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Alexandra was roaming through the beach on Tuesday night and was searching for pretty shells. She lifted a large piece of driftwood and was surprised to find a harmonica. She wasn’t very familiar with the object but she was very interested and decided to bring it home with her so she placed it in her basket attached to her bicycle.

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Fed-Ex. Your one stop shop for anything you need to deliver just about anywhere in the world. Do you ever think what the strangest thing Fed-ex has ever had to deliver is? I once sent my rein

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From behind me, he grazed my chin and held my arms behind my back. Pulling a fist full of my hair toward him, deepening the arch of my back so that I was crooning. He hadn’t meant any harm. I was just a masochist.

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beware. look out! something dangerous? something bad will happen. beware, look out, same thing. reminds me of signs.

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at night, as a child the most horrifying occurance would leave me questioning the strong presence of my father. As he would breathe the world would pause as his breathe would quicken and he would stop breathing. Momentarily the world was out of place.

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I’ll make this (brief).

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i like to swing on swingsets. there is nothing better in this world. makes me feel like a kid again. gravity at its finest. you get to see the sky, then the ground, then get that amazing feeling in your stomach that makes you feel like you are flying.

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The wind washes the darkness of winter away. The new sun melts the snow and cold that’s built up in every person’s hearts. It’s a new beginning, a hope of better things. Raindrops fall to breathe color into a colorless world. Live.

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along the way to the other side of the city, i decided to take the subway train. there i saw a man. a simple man, waiting til he reached his destination. what i saw on his face was a mixture of hope and anxiety,

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to discover
to find
to make a
find something unknown to others

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crashes loud and clear, lightening follows shortly after. silence.

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chores kinda suck…they keep you busy though. they keep you in a routeen form day to day. and the also keep teach kids resposibility.

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Katie could predict the future. Not in any dramatic way, no visions or dreams, it was simply that she knew what was going to happen next. She didn’t think it was that impressive, but other people were often surprised and wary of her predictions.

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Hey, now, I already had this word, and it’s kind of hard to be all deep and profound about one word in sixty seconds twice in the same couple of minutes. I suppose that’s not the worse thing that could happen. Maybe it’s a trick, maybe this is the only word. Held and held and held again, until there’s nothing else left.

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She held me in her arms and it was easy to tell she loved me. She was warm, warm and soft and safe, just as she had always been. It was never hard to get her to hold me or love me, but sometimes I worried she would go away.

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the place where j.k. rowling met. j.k rowling, the fab author. Ms. J.K. rowling, thanks for my childhood.

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I was in New York.
I was in Berlin. Drunk. Actually, not drunk just a little happier and high than normal and I met a nice gErman guy with my now husband. We had a good time.

I was in London and we saw a little guy fall asleep on another guys shoulder. They were strangers. it was cute

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selfish people think it’s a good idea… I’ve thought about it, but I think it’d break someone’s heart… I’m scared my mom will do it… is it really just a hereditary chemical imbalance? I mean, can’t we all just realize we have a purpose?

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Once upon a time there lived a stick man who was upset he had no shading like this friends. He had a hard time expressing himself due to his stick face and could only seem to muster sad, happy or bland.

There were several times at parties when people wouldn’t even notice that he was there until he turned around and was viewed from the right angle.

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I love bed sheets, my favourites are my snowman sheets, I have a harry potter blanket, I wish I had harry Potter bed sheets, then I would have a harry potter blanket, pillow, other blanket and sheets! then life would be complete. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! (:

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some people collect stamps. stamps are nice, they get things where they’re trying to go… some people are like stamps, stamps are a neat thing. neat neat neat. I like stamps.

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Everyone is a believer in something, whether they no it or not…. even atheists are believers, I’m a believer you’re a believer, we all just believe in different things. it’s funny how that can start war… just believing in different things c=that could even be the same thing.

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It’s like namedroping…. Oh wait no. A drop of water?

I constantly drop things.

Has anyone really ever shopped till they dropped?

GUMDROPS! I tried to make them once :D

But i failed D:

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I remember my Ielts review and exam. I cant remember anything else. My mind just stops and I’m frustrated because I cant cant remember anything substantial to write about

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The house was made of red brick. The ivy crawling up the side gave it a look of being from Italy. The feel of international travel filled the air, because the brick covered in Ivy was Italian to the max.

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and it was a wonderful reunion. there was those puddings with the rices and sweeties. all festive and adorning the table. we say grace because this food is a masterpiece. we say grace because gods blessed us with such a bounty, and we thank gods for lovely foodzles, because without foodzles there is no us, and of course, without us, there is no masterpiece, or piece, that the master can work on; now that’s fucked up dining, eh?

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