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i’ve never had a planter but it’s always something i’ve thought that i could have in my room. i’ve been wanting to redo my room for the longest time, and given my propensity to boho-themed rooms, planters are always something i see hanging loud and proud, across pinterest room makeover pictures and articles. if i had a planter, what would it look like? i think it’d have monstera plants, as hipster as they can get. i’d like to have a few as long as no insects turn up in my room.

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there is neither poem nor prayer in this cold.

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sitting at home and watching as the winds blow in. The sound is deafening. trees sway and break as debris blows by. I am forced to step away from my vantage point. I must now take shelter from the wind. All I can do is wait and listen.

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I love the wind. Feeling wind keeps me cool. It makes me feel like my day will go well. It makes me happy. It creates music with the trees. It feels fresh. Calm. Peaceful. Windy days are meant to be spent outdoors. Wind can be menacing but for me, it’s always welcoming. It never ceases to make me smile.

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it’s empty, mostly.
no grip, no purchase, no idea.
no comfort, no thought.

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It was a game we both agreed to, and when we decided that we no longer wanted any part of it, here we are. Too dead to want anything else.

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He slips through the cracks in conversation with the deftness of an acrobat. I don’t know how I can possibly win, especially as he makes sure my head is always swimming by the time he attacks and I have no time to regain my bearings.

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I leave it up to you now. Universe, oh powerful deity, come prove to me that this life I lead means something. Something! Anything, I beg you. Because as of now I am pretty sure I have nothing. Please, I need a sign that this storm shall pass and that a saving grace will fall on me. She better show your worthiness fate, she better prove to me that this world is exactly what I have always thought of it: meant to be.

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A legion of empty words followed the three I sputtered out to her. I gave her the three most feared words in the world and she gave me none in return. Staring into her eyes I saw nothing, just a vacancy that my feelings for her could never fill because, in her near vegetative state, she could never respond to anything I ever said to her.

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it was round, sitting atop a hill. Angled just perfectly so it won’t roll down the hill. Tribes and nomads came and go, and they wondered about it, the round object the rising and setting sun, and eventually they began to worship it, shrines were built, offerings were left by the base of the hills, oral folklore woven and inherited by latter generations, and when cities and countries and empires began to get established in far away countries, pilgrims were arranged to view the holy round object, to understand its profoundness. One day, a child of two pilgrims who were silently meditating approached the hill, beyond the shrines and temples and offerings, beyond the forbidden zone and towards the voice he heard calling for him solemnly. He walked and he walked until he saw the holy object up close, another step and it simply tumbled downwards, soundlessly.

» Posted By D On 01.16.2016 @ 4:37 am


Dirty overalls. Sounds of sicada. Rusty tractors. Cows mooing. Sweat. Tears. Hard days work. Healthy food

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Trifling with other people’s business is a messy thing. Alana learnt this the hard way.
She was a young girl when she first became involved in the secret world she stumbled across. They were inside a warehouse, men and women of different ages and completely different in everyday. Guns lined the walls and tables were home to many.
A little girl wasn’t much use to them at first. But they slowly learnt that nobody expects the killer to be a little 8 year old girl.

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The world is incredibly vast. it is a managery of thoughts and actions. It is our job as scientists to understand the world and its many parts.

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Today was the day, the big day, the biggest day in his life he would final finish what is was he wanted to achieve. But as he crossed the road it all disappeared into a vapor.

» Posted By D On 07.30.2013 @ 5:12 am


I am a wispy wisp wistfully wandering by means of the wind. I am willing to wait as much so as i am willing to go.

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Stories require work. They also require detail. In stories, a lesson must be learned. An event unpacked and uncovered. Stories are important. They tie loose ends.

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burning house smoke
it’s turning blinding
the morning is incinerated

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Burrow. Sounds like the Spanish word “burro.” There’s this restaurant in Myrtle Beach called Burro Loco and it’s a total tourist trap. It’s Mexican themed, obviously, and the wait is always like 45 minutes, when you could just as well go a mami and papi Mexican restaurant in town.

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Gloomy. The days make the mind tired. The wind is soothing. Sitting out on a nice day.

» Posted By D On 02.17.2013 @ 4:52 pm

Tired. Life can be boring. Art gets rid of fatigue. I am thinking about the day’s events. The soft blankets.

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Tired. Worn out from the experiences of the day. Life gives you fatigue. Music has themes that are boring. Same themes equal fatigue.

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I think that there are tons of things that I need to learn. I think that I have come a long way and grown so much in the past year, but there is still more that I need to learn. I think that there is life on other planets. I believe that we can be our own gods, that maybe our afterlife is whatever we believe it to be.For instance, if you believe in heaven you get to go to heaven.

» Posted By D On 02.05.2013 @ 10:12 pm


I ssweeped the floors of the shop. The tiles are cracking, but the owner is to tired to change them. I am alsoo to tired for sweeping floors. I need to get away…. a change of scene. i still mish ehr

» Posted By d On 01.17.2013 @ 1:32 am


overcome with joy
unbelievably happy
never alone again
true love
what love amounts to

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a gun barrel. pointed at by head, daring me to run. but i resister, i can’t run because i’ll have the barrel running down my throat like a hot scolding cup of tear. RUN!

» Posted By D On 01.01.2013 @ 6:27 pm


What is real and actual is different for each person. But what is real for each one of is also true for each of us. Reality is what you perceive and believe.

» Posted By D On 12.24.2012 @ 8:48 am


She stared at the worn out page for a very long while. During that time many things changed, but she didn’t seem to notice any of it. All she saw was the me in the past, it’s like her eyes filters the present.

It resembles a comatic state, although she walks and eats. It makes everything so difficult.

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Available is being free, although being free has its limits as well. Availble is an adjective that describes the status that one is open to opportunities that may come his or her way.

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it was one of the hottest summers I could remember. The cicadas chirped merrily along

» Posted By D On 12.07.2012 @ 2:33 pm

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