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Brock was like a harness for him; strong, durable, always secure, always right where he needed him. Rusty watched him sleep, watched his head bob up and down as he nodded off slowly, serenely for the first time in what must have been months. He stared at him and the way he seemed so at peace for once, so calm.

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It was a little after 1am and Rusty should not be up, absolutely should not have been but he was wandering the halls of Venture Tower anyway. Brock was… somewhere, he didn’t know where, but once he rounded the corner and got to the bottom of the stairs he saw just where. The man was there on the couch, scrolling on his jPad, the TV the only light in the whole room. Rusty paused just behind him, almost holding his breath, unsure of what to say to the man before him. It was late. He should just go up to bed.

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There was just something about him, Lenny couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Was it his ultra-calm demeanor? The way that he just didn’t seem to care what other people thought? Maybe it was the way he could say literally anything and get him to crack a smile. Lenny didn’t know but he knew one thing, he was definitely drawn to Carl Carlson like a moth to a flame. And he wasn’t going to question why their thing worked, it just did. Why worry?

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It felt right, being out here like this, on this chilly november morning. There was sadness in the air too but Rusty brushed that aside. The whole family was here, standing off to the side of the burned down rubble that was once the Venture Compound. It was here they had gathered to commemorate J.J.’s memory, a sort of grave sight or marker if you will.

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He was sinking, further and further down into this pit of despair. Ian didn’t think he’d ever be able to climb back up out of it either. It’d been years now, years, since he’d begun drinking heavily. After many attempts of quitting, it was just a matter of time before he found himself back in the middle of it. No matter the reason, they were all pretty pathetic. At first, it had been his marriage ending. Then there was the possible layoff the college was facing. And after that it had been his loneliness more than anything.

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Morty was dozing off in his last class of the day when there was an interruption at the door. He snapped to attention, not wanting to cause any more bug eyed aliens to stare his way. The guard at the door approached the teacher, chittering in their alien language before the eyes turned his way. He swallowed audibly. The guard left and his teacher approached his desk, glaring down suspiciously. He shoved the small brown paper package his way and muttered that he’d received something in the head office. Morty didn’t kid himself with the notion that they’d afforded him any privacy. He knew they’d already torn through it themselves, curious to see just what the 15-year-old had received. It had been sloppily put back together as well. His mind raced, wondering just who would send him something? And then, hope at the pit of his stomach rising, one thought crossed his mind. Rick.

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It wasn’t often that they went out, not the proper sort of generation to even want to go out and party. This night however, was a rarity for them, a night of partying and celebration. Jackson followed Doc inside figuring that he’d let him take the lead. He was, of the two of them, the more experienced when it came to this sort of thing after all. Doc did not like people and he did not like being in public spaces.

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Farkle stared through the window of Topanga’s from the courtyard peering inside. He watched closely and intently at the boy dressed in blue as he laughed and joked with his other friends. Maya and Riley sat on the couch next to him and on the other side near the bar stood Zay getting what he assumed were their coffee orders. Farkle watched from a distance as the object of his affections as of late seemed to be telling a very hilarious story of some kind to the group. Farkle felt his heart swell at the sight of Lucas.

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There was a pile of them right there in front of him. He stared down at them solemnly. The town was trashed by the new tourists. It wasn’t uncommon to find piles of rubble around in random places on the streets in their neighborhood now. He wondered if he should be worried that he was becoming too complacent towards their new alien overlords. Morty decided to shrug the thought off and continued on his way towards school.

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It was all worthwhile. It really was. Even the short amount of time he had spent with Lucas. It was still worth it in the end. And now, that they were finally here at the end, he couldn’t help but feel sad, sure, but also really glad and reminiscent. Farkle loved him. He did. He’d miss him. And, he took solace in the fact that he knew that Lucas would miss him too.

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Control. All he wanted was control. It was why he was always going on about ruling the world and being a dictator. It was all Farkle Minkus ever wanted. And why? Because he could never have it. He knew this.

Farkle glanced over at the man he knew he could never have. The man who would never return his feelings. He watched as Lucas was busy reading the next chapter in the textbook. He watched as he turned to the next page and continued reading, never once glancing up and noticing the way he was staring.

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Statues. They were surrounded by a multitude of them in the park. It was late afternoon. Doc had insisted on dragging him there with him. Something about inspiration? He also wanted his opinion on the shadows and shading that the statues ended up having near the end of the day around sunset. Jackson shivered. It was starting to get cold again.

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It hit suddenly and without warning. Who knew such a dangerous storm had been on the way? Wilson wasn’t hurt and really that was the only thing House had been concerned about. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt either but like he said, unnecessary. Who cares? He and Wilson had been staying in Louisiana for a conference and were reveling in the fact that it was a sort of anniversary of when they had first met. They planned on treating it as such anyway. After the conference they were going out to dinner and then of course back to their luxurious hotel suite. That is, until, a massive level 5 tornado decided to rip straight through the town and plow into their hotel.

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Stan didn’t know what to do. He stared helplessly at his best friend, mouth opening and closing like a fish. “It’s fine. Everything’s fine.” Kyle tried weakly to explain. “No, it’s not dude! What the hell are you doing?!” He was yelling, his voice taking on a mind of its own. Kyle stood and tried to cover the cuts sloppily with some bandages. Stan could only stare at him. Silence passed uncomfortably between them and an awkwardness filled the room.

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Jackson is sometimes concerned about Doc’s size. Yes, he’ll admit it, he’s a worry wort. He’s also a perfectionist who scrutinizes everything and tries to find flaws in anything and everything. He tries not to let it bother him, seeing how skinny the man is. He tries to push the thoughts to the back of his mind and counter them. “He doesn’t eat meat, that’s why he’s so slender.” “He drinks a lot of coffee so he doesn’t feel hungry as often as you do, he’s fine.”, etc. But it doesn’t work and inevitably at the end of the day Jackson once again finds himself mentioning it to his friend.

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A master is someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Hardly Doc Hammer. He laughed derisively at himself at the very thought of being referred to as a ‘master’. A master is someone in control of their own life and certainly he was not. Why, at this very moment he was reeling once again (and this had happened too many times before to count) over feelings for his very dear very best friend with whom he felt closer to than anyone else in the entire universe.

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The breakfast they’d had was completely silent as was to be expected. John held the promise in his heart of an apology from Sherlock but there was none to had not to his surprise. He wished things were different. He wished Sherlock were the kind of man to feel remorse for his wrong doings but it just wasn’t so. He had always dreamed of the promise of growing up and getting married, raising a family, you know a proper up bringing but of course that seemed to be quite out of reach now. He would never get that opportunity because of Sherlock Holmes.

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as sweet as candy. the death of most people today. lots of people worship it. it can be deadly. but its oh so good. i can’t imagine my life without it. its a tricky thing sugar. i love it but loathe it. it is a strange contraption indeed.

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