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Bouncing along, he doesn’t have a care in the world. The leaves fall around him, silently brilliant in the dying sun. He rounds the corner, swishing through the fallen leaves forever far from home.

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Who has time for chivalry in times of war? And I don’t mean all out, fist on fist, steel on steel, blood in blood war.

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She looked up. Too high. Even with a chair. He wasn’t there to help. With the weight of the world on her tiny shoulders, she looked around the empty kitchen for something to throw up at the bright box of cereal tauntingly perched on top of the fridge.

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“Quite frankly, it’s none of your business. I can’t believe you would have the audacity to ask. What you weren’t there to see, the woods you weren’t there to stumble through with me, is none of your business. I’ve made my peace with what has happened. I’d ask you to find your own way out and to kindly hop off- if you please, or don’t please!”

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I don’t usually pay attention to my hands, or other people’s for that matter. But when you think about it, they’re pretty strong little pieces of flesh. Under the right circumstances, or the very very wrong circumstances, one can find that those hands can be put to do incredible things.

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It’s hard not to look at the screen, since there is so much going on it. Damn, sniped! But the more I play online, the more it seems like people are too distracted, too multitask-y, to see what’s actually going on. Or maybe it’s something else. It might be aggressive of me to say but it’s time people get serious about this game we’re playing. Fucking N00bs.

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He gave the order. The assault continued. Chaos fractured by moments of peace, time waiting to jump until steel found steel again.

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He made the right onto Suscon Road. Getting out of the house unnoticed was the hard part. Driving fast, listening to his beat up sound system pumping his crooning I-pod playlist, submerged in the sound and not his anxieties, was the easy part.

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Late, he’s going to be late if he doesn’t hurry his ass up. This is the kind of stuff that while drive a fella crazy. He waits until the last minute, comes out looking all frazzled like he fell out of bed and into his blazer.

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I swerve around the corner, scuffed shoes. Dirty Laces. Head bobbing in the Night. No longer to the music. But to echoes of the the night I just had, the mistakes I’ve made. A street light buzzing in the air. Pale light attracting clouds of moths casting darting shadows on the amber sidewalk, tiny black dancers.

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I watch as friends turn to enemies. Strangers turn into even less than that. I stand by idly, not idly, but uncertain as to what can remedy this situation. What can repair what has been done.? I don’t remember the beginning, I see no end, and yet god’s cruelest gift of all is refusing to let us quit. The battle will continue.

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Steady as she goes captain. Things are a little uneven right now, keep it under control. You’re doing fine, just relax and carry us home. Your efforts here will not be forgotten, while people’s perceptions of your inexperience will be.

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He saw the balloons as he walked down the aisle. Casual. They were so nice looking too. Many different colors, perhaps different sizes. But no, there was no time for that. Mom was in a hurry to get what she needed, primarily not balloons, and then leave. But he wanted to have them. While she was paying, he worked his way back down past the chips cookies and snacks, past the cleaning supplies, to the toys, the end of the aisle, and slipped the pack of wonderful colorful balloons down his shorts.

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I keep myself from writing by doing other things, any things, every things. I want to make this work. There is something going on that I am not sure I know how to fix.

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You can blame me all you want. I am trying. There are times when I feel like I can do what I set out to do, what I am supposed to do. Then there are times when I feel like everything and anything that isn’t me gets in the way, and then I get to blaming you and, ultimately, blaming me for what I have yet to accomplish.

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I hope that sitting over these keys won’t cramp my style down the line. I plan on being around for quite some time, but what does it mean if I can’t keep myself going because of the very thing that keeps me going? Shit’s kind of funny like that I guess.

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I am walking on stilts trying to get this work done. Every step hesitant. Every step uncertain, waiting to throw me off balance. I can see the slightest shift in ideas as propelling me forward toward walking across the finish line or bringing me down with a resounding thud of broken wood and dashed spirits.

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I took a tumble the other day because I had rain on my shoes that collected from the grass becuase the grass could only take up so much rain. Maybe if I didn’t run so far from where I came from then I would have so much rain on my shoes, maybe then I would be able to keep myself up. It is on me to keep on running without falling down.

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I took a tumble down the stairs the other day because I went running too much in the rain and the bottom of my shoes were wet because the grass coulnt; soak up all the water that was falling from the sky because the grass can only do so much to keep me from falling down. its on me to keep myself upright

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EA recently us producer walkthrough video game expansion pack for the upcoming , Sims 3 provided the island paradise DLC. They take on Paradiso Island houseboat cruise the port as seen in the video player DLC is.

Also players to build your own resort Island intensity to start the 6/28 get. Before that, however, open the Sims 3 Dragon Valley-

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I know what it’ like to be starved of air, I know what its like to not have a heartbeat. I know what life is like without purpose and without joy. But never had I imagined life would be this hard without you. Never would I have imagined that you would mean more to me than life itself. That being without you is worse than being without all else.

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I couldn’t believe we did it. We finally put the down payment down on the house. No more leasing. No more stupid landlords telling us what’s what.

Who says high school sweethearts can’t be together forever? It’s been twwelve years together and we’re still loving our life.

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One day i got on a subway and i decided to sit down in front of the doors. I was so ignorant that i forgot they opened and you can fall out of the subway. Five minutes later I found myself icing my butt in the corner store in front of where the subway stopped, late for work and regretful of what I did.

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Shiny, golden, this gift would be better than any keychain Maria could give him. I’d win over him for sure. I’d just need to grab it…. slowly sneak it into my pocket….

I stopped dead in my tracks when I felt Mr. Hatchen’s icy fingers grasp my wrist and start shaking it to get the pocket watch back from its new found home in my jacket pocket.

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Where one puts things for electricity. Store outlet, where clothes and materials are sold cheap. So thing to get out of a situation like a solution

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I was just thrown out, like a toy, thrown to the curb with the teddy bears and tops. I was, in the beginning, the shiny new object with grand allure, eventually, though, my colors dulled along with my attraction and when that happened I was useless, worthless, and abandoned.

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