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You can play many different songs on a ukulele.

» Posted By Dave On 10.10.2018 @ 4:37 am


Making one’s one based on preferences and tast. I stylized my classroom to relate to students’ interests.

» Posted By Dave On 10.18.2017 @ 9:32 am


Setting up what? A tent?

» Posted By dave On 08.22.2016 @ 7:43 am


By god. Hills are STEEP. Walking up a hill is like lung cancer for the legs. This makes no sense. Steep can also mean expensive. Many of the things I sell are STEEP. This has been very fun goodbye. :)

» Posted By Dave On 08.07.2016 @ 6:46 pm


My life is so busy!
There are many fun activities but many ‘must do’ jobs.
All is good, but i prefer my fun activities!

» Posted By Dave On 10.25.2015 @ 4:04 pm


Don’t you dare threaten me, she said. She held the knife above her head. The blood dripped down the blade, onto her hand.

» Posted By Dave On 07.23.2015 @ 7:39 am


The jury walked back into the room. None of them looked him in the eye. A bad sign. He watched their faces. They were somber and serious. Except for the one he knew as Bobby. Bobby smiled. Bobby was looking him straight in the eye. Now, that insult so many years before would come full circle.

» Posted By Dave On 07.10.2015 @ 6:15 am


The liquid dripped down the walls of the prison, dark and corrosive. It pooled at the bottom, with a reflective sheen from the little bit of light in the cell. And then it started to come alive.

» Posted By Dave On 07.08.2015 @ 6:28 am


He had toned up his act. He was ready to step on stage. He put all the fear behind him, walked out, and took a deep breath. The curtain went up. The crowd went wild.

» Posted By Dave On 07.07.2015 @ 6:37 am


What’s that buzzing?
I don’t hear it.
Really? It’s so loud to me.
You’re crazy.
I don’t think so. Damn, that’s loud.
Just keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear about your buzzing.

» Posted By Dave On 07.06.2015 @ 6:30 am


Help, I’m stuck in this maze.
You’re supposed to be in there.
But why?
Once you answer that question, you may have a chance at escape.
I don’t know, I just don’t know the answer.
Then you will stay in there. You will never escape.

» Posted By Dave On 07.05.2015 @ 6:47 am


She watered the planter every day. Some days it was hard since the plants had died months before but it was a ritual she refused to give up.

» Posted By Dave On 05.06.2015 @ 7:39 am


The person who I don’t see because I am too absorbed in myself to notice. It is the ghost of my former and future self that hides in the shadows. Out of sight out of mind. When someone asks me who I am looking at, I respond quite simply, “Nobody.” I don’t let anyone in, not until I can make some sense out of what is going on in this chaotic place I call my mind.

» Posted By Dave On 08.05.2014 @ 12:26 pm


Throughout the night Sam’s head was constantly filled with the thoughts.
Something is wrong with me, he thought.
He stumbled out of the room. With his head in his hands he wrenched the freezer open and pulled out his trusty orange boomstick.

» Posted By Dave On 01.07.2014 @ 8:32 pm


The word songwriter is a word used to describe someone who is unique and intelligent. The word can describe anyone who writes freely and can put the words into a song. This word is awesome.

» Posted By dave On 10.18.2013 @ 2:21 pm


excellence, an occlusion if you don’t agreem, well in 60 secs this will be up. nearly-, nearrly .
oh hang on they (the thingumy) told me to finish up my last sentence
sounds rather final

» Posted By Dave On 04.14.2013 @ 11:39 am


oh, the same word. hurts a little I guess that’s why I’m not able to cohesively construct a string a jumble a words to, you, the finder.
‘attractive’ really does mean something

» Posted By Dave On 04.14.2013 @ 8:42 am

You are the most beautiful girl I could ever dream of sitting near. I don’t know why it al comes out online in a big spew of rubbish. I’m convincing myself that right now I’m listening to something hip, so it evokes something of the right wishes in you – you’re lovely really I could spend all ofthe next five minutes with you and then…

» Posted By Dave On 04.14.2013 @ 8:38 am


sick die dying outbreak, failing people, biblical epic catastrophic horrible end, fin

» Posted By Dave On 03.30.2013 @ 2:57 pm


Beware your own in voce, the one that criticises you and drags you to the depths of being. Because that’s not really being at all. Beware the naivety of your soul, willing to be led by this voice, willing to be taken prisoner. Break free from this, run. Beware!

» Posted By dave On 03.21.2013 @ 5:01 pm


I’m so fucking tired, the light burns my brain. And my eyes are hanging down like lemons from a dead tree. Bone tired. So tired I can’t sleep because sleep is death.

» Posted By Dave On 02.17.2013 @ 9:32 am


an expression of creativity trying to mash real life and fantasy in a way that entertains and inspires an individual.

» Posted By Dave On 01.23.2013 @ 5:52 pm


authentic, fresh feeling, hurting, joy ,suprising events. how it was meant to be, pristine and pure.

» Posted By dave On 01.23.2013 @ 7:44 am


isnt the last word he said but it did describe the situation very well. poor jimmy never stood a chance. if only he had left the bus stop sober

» Posted By Dave On 12.25.2012 @ 3:11 pm


actual nonsense
actually, that’s nonsense
actualize the nonsense
actual nonsense

act chew whole

» Posted By Dave On 12.23.2012 @ 2:40 pm


its the season for the reason. ho ho ho. santa is satan spelled incorrectly. I hope I get all of your presents. Free the elves!

» Posted By Dave On 12.21.2012 @ 1:33 am


Intense noise accompanied the stagnant stench of still water disturbed; it was a beast. A BIG beast. It’s soft stately flow had been replaced by an angry bull rush, a charge. In the glint of his teeth, in the obsidian of his scales, in the steely, practiced murder of his eyes…. I saw what I’d been looking for this whole time: my teddy bear.

» Posted By Dave On 10.20.2012 @ 3:50 pm


There he is again that cute little fawn, god I hate that fucking Fawn. Drinking it’s cold clear water from that cold clear fucking stream. I know what your thinking, this guy is a syndical asshole right but you have to understand I see that fawn every morning, it’s free it’s happy; and here I am sitting in this shitty car breathing in that awful stench of day old tacos on my way to my shitty job.

» Posted By Dave On 09.29.2012 @ 10:56 pm


breath is where the end of your lungs reaches up and exhales what you thought you could hold onto but realized suddenly you have no real control over. It is a borrowing and giving simultaneously and in this instant gratification and reduction of your grasp of things that may be yours, but never will be, you are made humble.

» Posted By dave On 09.27.2012 @ 6:41 pm


Quiet, solemn blankets of solitude rested on him. They didn’t flap up and lay on him, as though they had been fluffed before being spread on a mattress; he simply became more and more aware of what was already there.

» Posted By Dave On 09.07.2012 @ 6:24 am

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