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Splash! I jump into the pool, the cool enveloping darkness folding me into its cold, aqua embrace. I struggle to get to the film above me, to breath in fresh air that floats above the water line, but I can’t. I forgot I can’t swim.

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Thursday, pick up cat litter. Friday, pick up cat, and put litter on top of it. Saturday, dig a hole from the cat, grab remaining litter and fill the hole first so that the cat is on top of it.

» Posted By Deadlox On 09.29.2010 @ 8:18 am


The barely lit room was filled with the acrid smoke that we bought from the performers before the show, a sales pitch that helped them sell twice as many tapes at the end of the night. It was a night for a buzz, that’s for sure: the buzz you get when the s

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“Where the hell is the waiter”, I coughed, sparking up another cigarette and meeting the disapproving glance of the wife next to me, holding her two children closer to avoid the fumes. Fuck you, I thought to myself, your kids are going to learn what death is anyway, and they might as well see that you have a choice.

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The headband dripped sweat into his face as he struggled to lift the rock. Decked out in full athletic gear that he believed would give him an edge in athletic endevours, he twisted his back and reached using no power from his legs. He pulled on the rock, and collapsed into a twisted head of bent muscle and shattered bone.

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Do you have a handle on the situation, he asked, eyebrows raised. Don’t worry, came the reply hoarsely, I know what has to be done. He then turned and walked out of the office, the hunting knife in his right hand barely concealed by the business coat he was wearing. He walked out of the front revolving doors of the office and hailed a cab. He knew what he had to do.

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The lanes merged up ahead, but the driver didn’t seem to know which one he wanted to change in to.

Charrle’s sighed, his patience waning; having worked as a trucked for over twenty years, he had seen all type of drivers as he crossed the country on his routes. There was the sunday driver, as most people were familiar with, but there were so many other variations of the animal.

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The arrow flies through the skies, a missile made of wood and steel, driving itself into the chest of the approaching invader. The man fell to the ground, but the rest of the invading platoon surged over the dying corpse, making their way to the gates of Odin’s Lair. It is only with divine intervention that this battle will be won.

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She drove down the highway at a speed that left her memories far in their wake. The car crash at the side of the road caught her attention a few miles ahead, when she heard a voice whisper, then grow louder “God damn loudmouth, why won’t he help with the John-“. The car had careened into a lightpost; the cause of the crash was distracted driving.

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Beep beep beep. The yellow monstrosity moved into place, dangling fist of steel raised and aimed for the oldest building in the city. A man looked at it and sighed. Progress, they say, progress is why we’ve lost everything that sacred to us.

» Posted By Deadlox On 10.25.2009 @ 2:34 pm

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