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With a startle they all ran. At the front of the group no one knew why they were running. They hurtled past the end of the forrest into the perceived safety of the village. They stopped and turned around. Thomas, the mousy haired and vertically challenged boy was aiming a water balloon at them.

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Waiting, waiting, but for what he thinks within
Wasting time, wasting life is nothing but a sin
Wanting someone beside him, someone for his own
Where now is she, come and take your throne

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Always hiding in the dark, always there just behind you, ready to take it all before you even realise you had it. The voice inside your head can do terrible, dispicable things. Dont let it.

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Tumling down the opening to the mine Cedric landed on his stomach. He lep to his feet and scrambled further inside. The dogs were getting closer. He could see lamps in the forest.

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It was my mark, my sign. My boss didnt know it. The police didnt see it for 13 years. Then, and only then, did they give me the attention i deserved.

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Smoothing out the blanket she unfurled her body and lay with one hand resting under her cheek. In the past, before the trouble started she had been to busy to do this. To busy to enjoy life. Now, things were different. The sun shone down and caressed her other cheek and she rested by the river.

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She was looking for a husband in all the wrong places. she wanted someone dependable but yet was heading to the local bars of a weekend. She knew deep down this wasnt going to lead to the most stable relationship but in the end, something is better than nothing

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waves ripple on the shore and still i stand tall
land all around me yet no one can hear
my silent proclomation of safety, of hope
i shine my light into the distance for you.

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Wandering alone over the hills he rarely saw anyone. The only place he found people was in the nearest town a days horse ride away. He liked the peace and quiet, with only the company of his wife and children life seemed simple. Just the way it should be.

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Im struggling to relate to anyone on this planet. Born under a different sun, in a time long since forgotten i am alone in this world. Still, solace comes in the knowledge that one day I might go home and get to see some real life.

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I remember the time i was king of my castle. A time when life was a simple place and all my subjects respected me. They didnt want us to go to war, they didnt see how necessary it was. Now most of my subjects either lie on a field or lie to my face. They will never see i did it for them.

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