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When he thought of an “editor”, he thought of books, writing, he certainly didn’t think of an “editor” being related to someone’s feelings, his lover’s feelings.

He didn’t edit to change, he edited to improve, to shift, to help the hard times be a bit easier. Editing wasn’t the right word, he knew that, but with what he and Connor had, it sure was a start.

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He was surprised, very surprised at what he had just been told. While it was something so obvious, hearing the words with his own ears for the first time (and not just in his head) was an incredible new sensation. He shook his head and smiled.

“I love you, too,

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I love the feel of dough in my fingers. Making cinnamon rolls with my great, great Aunt Mamie was one of my favorite childhood activities. Our hands would be sticky and smell wonderful from all of the dough. And I loved to take sneaky bites from them.

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Elsa stared at the plate of chili-cheese soaked french fries and wondered if just a taste would ruin her diet. She might even go on a binge. No, she needed to stay strong, so she looked away and carried her 110 pound self away.

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Elsa stared at the crispy, salty deep-fried potato strips and glowered at them. She craved the taste but was afraid it might ruin her diet. Or worse, she might go on a binge and get fat again.

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I composed once such an extraordinary book, but all the world was against me, it was like no one liked my wok, but It was awesome for me. To write a book, is extraordinary in my opinion.

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National refers to anything about a whole country. For example National Museum, National Australia Bank, National Basketball League.

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I used to read poems in books and wonder who this famous person was called “Anon”. I now know that it was referring to an anonymous poem, moreover a poem whose author was unknown. Valentine’s Day cards also feature the word anonymous.

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He looked up at the ceiling fan. It was a tough case, yeah, but not the toughest. There had been a time when he had been a scared kid of 28 searching for the answers in a nest of thieves as thick as mayonaise. The fan turned as if in some viscous fluid.

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It was emptying out into the river. She watched the mud mix with the algae and turn the water grey. Everything was a little bit grey, she thought. People, plants, the sky. It was all just different colors of grey.

She sighed.

Night was coming.

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Tears, complete emptiness, feeling lonely, rejected. Just the stuff you hate to wake up to on the monday morning. going to work and realizing what you’ve just done is worthless. not finding a meaning to what you want to do.

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hazel is greatful for gus being there forn her and her parents but she doesnt want to get to close to gus becaues she a granade. she want to be with him but she feels like she will hold him down.

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I’m going on a venture. in a few years. i’m scared. i have to make some choices very soon. what if i don’t chose wisely. no point in what ifs though i guess. that’s the point of the whole thing, is it not?

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In the framework of someone else’s mind, I am lost. I am lost and I am forever wandering, waiting to explore the depths of somebody else’s culture and beliefs and thoughts and emotions. I want to wade into the waters of their hypothalamus no matter how deep or shallow because I know that either way, I’ll learn.

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The eagle dove from the tree toward the writhing water’s surface with the coast’s lifeblood making it’s annual journey landward and ending its travels in the grasp of the bird’s talons.

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Smiling so bright the sun couldn’t stand it. But heck, he was happy! After all, the proposal was a success, his swimming legs were coming back, and he was ready to spend the next four months at sea. Little did he know, there was a change in the winds coming.

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slippery, hurt, temporary pain, embarrassment, wet, sidewalk, pain, foot coming out from under you, hope there’s no brain injury, hurting, bruise, wet sidewalk, could break a bone

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The damage was too much to take
And now I am broken, empty and damaged.
Throw me away like a broken doll
I’m used to it…

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The sexy instructor came up to me and asked me to grab his hair, get the scissors and chop his mullet off. “ABOUT TIME!”, I yelled, grabbing the scissors. Out of excitement I sliced his ear off accidentally. “Accidentally” is what I tell people. He was truly a sexy van gough.

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A strong feeling of going somewhere or to something. It’s nearly impossible to escape. You cannot get over it and eventually give in to the feeling.

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Firstly, I think of the earth, with its extremes no matter where you go. Then I think of polar bears, and how they may not survive the next climate change. I friggin love polar bears.

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She sees the children playing carefree on the playground, and she thinks wistfully of her own childhood and wishes that she could go back. Then, she looks at the pile of papers for her thesis, and she has no desire to go through all that schooling again. And then she thinks wistfully of the day when her studies are over for good.

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There were times that he wished that he was back on the island. The simplicity of his life there was something that he greatly missed. Sometimes, as he trained or nocked an arrow at someone, he thought about that time and wished he was there.

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i’m strung out on words i cant explain, without you here im lost. lost for words for thoughts everything im completely blank without out. im strung out on your words your words that fed me for so long yet now seem to kill me so slowly yet so surely. slowly the words you once said to me are killing me

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even though we fight i know you always have my back

bros before hoes

tight knit bond

swag swag idk what else to say omfg

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Delve into your work. Delve into art. Delve into life. Delve into all that you can. Delve into your partner. Delve into the pool. Delve into summer. Delve into me.

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my wrist after a tough day
seeing other people enjoying themselves broke me

my mirror after it lied to me
showing something i wasnt ready to see

my heart after my mom said she wasnt coming back

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you have been signed in. now, that you have entered the real life, let’s take step 2. you have been out og the internet for like 25 seconds now. that’s good. but you gotta keep trying. i know you can. you are a strong person. you are the best. don’t think of the others. think of what you can do, and you will do it!! I believe in you.

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tell them and yell them be colorful about frogs and places and hair color and places like castles and who was wearing orange shirts and maybe pants or smelling fruit or leaves and flowers

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I enter the small cafe, wondering what I’d get for my fiance, Alfie. We’ve been engaged for three months now and somehow, the wedding keeps on being pushed back. I’m not sure why or who causes these delays but I’m sure there’s a valid reason for every single one of his decisions, right? I don’t think I’ll be able to keep telling myself that.

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