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Never say Candy, she said. I don’t want to hear that bitch’s name. He stood half turned in the doorway to the kitchen, hands slipped into his pockets playing with the keys, cutting his cuticle open. There was a loaf of bread on the cutting board and the knife laid out from the block. He didn’t move.

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He didn’t want to think about the feeling of the metal digging into the soft spot just above the ankle. Was it the tendons there? They kept showing it over and over on TV. They didn’t have any sound but you could hear it through the second baseman’s lips as they spread across his face in pain, the baserunner’s eyes widening in horror hitting a spot he didn’t really want to.

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He looked at it through the window while pouring the pad thai noodles into the strainer. The hot water seeped over the sink and onto his bare feet. Hopping around he scrambled out the door and took out his phone. He could see it slowly strutting away. It waddled. He took a picture and the turtle looked back at him. Not the lens. But him.

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What happened, I venture to guess, is that a certain tree in between the power lines of his house and mine “fell” down. It would have been pretty costly on him to do it intentionally just to run his generator for a week. I’m not doubting his foul play but something doesn’t add up.

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She didn’t really know too much about it. But Sally Jackerbsen knew a lot about the football uniforms, the new ones, that she helped pick out. However that was nothing, she said, compared to the cheer squad uniforms that were going to shut everyone over at Mount Holly up. Combined the whole stadium would be a sea of purple and yellow, dazzling audiences on Friday nights. We didn’t have many questions for her. She didn’t want the prank to delay the pep rally.

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Just go on for a minute now. Huddle up with your brother by that tree. Bring Petey. Hold his collar so he doesn’t budge. I’ll be back one minute. Just stay there. Cover your ears. The shot will be a little loud. Don’t be frightened.

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His mother and sister kept trying to speak to him. He could hear their voices but the thunder from afar was just too loud. He could see them all in the distant racing towards him. They rode on horse back and swung their maces, swords and axes round and round, closing in on him. There were just too many. He collapsed in the kitchen still looking out ahead where he could see them. His mother picked up her little boy and carried him off to bed.

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In Boston I would walk through the crosswalks behind Jenny’s and wait for people to linger on the corner. The next few streets had the most activity. There were seven bars and the Pentington Hotel. I kept walking back and forth across the walkways and kept my eyes on the theirs, just to see if they were watching. Cars didn’t stop. But people should. Either they’re aware or not. I only stop the dangerous drivers. You can see their eyes meet yours and the expression on their face. I prefer no uniform. They react in different ways but the ones that see you still know.

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All along the watchtower…

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You are like that too. Don’t kid yourself. The way there’s that hint of brown in your hair. Look at you smiling like that. That’s what they all like. You know you have it. Keep smiling. You’re still young.

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He laughed at her and caught sight of two bluebirds flying down the road beside them outside the bistro. She asked him if he played many games. No, he said. Did she? Her smile was treacherous and lovely.

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It’s that simple. That easy and fast. To know where you’re going. To have been there before. To want to go back. You can’t know them that way, not as coordinates. They aren’t numbers that paint a picture. They’re blank symbols you glaze over as you relive that step onto the beach with her and the first moment you fell in love. The exact spot where the latitude and longitude, as meaningless as dates, disappear and you feel the sand crunching beneath your feet once more. Her lips bearing a hint of the sea salt in the air.

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He thought he had it at least. That there would be something to work off of. He walked in, bending his head beneath the drain pipe and sat down at the iron table next to Benjamin. He had leverage. This wouldn’t be slow.

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‘Just for the toilet. The part that fits over the toilet, the bowl. Like a catching screen.’
‘Toilet top.’
‘I’m not sure that’s it.’
‘It’s this right here. To catch the stool. Goes right over the toilet bowl. You could use plastic, Saran wrap instead and make a little dip in it but I’m sure the Doc wanted you to have something easier to use. Just two bucks. You need sterile cups or did you already get everything from the Doc?’

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She’s the kind of girl you want to bring around here. Not like those groupies you used to bring home. Those crazy girls. No. This one now, she’s good. I’m willing to bet you like her even a little more now too. You mother is going to like her. She doesn’t have green hair at least.

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There wasn’t much else to be done then. She didn’t want a rollator. Not four wheels, she said. Her daughter nodded along. She didn’t want a walker then either. Not two wheels. She gawked at the transport chairs and even the light weight wheelchair. She used a wooden cane without grip which she clutched in her withered hand uneasy as her body shook in the pharmacy.

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The mirror could not be hung level. It navigated a misplaced electrical outlet that pushed out seven sixteenths of an inch.

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She didn’t want to penalize him for mistakes, clear ones that he should by now–seven years gone by–know. Her reaction was to take a strike against herself for being so un-levelheaded. Then she took a second for using a senseless word. She beat herself up repeatedly and let him walk.

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They were going to practice the patience of waiting for the five elements to collapse into the universe and unfold the meaning behind his and everyone’s anger. He was not optimistic. The sessions had been going on for three weeks and he felt good. The Community Leader was not a doctor, as he made clear his first day in front of the group, explaining the pitfalls of modern medical practices on addiction treatment. He, Sebastien Schoop, was a teacher of the universal elements.

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And but so they walked on through the opening into the reservoir path that looped around the cabin and came back around the still waters by the ‘beach.’ It was waiting for them beneath the dirt mound hill at the edge of the shore.

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Had to hit my knees. Even when I didn’t feel like it. I preferred sitting comfortably atop the couch, left leg above the right thigh, right leg below the left like when I listened to the meditation tapes. That was what prayer was like. A connection with the universe. But hitting the knees meant something too. It was an act of humility, symbolic. It made me feel good and I didn’t give a damn what anyone had to say about it.

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They piled out in droves at the intersection of 35 and Sycamore. Cars parked on the sides blocking the second lane of traffic for those that worked on Sundays. They stood in the streets chatting and causing road blocks. Old ladies walking slowly without looking and old men in fine suits wearing gold watches looking out at the faces in the car windows staring back, wondering why the other was where they were instead of the other side.

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Think it through. They are welcoming you inside. They seem very inviting. Eager. Anxious maybe? Food smells good. People are moving about, laughing, drinking wine and you can already scope out the back patio and the smokers. You could light one up. It all sounds good. You should step inside. The host is standing in the corner by the African masks and behind the 2000 year old statue, his smile turning towards you as you start to take off your coat, extremely welcoming smile, overly so. They want you here not out there but in here. Why?

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Too much so. He was too interested. Had to think of something else but it kept coming back. He could see her legs, a brain scan sliding up from the bottom. He had that feeling in his chest right at the moment where he could feel his heart beating and he knew he’d need to stop.

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Just go ahead and do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, anything. Stand up. Go find the nearest door and open it. If it doesn’t lead outside find another that does. Don’t crawl around mazes but pick up your legs and navigate your way out. Leap over the fences and get free of the confines of the home. Get out there and explore, be and see whatever it is you have been waiting for.

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It was demoralizing. He knew what he was doing. He could smell himself at the very least. No shower in three, maybe four days. Same old sweats day in day out. Slept in them too. He wasn’t a sweaty guy but it all still built up a stink after a while. He hadn’t left his house in at least a week. There was no motivation. No drive. Just the old sinking feeling that he should go right back to that pantry closet atop the fridge already since he knew what was coming. It wasn’t going to be any good.

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It was the horns that got him. They glistened, she said. He wished she’d shut up for a second. She thought they were made of real gold. The band was terrible, lonely and engaging the audience with banter and inexcusable choppy play that no one really picked up on. They looked good in suits.

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Just listen:

He had worn the same Korea vet hat near everytime I’d seen him. We always talked and and I never brought it up. Then one day I wanted to bring it up but how you do that when he must know you’ve always seen it. So I decide to be honest. I tell him I want to know about the hat. I ask him if he’s a veteran and I say I’m sorry I never asked sooner but always been wondering. He was honest too. He got real honest.

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I felt down. It was understandable. Would be to others. The doctor and the way the old lady in the waiting room with the tub sticking out her neck had just sort of stared out at the television while I walked out. It was depressing. I felt stuck. Repressed. There were no options. It’d be my choice but in the end there’d really be no choice, no control just whatever was going to happen and I didn’t feel too good about it.

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That’s what?
Selective. You said selective. I said hearing. That’s my word. Hearing.
Does this have anything to do with your upcoming hearing?
You don’t see any connection with my saying selective and your mind going towards your hearing. Towards the possible trial.

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