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It pained him to do so, but he dragged his son from his bed, into the middle of the road. The rain was pouring atop them both and he saw his only heir crying and pleading for an explanation. “Things are not that simple,” Abraham said. “The Lord has told me to do this.” His son Isaac continued to cry up until the point the axe fell upon his neck.

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He came without warning. A simple knock on the door that jarred the glass of lemonade from her hands. When she opened the door, he was standing there unimpressive. His clothes were tattered and his hair was a mess but the message he brought was heart breaking. She fell to the floor, landing on her knees, and knew he was more than just a visitor.

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She said she didn’t hear a sound. Not when I was there at least. I told her I walked out quietly and felt bad about not being able to lock the door behind me. She said it was fine. That no one robbed places in her part of town any way. I ended up snagging three TV guides and a necklace.

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You have to choose between us, she said, pointing at herself and then to the girl lying on the sidewalk.

I couldn’t choose. They both had their pros. She had a smile that could make you forget you can only afford Ramen. The one on the street reminded you every day that Ramen was the only thing you could keep down. I guess I started thinking out loud because the one still standing said,
Fine! You want her? She’s yours. Then she jumped into traffic. No one hit her, but her gesture was still appreciated.

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Before you try to figure out why, or try to guess how this ends, know none of it was my fault. It wasn’t my fault that her things were lying all over the street. The guys that I hit, that wasn’t my fault either. They attacked me first. She said some pretty mean things. Yelled them really. And then she began to cry. The whole time all of this was happening, I couldn’t help but to wonder what kind of lip gloss it was that she was frantically trying to find.

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“It’s not about who is inflicting the pain and who is receiving it,” he tried to explain. He put the whip down on the floor next to the man’s hands and said, “It’s about trust. Respect. Exploration!” He said exploration as if it was the most magical word ever spoken. The man who was tied up and looking at the whip asked, “And I’m guaranteed the promotion?”

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It escaped from her mouth before she realized what she was even saying. Now she was bound to never hurting him. “Shit,” she mumbled.

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She placed her rings on the bedside table. He kissed her back, between her shoulder blades. She ran through her “rules” one more time and he promised he’d obey them. It took him five minutes to slip up. She’s used to guys not keeping their word.

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“Do you think this is some kind of game?”
“Would it make it easier for you if I said yes?”
“You’re impossible to deal with.”

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He wasn’t afraid of dying. He had done it before. It lasts for what feels like a second and then you’re back. Someone else, somewhere else, in a different time, memory erased. You’re not the same, but you’re aware of having been here to some degree. God’s methods made no sense to him.

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I realized every time I sit down to write, I begin with the same opening sentences. There are about twenty of them, but at least one always begins my story. I don’t know why this bothers me. Maybe a feeling of a lack of creativity. Or maybe it’s just July. And I’m overheated. And I need some sleep.

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The plan was simple: take the money and leave. That’s all he had to do. Why do things get so complicated? Why’d it have to be HER money? HER house? All he had to do was take the money and all he could think about was making things right with her. Nothing is ever simple.

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“Girl we couldn’t get much higher…”. That lyric kept playing in my head. Playing in my head until it was the only thing that made sense anymore. I would comb my hair and repeat the lyrics to myself until I forgot what I was doing. I hate the doors, but that lyric sticks with me.

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He picked his nose until he was tickling his brain. He moved things around that hadn’t been touched in years and he realized both of his parents were people he no longer knew.

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To her I am:
A chair.
A lamp.
A convenient store.
A couch.
A blanket.
A mistake.
An accomplishment.
A friend.
An enemy.
A stranger.
I am everything but what I want to be to her. I am everything and more.

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He was a cook. And he was the best at it. He would make sure the shrubs were perfectly trimmed. No weeds were in the yard when he was done with it. At lunch, he would two-way with his co-workers as they all ate lunch in different places in the city. He mowed lawns until it got dark. Maybe he wasn’t a cook.

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He was a cook. And he was the best at it. He would make sure the shrubs were perfectly trimmed. No weeds were in the yard when he was done with it. At lunch, he would two-way with his co-workers as they all at lunch in different places of the city. He mowed lawns until it got dark. Maybe he wasn’t a cook.

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He had a Southern accent. He sat across his manager and said, “I’ve been workin’ pretty hard here. I think you and I can both agree, I deserve a rise.” His manager just laughed and laughed. And laughed. The Southern man quit that day not knowing what actually had happened.

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Each day you get up, you do the same routine. Sometimes, when you’re in the shower, you like to shake things up and close your eyes as the water hits your face. You pretend you’re drowning. Maybe you’ll place the two pieces of toast together and eat them at the same time instead. Perhaps you’ll start your car without opening the garage door but you get scared a few seconds in and open it.

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“You have any white bread?” the customer asked.
“No,” said the cashier. “All we have is rhyes.”
Both characters wink at the camera.

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We sing songs like “He has risen” every day. Our job, basically, is to praise Him endlessly. The few moments we have for breaks, it’s a bunch of people I never really knew, or don’t recognize at all, telling me of past memories we shared. I have to just smile and tell them I remember. That’s what Heaven is: an eternity of pretending to remember people.

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Things that happened before that will no doubt happen again. I see it every time I get into a new relationship. Every time I get a new job, or a new car, or a new home. It’s everywhere yet it’s always changing. Sometimes I think of the me I used to be, and the me I’m going to be, and how the me of now adds up. I drink a lot.

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They said it was in the past. That I know longer owed them anything and there were no hard feelings. I decided to go home. Watch some bad T.V. Have some food. I ended up dead in a bowl of Cheerios. They claimed it was suicide by milk.

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She used to say things like, “It’s under.”
When he would respond, “Under where?” she would laugh and laugh.
He didn’t fully appreciate those times until it was too late.

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“Where do you work?”
“Somewhere local,” she said.
“I would assume as much,” he responded.
“You shouldn’t have asked a question if you already knew the answer.”
The waiter asked them if they were ready to order. First dates weren’t their thing.

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She said her love would return. She made it seem like it just went on vacation to clear its head. I asked her when and she said, “Soon”. Soon sounds like the longest time in the universe if it isn’t now.

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Sit still. Be quiet. I’m getting antsy.

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