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Gears are in clocks and motors. They help our everyday lives but doing normal, everyday stuff.

» Posted By Dax On 02.17.2016 @ 11:52 am


What influence do I have over others to do my bidding? None. None at all. What influence do I have over my cats? Minimal. How have they influenced my life? Tremendously! TV shows have also very much influenced my life.

» Posted By Dax On 07.11.2013 @ 10:11 pm


Flickering lights overhead spun whispered tales across the ocean of nothingness. Each gently lit piece a epitome of wonder untouched by the hearts shattered in quiet anger.

» Posted By Dax On 12.09.2008 @ 11:01 pm


The gate swung back and forth with a rythmic beat. Sun speckled shadows shimmered over her as she rocked blissfully in the hammock in the front yard. Everything could wait until tomorrow.

» Posted By Dax On 12.11.2008 @ 2:55 am


Machines clicker and clack while the cogs and wheels turn. Oil drips all over the place and dust grinds through the exhaust. Nothing is silent. No life, no peace. Nothing but noise and movement. Mechanics of an era before.

» Posted By Dax On 12.07.2008 @ 3:13 am


His black hair was wild and kept out of his face by a red band of cloth. He didn’t look anything like the picture my father had given me. More than that, he didn’t even act like what my father had told me. He was unbelievably wild. Perhaps it was best he did not know who I was.

» Posted By Dax On 11.10.2009 @ 8:05 am


Perhaps if everyone were as flexible and slim as all the people you see on television doing yoga, we wouldn’t have need for yoga. It reminds me of the Frazier show where Niels did yoga and out did his wife by dislocating an arm and such. That just sounds too painful to be anything smart.

» Posted By Dax On 01.25.2010 @ 2:27 pm


like at the bottom of a wave diving under and feeling the sand letting the power carry me towards a shore or pushing me holding me down but stay limp and go with it the more the struggle the more the danger carry me up to the blue the air the sky the breath.

» Posted By dax On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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