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He had many methods for madness, but he never told anyone what he was thinking. He never said why he did what he did, why he couldn’t ever look people in the eyes when they spoke to him. And he never told anyone what was in his little brown notebook he kept in his back pocket.

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I covered the basket and collected my thoughts on my way out the door. Stepping down the brick steps I moved quickly down the long winding driveway, eager not to miss the ride.

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“what is the concept of love?”

so the conversation started with a sigh…

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She was walking down the runway like a firecracker let loose on a starry night. Dressed in a bright red glimmering dress that trailed at the back, she left a trail of heat and excitement after her, and all of the eyes in the crowd were drawn to her, as if she were real.

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It should come automatically, Daniel. The motion. You’re a Campbell, and Campbells are natural-born athletes. But as the leaves fell to the ground around me i bent down to pick up the baseball that I knew was not meant for me, and the cold began to set in.

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I warned her not to come any closer to me. “I don’t like the look on your face,” I said. The way you act when I’m not around; the way you look at that shit. Your eyes get big like you’ve just discovered the greatest thing in this world and you’re not about to give it up. It kills me, I said, It kills me…

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I’m driving down the road. My mind is racing as my heart pumps blood faster and faster. The alcohol is setting in as my mind is somewhere else. The only thing driving me to keep going is the image of your face dashed with a taste of regret.

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