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The dog glanced at his new owner, whimpering and wiggling his tail at the man. The man smiled softly and kneeled to scratch the poor animal behind the ears. “There, there.”

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“Detergent?” I asked, blinking twice at the mess in my arms. “How do I use that?” The boy frowned, explaining what I needed to do. Pour detergent in the bucket of water and wash the clothes.

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The girl moved graciously through the decorations, twirling and avoiding swiftly the small pebbles that stood in her way. With a simple thing, she twisted her foot and stood on her tiptoes, bowing her head.

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I glanced at the man, feeling no pity for a salesman. Yes, I disliked these big eyes which hold hope and the forced smile on their dry lips.

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“What is this?” I asked, blinking at what was supposed to be a ring. “A controller,” my friend answered with an odd smile on his face.

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