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With his stomach in his chest, he raised his hands high and lifted his feet, screaming all the way down.

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The smell was rank. Carl had no idea the smell of corpses would be close to smothering him. But the pay was good. It took nearly an hour to suppress the urge to gag, but figured it out. After two hours, the sight of mangled bodies and the stench of death almost didn’t bother him.

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There were rules, both explicitly stated and implicit. When he came home, dinner was supposed to be ready. When you came home, she had to clean and quickly because she had to make dinner before he opened the door. If and when these rules were broken, so was her face.

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You see the red and blue lights but you don’t hear them. Somewhere between panic and mortification, the sound of your heart skipping irregularly pulses loudly in your ears. Someone is easing you back on a gurney and asking you questions. You open you mouth and can’t find the air to speak or breathe. You close your eyes, sinking into something that feels a lot like sleep.

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Spicy brown, it warmed her mouth in all the best ways. She hummed and he laughed. “I can’t believe you actually did that,” he said. When she looked up at him, there was a mischievous grin on her face.

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Lost in her book, she didn’t see the dark shadow growing on her bed, or the hairy hands reaching out for her hair. By the time thick gnarly claws sunk into her neck, it was too late to scream.

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He always kept something to talk about in his back pocket because awkward silences were, well, he couldn’t think about what would happen if he allowed silence in, and anyway talking brought people closer to him and kept the people who didn’t care about him far away, so he didn’t see any harm in keeping the conversation going and going…

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This was scary. The last time she’d tried, she’d fallen flat on her face. It’d taken over a year to put herself back together. But he promised he wouldn’t let her fall this time. He promised he’d be there to catch her every time. So she opened her arms and heart and fell.

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Her lips were smooth and there was a light sprinkle of freckles along her nose that he hadn’t noticed before. She didn’t close her eyes, so he didn’t either. It felt like kissing a human, real and exciting, and he decided then and there it didn’t matter.

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She was going to the special cabinet. The one that held the family heirlooms. That’s how Alan knew this was serious. How many women had he brought home in the past five years? Dozens. But for this one, his mother insisted they use china for dinner. He was surprised at the relief flooding him.

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Inside, they huddled close, some looking out the windows, others at the floor. Suddenly the ferry titled to one side, and people were sliding and screaming and grabbing onto each other. The intercom crackled to life and the ferry captain announced they’d run into a problem. The passengers looked at each other like ‘no shit!’

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It was cold and windy. Everyone huddled inside the cabin of the ferry. But Allison had been waiting all year to see the river from the deck. The ship’s loud horn blared farewell to the harbor and began to move. Allison inhaled a large breath of sea air, held onto the railing, and looked ahead.

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There were doves. Freakin’ doves! Allison rolled her eyes and then feigned an awed smile. Everyone was clapping, and so she joined them, even though she was seething inside.

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It takes strength to ask for help. That’s what they said. But she didn’t feel very strong as she filled out the forms to get her and her baby on welfare.

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A safe haven from the noise at home, she paid exorbitant prices to be bombarded by Dolby surround sound. Sometimes it was even loud enough to drown out the echoes of threats and insults still ringing in her head.

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It wasn’t anything serious. Just something to pass the time. John enrolled in photography at the local community college because it beat sitting on the couch. Then she walked in and started talking about stillness and motion and beauty. John took mental pictures of her beautiful smile and decided to take the class a little more seriously.

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On his knees he found freedom. No longer a servant to society’s expectations or the rat race, he surrendered the burden of being perfect and making good decisions to his Mistress.

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The cello was brand new and polished. Jonathan ran his hands over the strings, his eyes fluttering for a moment as he plucked out a E flat. He could almost hear the symphony around him as he pictured himself on stage. Then his father barked at him for touching stuff they couldn’t afford. Jonathan dropped his hands and walked away.

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She’s 16 and pregnant. He’s 17 and already has a rap sheet. They walk into a fancy department store together, too black, too young, their clothing too worn and generic. Security doesn’t know about her pregnancy or his rap sheet. But they’re black, young, and that’s enough to be monitored.

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It was all about poise. When she walked in the dance hall, she drew every eye to her. Head up, shoulder’s back, a little swivel in her hips, that would keep them coming all night. Until he arrived. He was taller than her by a full head. Those piercing grey eyes were hypnotic. She lost her balance looking up into them.

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The notes soared, lifting her to another place and time. She was transported to a familiar living room filled with piano music, the smell of newly baked sugar cookies, and her mother scolding her brother.

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A half an hour on make up. Forty five minutes on hair. Her designer boots were the last thing she put on before leaving. She opened the door, frowned, and slammed it shut. Chanel boots were not made for muddy puddles.

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You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl they used to always say. It took almost a decade for her to understand it wasn’t a compliment.

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Janice asked if she could stay. She never asked the others. It was aggravation. But overtime meant double the pay. Shoes for Mikey, co-pay for Tasha’s annual check-up. Maybe a little extra money to tuck away.

“Sure. I can stay.”

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Sometimes I envy the dishes. All of the attention and love they get. Sure they get used and dirty. But at the end of the day, all of the mess that sticks to them gets scraped off, rinsed, and they get to retreat into a hot bath that makes them brand new again.

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Alan ground his teeth and tried to hold his tongue as she ranted on about her horrible life and all of his failed promises. When she began to talk about the broken dishwasher though, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “You don’t even do the dishes!”

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The dust was thick in the attic, making her eyes water. She sneezed, accidentally spraying an old gray turn-table stereo. It had a double cassette player. Nostalgia hit her like lightning. She smiled and began to search for the box of mix-tapes she used to collect.

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The door said ‘Vacancy’ but in the window there was a shadow. Kelly couldn’t tell if it was a mannequin or a person, but she was unsettled by its stillness. The thunder cracked and she nearly jumped out of her skin, but with no other options, she took a step forward.

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After burying Alice and Danny, Carl kept the house immaculate. Always freshly vacuumed and dusted, each room looked like a real estate agent’s dream. It was sterile and perfect, and slowly driving him insane. So he went down to the ASPCA and found another family to make his house a home again.

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Ellie was off. Nobody talked about it, but everyone knew. She was certain. From the slow slide of their eyes to the floor when she spoke to the way people went out of their way not to see her, she understood that her kind of different was no good.

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