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Her shoulder was tight. Stretching should have been a priority. Instead she jumped into the game. Grabbing a racket as I’d she was a pro and whacked away. This went on for two solid hours. Only one break, the call of nature. She knew she would pay the price in the next day.

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Had she fabricated the facts? Why did her story sound make believe? She had always walked with confidence and conviction. Now she was trying to pass on a different line. What were we all to believe. She was anything but shy. People always picked her out to be the life of the party. Groups of people and service talked seem to make her more then tired. Was she sick? What happened to the girl I once knew?

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She wanted to be real. Her feelings caused her to fade into the back ground. She had the answers to the questions. How could she be brave. Where would she get the courage to speak up. Fear of being ridiculed caused her to shrink back. The time had come. She had been called out and up to say something about the situation. Could she mustard up the strength to use her voice to live and love well? This was the day she decided to say yes. She was gentle with her heart as her emotions ran wild. Her hands were sweaty and her mind start to race with the what ifs. She peered into her imaginary tool box and pulled out a hand full of courage, cupping it in both hands, she held tightly to her truth and then she started to speak. The crowd was silent. All eyes were in her. She spoke of her ” it is finished” moment. Not a sound could be heard throughout the room. Only her voice echoed in the air. The. It started to happen. Small whimpers trickled in the crowd. She saw people. Their chairs reaching for tissue. Tears were falling from several people’s eyes. Her story touched ever soul sitting in the seats that afternoon. It was then and there that she realized how powerful her story was and the need for others to hear it became her passion. She knew if it could happen for her, it could happen for anyone. That day that moment in time she stepped up and out I to the real her.

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She applied for the job twice. They called after a week. The job was hers. Hw was she going to tell her family. The move was a two day road trip. Her father never wanted her to move out. She knew she had to leave. She needed to experience life. She packed her bag, car and boxes. It was time to go.

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They must pick up the boxes. With only days left until the move. No box left behind. The fear of forgetting had her going back and forth, in and out. She made sure every room was empty, every closet checked. Seventeen years of memories were coming to an end. They did it, downsized, symplufed and modified their lifestyle. A bittersweet dance with no regrets. Closer to family and less things and stuff. She already felt lighter at the thought of being free from the weight of what use to be.

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He would stir in his seat. The story hit home. He felt as if he was the one they were speak about. Could it really be ten years since he walked away from it all? He was uncomfortable. He did not want to look back. He worked hard at living in the moment with both eyes on his future. Tonight there was no hiding his pain. Tears welled up in his eyes as the speaker shared their story. A broken home life, a scared little boy and no place to turn. He like him were products of there past and it smacked him across the face. He did not want to deal with what he worked so hard at hiding. Fear of what others would think was the key to keeping all his secrets locked up. He had a habit of biting his upper lip when he felt fear fold over him. He could fast blood, a sign that he was in fear.

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They both looked sad as they left the house. He entered into his car as she walked down the street. They could not resolve their differences. They did not know how to fix the problem. She believed her feelings trumped his request. He wished she would listen more to his simple question. She was treating him like the enemy when in fact he was her hero.

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The thought lingered in the air like a cloud over the sky. How do I take it captive when if feels so free? Thoughts are powerful and controlling. Thoughts make up who we are. Do grow how struggle as much as children? Sometime my thoughts are my enemies and they scare me to death.

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Somebody told me this would not last forever. It must have been somebody who never dealt with chronic pain. Six years and six days since I first felt a flare up. Somebody was wrong. Somebody must have thought they had the answers to my struggle. I will not count on somebody anymore. I will trust my gut. I will rest and relax and be gentle with myself. Somebody must be stopped.

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She would draw about her day like people would write about their experiences. It was her way of processing her pain without having to camp out on her hurts. She did not have a lot of friends and the ones she did have did not get her need to dance with the drawing board. Since she was a little girl she found comfort into folding into a new sheet of paper and a sharpened number two pencil. They both became her companions and she would not let them go.

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The ground was cold as her bare feet flopped onto the floor. She reached over to her nightstand to grab a pair of slippers and placed them on her chilled toes. Had she forgotten to turn on the heater the night before? That was not like her, heat was her best friend. Winter had become her enemy when pain became her companion, not by choice but circumstance. She made a mental note to self to check the furnace, wanting to not wait until the next morning when she was not able to move because she froze up like the tin man.

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In his presence was a priceless little child who called him daddy. He was overwhelmed with love and grattitude for the gift of parenthood. What was he going to do with the next few hours he had with his girl. He wanted to make the most of their time together, he did not know when it would be again.

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She took charge the minute the clock stopped ticking. There was chaos in the air. Children were screaming. Parents looked lost. As she stood up to speak, you could feel the peace come over the auditorium. She understood human nature. Blame was the first place people want to go to when a mistake has been made. The mistake was the consequence of a natural happening. Blaming someone would just cause more conflict. There needed to be order in the among the people and it needed to happen quickly, for the safety of everyone.

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He raised his glass. A toast was the last thing he wanted to give. He has only known the couple for two weeks. The groom was convinced that he was his best man. He was appointed to the role and now stood before two hundred people he did not know and started to speak. He felt like a puppet on a string as he pulled out the piece of paper. He he taste the cold beer around the edges of his lips as he started to salivate from nerves. All eyes were on him. He wished he at least knew more then the bride and groom.

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Alive was the last emotion she would use to describe how she felt. Depression had stalled her hole the day her daughter died. Breathing became a chore and living became a burden. What other choice did she have?

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She could see the towers out of her right eye. The closer she came to the bottom the more she could make out the scene. It had been three years since she had been back. The memories came flooding to her mind

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The headphones were to big. The music was to loud. The room was to dark. Yet, she could not help herself as she slipped into a fantasy of fun and fast passed living. She knew he wouldn’t be home for hours and that she could do as she pleased.

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The music from the headphones became a time machine, take her back to the summer she turned 16. She was young, innocent and naive and wanted nothing but to belong. Every song that rang through, every word that made

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She rearranged the magazines on the table for the fith time as she patiently waited in the doctors office for the news. What would she do if the test came out positive? How would she tell he husband and children? She had worked so hard to take care of her health, she wondered how this happened. She did everything she had been adviced to do yet here she was prepared to accept the news that could rock her world. Part of her wanted to run far and fast from the office. Though ahe had no clue what the outcome was going to be, the anticipation was eating away at her mind. She tried to focus on something else such as her children’s faces but it always brought her back to the reality of her situation. She had become so strong and so whole over the las ten years. She had learned to love herself well in order to love others. She learned that surrendering to her weaknesses did not mean giving up but rather giving in to her faith that showed up best in the middle of her doubts. She learned how to fail and fall gracefully as she made her way back into her life. She fell in love with her family and life and embraced all that was given to her. She learned to count her blessings even when they looked more like a curse and most of all learned how to live in authentic community. But today she felt defeated, angry and disconnected from all she believed. She wanted her faith to carry her through but there in the sterile waiting room she heard and felt nothing, no still quiet voice, no passion or peace running through her veins. Alone, that is how she felt.m why she didn’t invite someone, her husband to join her she could not figure out. So, she waited and watched as the clock ticked as if time almost stood still and she prayed. The one thing she learned over the last ten years was that just because she felt alone did not mean she was. She focused on her faith more then her fear and put her head in her hands to ignore the clock. She was strong, brave and courageous, this is what she would tell herself everyday and today was going to be no different.

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I refuse to stop believing even when I don’t understand. What inwillmdo though isnasknmany questions even if I look crazy. I will not walk away or deny what I have scene with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. My faith is a mystery one I cannot even explain but it was my faith that set me free and free I am indeed.

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She could smell the carbon on the paper as if it were yesterday. As a teachers aide it was her job to make copies fornthe class of 28 students everyday after lunch. This was over 30 years ago but the memory seemed like a few moments ago instead.

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The chains sat next to her feet. She had been set free, yet she still felt like an inmate. What was she to do now? Where was she to go? All she knew was what she had been told for the past forty years. Could she get up and walk away? Could she leave the only life she had known? What was preventing her from falling face first into the freedom she had dreamed about all her life. Fear became her advisory and the chains now looked more like friends then fo compared to the fear she felt when she thought of stepping into her freedom.

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Do not step into the zone. Words written in red on a brown card baord box, placed outside the room in the middle of the hall. “Zone, what zone?”. He thought as he took his mid afternoon break. It all seemeed silly, like a joke of some kind. As he walks passed the oragne comes, he held on to his hot coffee and looked around for a hidden camera. He wondered who was watching him as he sipped his second cup of the day. The others in the office did not know about the request or he would have heard about it. Curiosity was getting the best of him. When all of a sudden his cell pho e rang, catching him by surprise, he Lmist drops his have all over the zne.

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The advicer recommended that she stayed behind. Her experience in this area was small, little did she know what was behind the closed doors. She felt like she was being left behind. Many of her friends that she had known for years were preparing to take the next step in their careers and here she was staying behind. She had to tell herself that it had nothing to do with her personally but it was hard for her to believe as she said goodbye to them one by one.

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A distributor of truth is how she thought of hee job. She walked the halls of the office, prepared to listen to the hearts and hurts of the people. It was only her second day on the job but she had fallen in love with the people. She wanted to love well through listening to their stories.

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The minute had arrived. Her name was called. She placed the clip board on the counter and entered the dark cold room. Waiting patiently but with fear, she wondered would the doctor understand. Why did she care so much? She was a grown woman who was on her own. She wasn’t sure how she got herself into this situation but was now afraid of the long term consequences.

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The pits were the best part of the fruit. She gathered all the ones that had been tossed into the trash. She saw art, a masterpiece came to her mind. A picture with the pits and a background full of grass. The artist in here came alive. She grabbed her paint, glue and art supplies and went to work.

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There was a brief pause before she spoke up. It was her was of allowing the spirit to lead her rather then the flesh. She had spent many days sitting I. Her silence. Today was going to be different. She was brave and full of courage asnshe spoke up about the injustice that was going on all around them.

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It took her only a brief moment to think of an answer. Was it correct? Did it even matter? She did not want to appear like she did not know, so, like so many things in her life, she just made it up. The moment she spoke she regretted her words. She knew it would come back to haunt her, if not today then tomorrow. She could feel the pressure in the silence as everyone around waited for more of what she had to say. She had nothing, as much as she searched her memory bank she could not put together a signal thought.

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The nest was empty and her heart was hurting. It wasn’t that her children set out to cause her pain. Letting go so they could grow brought a loss she was not prepared to face. She felt as if she was letting herself down as she let them each fly freely for a while. It wasn’t time yet for the final release but touch and go, practicing and repeating for the final day when the real deal would be happeing.

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