wasn’t sure why, but h had a feeling it had something to do with what had happened a few months ago. That was over and done with, but apparently Dean couldn’t see past it.

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Matt didn’t like this at all, not one bit. It felt like yesterday his little sister was in diapers, but now she was in third grade. He couldn’t believe it. It felt like he closed his eyes for one second and BOOM. Allie, on the other hand, was excited and happy. She was so curious and loved school, something Matthew couldn’t say for himself, he had hated school. He was happy that his sister like school, her favorite subject being English. Matthew’s favorite subject had been history.

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Sam lays in the tub, soaking in the soapy water. It had been so long since she had been able to relax like this. She missed it.

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Jaxon prepares his presentation, gathering his notes as he waits for the class to settle down.

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“$11.50″he says.

“What is that?”she replies.

“It’s money, you idjit.”the cashier rolls his eyes.

“No, I know what it is, but what deos it mean? What is it…….”

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Hisoka picked the lint from his shirt as he listened to his father talk.

“Hisoka are you even listening?”his father, Chuck , groaned.

“Yes dad, I’m listening.”he rolled his eyes as his father continued with his boring lecture.

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“Onward my steed!”Allie giggles, mimicking the knight in her princess story.

Matthew, Allie’s big brother, and currently her “horse” pretends to neigh like a horse and walks forward on his hands and knees.

Allie giggles wildly and Matthew smiles and continues to crawl around the floor.

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“Ugh, it’s like 100 degrees in here!”Michael complained.

“Well soorrry, my AC decided to die on me.”Jax grumbled as he pulls into the parking lot of an old motel.

Michael and Jax were good friends going on a road trip, and currently Jax’s 1967 Impala’s air conditioning just went out.

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Jax waits in the kitchen, mindlessly stirring a cup of coffee. “Is a monster truely evil,if they’ve never hurt anyone?” He muses, looking at Sam.

“Well that depends on your perspective. “Sam says. “If you look at it like my brother does, then yes, all monsters are evil, even if they’ve never hurt anyone.” He says.

“But isn’t hurting people what makes them a monster? How can they be a monster if they’ve never hurt anyone?” Jax questions.

“Jax, sometimes you have to look at the black and they white, a vampire is a vampire, a werewolf is a werewolf, you can’t always look at the grey space.”Sam sighs

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Jax was out in the woods, camping with some friends. He was safeguarding the camp site while the others slept. About thirty minutes later, one of Jax’s friends, Matthew, gets up.

“Hey Jax, what are you doing?”Matthew questions.

“Watching the campsite.”Jax replies.

“Here, why don’t you go to sleep, and I’ll keep watch.”Matthew says.

“Are you sure?”Jax questions.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”Matthew answers.

“Alright, goodnight.”Jax sighs, crawling into his tent and laying down.

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The black apron was ti d tight around his waist as he cooked the chicken on the grill.

“Hey, what’re you making?”asks his brother, Alex.

“Chicken” Jax replies.

“Awesome, Aunt Sharon justgot here with the Coleslaw.”Alex says.

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He stood on the edge of the river bank, watching the fish swim by. He was waiting, waiting for the right moment to throw his spear. A few moments later he throws it and it pierces through the body of a large salmon. He picks up the spear, careful of the fish. He takes the fish off the end and places it in the basket. He picks up the basket, hanging it on one side of the spear before filling a bucket with water and hanging it on the other end. He hefty the spear up, placing it on his shoulders behind his head. He starts the walk back to the cabin he shares with his brother and a friend.

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Cabinets can be part of a pantry. Or there could be one in your bathroom to hold towels.

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Timing. Timing is important. It effects a lot of things, such as a conversation.

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Crystals are pretty rocks. Crystal could also be someone’s name. I actually own a fairly large piece of White Quartz. My grandmother gave it to me.

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Treasure can be a variety of different things. It might be gold, or gems, perhaps even a person.

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An oven is something you cook in. There are various different types of ovens. like a clay oven and an oven in your kitchen.

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A wolf is a majestic,beautiful creature. They are hunters, as well as the ancestors of common household dogs.

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