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They used to not let us folk vote. Sayin’ things like we was inferior to ’em. But we fought and got the opportunity to change everythin’.

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We thought that the Earth was flat and basically planar to our eyes. Except now we see it is globular. I mean that is what the theory of time is like essentially as well. People saw it as a straight line when in fact it is circular waves.

» Posted By Dart07 On 01.13.2015 @ 9:21 am

I traced my finger over the smooth waters and rough edges of the terrain. The need to fulfill my wanderlust growing ever so dearly as I touched upon the places I had yet to go. The globe was in my hands. I just needed to go.

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The sky so open so free. I stretched out my arms as far as they could go – attempting the wingspan of a condor. On the edge of the cliff with one step, I soar.

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Wrapped up in a blanket. The warmth coming from within protecting from the blizzard conditions outside. I felt like the world was peaceful inside, while outside the terrors of the cold ensued.

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The apartment. A place where four woman live together as they try to figure out their lives. The engineer, the geologist, the biologist, and the education major. All trying to understand each other while renting the same place.

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Why is this word still here? Do I need to change timezones or something? Damn was hoping to write something else about a different word. This sucks.

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That crushing feeling inside when you’ve known that you have lost everything due to failure or a simple mistake. That’s why you always take the cautious route to avoid the devastation. It may take more time to make the decision, but you feel happy about it. More

» Posted By Dart07 On 01.03.2015 @ 8:16 pm

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