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How polite should I be? He thought out loud. Looking around, he wondered if anyone heard him. Polite was not something he had ever practiced. He shot from the hip and excepted the consequences.

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A place I believe I have touched. Not streets of gold or angels playing harps. No, heaven is this place of stillness and peace that I can fold into at any moment realizing regardless of the circumstances. Like the teachings, I read about Jesus. The Kingdom of heaven is within. I have felt that and want to go back to that place.

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She shutters as she hears the familiar voice. The last time she heard him speak it was was he was yelling at her. She had spilled his drink, the one he had ordered her to make. He was thirsty and treated her more like a maid rather than a married couple. That was two years ago to the date. After the shuttering stopped, she froze. She could not get herself to turn around. She was fearful of what might be behind her. She wanted to duck and cover, runaway anything but find out of the voice she heard was really the same voice from her past. He was a sick man, something inside him snapped early on in their marriage. She had not seen it coming. He was a gentle man the whole time they had been dating. Yet, once the I dos were said, it was as if he turned into a perpetual I wont and I don’t though he expected her to will, and would at every beckin call of his towards her.

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Orbit! “What kind of name is that for gum.” She thought to herself, smiling as he slid her a piece across the table. She placed a cupped hand over her mouth and breathed out and smelled it. She wondered why he felt the need to give her a piece of his gum when she didn’t even ask for it.

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His metabolism ran like a wild rabbit. He could not consume enough food. He started to look like he was starving by the way he was thinning out. Dieting was never a decision he made. Food was always a must have just to survive. Yet, something strange happened when he turned 23. It was like a switch turned on it ramped up even worse than before. Several trips to the hospital. Poked and prodded by a dozen or so doctors and they still came up empty-handed. Why was his body not holding the nutrients he was feeding it. He was eating whole foods, clean and healthy. One would think this would at least help in his situation. Fed up with feeling like he was going to die just wasting away. He decided to do the opposite. He traded in everything he believed in about eating healthy. He quit planning his meals, going to the farmer’s markets and keeping clean. No more of that, all out the door. Now he was eating meat for the first time in a decade, greasy food, crappy carbohydrates, sugary sodas, sweets any chance he had. Did it make a difference? Was he gaining weight? Did he still look like he was starving himself to death?

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The car stalled. She had ten seconds to get out of there. Practicing for years for such a time like this. She no longer could hang around to find out what he was even thinking? Her life depended on her leaving “now” she thought. There was no hanging around. For her own safety leaving “now” meant leaving “now”. Her mother taught her when she was just a little girl. Do not stall, do not wait around to find out what he was thinking, go, get the hell out of there and do not look back.

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The stern look on his face told me to wait. I needed an answer and I needed it now. Yet, I was fearful of opening my mouth. I was fearful of what he might say. I wanted the word to come out as a yes. “Yes, you can.” That is all I was hoping. I did not want to wait. I had a small window to let myself in and out of to get back to the company that had sought me out. Now, what was I suppose to do?

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They were dining in the deluxe hall. The one area that she had been forbidden to enter as a child. Twenty-five years later there she was sitting down in the seat her father made her believe she never desired.

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The dining room was filled with teenagers. Young men and women dressed in tuxedoes and ball gowns. The quiet chattering around each table felt like nervous energy being handed back and forth between the couples. I was taken back in time to my prom thirty plus years earlier. Prom is what I was guessing, it was that time of year. I

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The weekly grind of getting up at the same time every day going into the same job for the same amount of pay is killing him. It is not how he had pictured his life to be. He had big dreams. Dreams of pouring into his writing and producing movies by the time he hit this stage in his life. He was trying his hardest not to get depressed, yet he still found himself slowly slipping into the deep dark hole that is hard for him to get out of.

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Chocolate dripped down the cone. The sun was high noon. She stood stunned at the site of a man she had not seen in a decade. Forgetting she had ice cream in her hands, she let it drip down into her arm. She was shocked at what her eyes caught a glimpse of and how quickly her heart went back in time.

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She felt millions of miles away from home. She moved away when she was 18. Vowed she would never return. Now with one simple phone call. “He is dead.” Three words that would change her vow and turn her around going back to a place she said she would never go back.

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With a slow motion, he took the last drag of his cigar. He knew it would be along time before another but would touch his lips. The cherry flavor of the tobacco lingered on his tongue. He tried hard to capture the moment in his memory and in his mouth. The ticking of the clock started to aggravate him. He knew it was only minutes before they would be knocking on his door.

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It was a drag that the day had been ruined by unexpected weather. The news stated sunny and clear, all day. We grabbed our wet picnic lunch, blanket, and all the fixings and ran to the car. How could this happen? She looked like she was going to break down and cry. There would be other days. But there was something in the way she was holding her arms and rocking back and forth that made me think she knew something I didn’t. I had planned for the perfect picnic. We had not been out since I took on the case three months ago. It had taken up all my time. Between late night office hours and phone calls at home, we rarely had any time to ourselves. I want to make it up to her. I want to make sure we make time for our relationship, yet she looks like she is ready to push me away or put up a wall. This was not my fault. She had a way of blaming me for things like the change in the weather as if I had that much control. Ten years together and I continue to put up with her accusations. Why? What am I afraid? Loneliness. I know that is one of the factors after the first five years. I love her but even more, I am fearful of being alone. Love all those emotions that come with it seem to be fleeting. My love for her had simmered down and now we are like an old married couple even though we have chosen not to say the I dos we live like we have. I have learned though, in the last seven weeks, that fear of being lonely is not as bad as being treated like a royal screw up over circumstances beyond my control. I make up excuses for her, I always have. “She had a bad day.” “He mother isn’t speaking to her, again.” The list of excuses I have made could fill a small book. I need to stop. I need to decide if this worth it.

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The worst part about breaking my leg was having to rely on someone else. “Help.” That is a four letter word in my book. I am Mr. Indpendent, I have been my whole life. When I tripped over the trail hitch I thought for sure I just twisted my ankle. Nope, one small fall, and one big break. The worst part about this whole situation is having to ask for help.

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Jealousy is a bitter pill to swallow. It will rot the bones and rob one of their peace. How do I know? I walked around with that pill popping it in my mouth every chance I had. He had her when he should have had me. I thought I was better than her. How could he have chosen my sister? I watch from afar for years only to look back now and see how the pill of jealousy also left me lonely in this world.

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To bypass her feelings would be to deny who she was. Neglecting her inner self-was an area she had worked on for years. No longer could she be anyone else but who she was. Yet, now she was being asked to be less than that. To pretend she wasn’t feeling the pain of the loss so that others would not be disturbed by her emotions. How could they ask that of her? Who did they think they were? She had given ten years of her life to helping them turn their company around and now this. She felt the anxiety ball up in her chest just like the old days when she kept her mouth shut and her emotions locked up. No, she decided, she could not do what they asked, even if it cost her her job.

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The sweat dripped down her forehead. Grabbing a dish towel from the sink she wiped the salty water off her face. The room was overheated and she could not understand why. With every drop of sweat that fell to the ground, she walked closer to the thermostat. Maybe it is in heater mode, which would explain her body making its own rain.

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The discussion became heated. Over what? And why? We had been friends before I met husband, It felt like judgment was being flung at me. If I had not had the tools to wipe it off, I would be in a bad place. I understand how judgment can stop one in their tracks. However, I am no longer that little girl who allowed what people thought of her to dictate my actions
I am a grown woman who knows the truth which has set me free. A heated discussion will not take me out and either will judgment or intimidation. I am a woman who walks by faith when I am not struggling with my right foot.

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“Open”, the neon sign hung with a sign telling all who pass by to come on in. She felt like she had been given the green light to go. Her purse was hanging over her shoulder and her keys were in her hands how was she going to explain this to the one who watches over her spending habits?

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The ketchup dripped down his hands. Biting into the burger made him realize how long it had been. Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard made him smile. Memories of his childhood flooded through his mind as he ate through his lunch. He treated the experience as if it were a gift and he was going to make the most of the moment. Along with the burger came the greasy, salty fries that he used to wipe up the ketchup from his hands and then popped into his mouth. How could it have been over a decade since his last burger? He couldn’t remember why but he knew that it had been ten long years since he tasted the delicacy and reminded himself not to wait so long next time.

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Her body felt like someone was holding her down. Lifting her hand took all the energy she had. She reached for the phone, which seemed like it took forever. The fatigue that took over her body was not a familiar feeling. She was a picture of health. What could be causing her body to work against her? What could be causing her to feel like she had no control over the simple act of lifting her hands and wiggling her toes?

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She would stray back to her room just to get out of the line of fire. Watching her parents argue had been away of life. It was nothing out of the ordinary for such an ocurance. Except, tonight she noticed her mom not fighting back. Instead, her mom sat silent as her dad used every four letter word possible to put her down. They have been married for over 15 years and it still is the same song and dance, except for this silence.

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The stray showed up just before closing. Or he assumed the poor raggedy looking thing was a stray. No good dog owner would allow for their furry friend to look like this and be out in the world alone. The cold water from the tap reached the old bowl just in time to give to his new friend.. He was in no position to take on an orphan. He had a hard enough time taking care of himself. “I will give it some water and send it on its way.” As if that is how these situations turn out. The mutt attached it’self to his side. Followed him around the parking lot, not what he wanted. He knew the rule of thumb, don’t feed or water the stray or they stay.

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She stacked the chairs on the table. Placed the closed sign on the door. Unraveled her apron and threw it on the counter. Though she was not in charge, she was the only one there, so taking charge was something she had to do. Who else was going to close the place down? After five years of being the head waitress she thought by now Linda would have given her some kind of special title. Like charge waitress. When she was a little girl she remembered telling all her siblings “I am in chage” before she could put a full sentence together and understand what it meant, she knew there was a leadership role inside her she was trying to fulfill. She went from crawling to walking to trying to run the household of eight and her mother and father thought it was cute and encouraged it in jest. Yet, she was too young to understand and so it began before she could read or right that she thought her job was to be in “chag.” As she finished closing down the diner she thought about her childhood and wondered why Linda did not see what her mom and dad saw? She wondered as she tossed her apron and locked the door if she would ever be in a place where she was the one in charge not just pretending to be.

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They make a decision to take a holistic approach. Their son was just turning six when they found out he had a fatal disease. The once energetic young boy who bounced around the house like a hipty hop ball was now barely able to live his head off the coach to take a sip of water. The symptoms came out of the blue but came like a winter thunderstorm. He had coughing fits, days where he could barely move and worst of all he was in constant pain. There was something casing his muscle to contract every few minutes only leaving him small windows of relief. When they went to the pediatrician, who was no help at all, he set the parents to visit a specialist who he ensured them could get down to the problem and give them hope and help. When they met up with the pedis specialist, it was just the opposite. The new doctor told them that their son had a neurological brain disorder and would continue to decline until death took over. Maybe not in such bold words but that is what he meant. They were not settling for death for their son when he had barely tasted life barely been in this world and they were telling them it was time to let him go. They were fighters and wanted answers and so they went outside of the traditional medicine and that is where they found hope and healing.

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I don’t care. That is all she thought we he walked out the door. Last several months she felt like a prisoner in her own home. She could no longer stand the site of him. How could it be? The one that stole her heart has now stolen her life. She looks in the mirror and barely recognizes the woman she has become. “What am I to do with my life now,” she thought. Looking over her shoulder she saw the calendar, the date March 24th circled with a red heart, today signified their ten-year anniversary and now the day it all ended.

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The care came into her hands. She picked up the fingers of the aging woman she had Called Lila for the last two years. Each finger was riddled with arthritis and could not move on its own.

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She recognized the classified add. How could he put their beloved dog out there for anyone to take? They had been together for almost a decade. The dog was like their child. She was tempted to call him. She had not spoken to him in several months but this was just what she needed to make a call. Their baby out their for anyone any stranger to take at any moment. Her heart sank at the thought of Baby being given to a stranger. Why had he not called her to see if she wanted to take her back? She knows at the beginning of the separation she just agreed to him taking her because she was tired of the arguments but this was not okay. She needed to get down to the bottom of why he was giving Baby away and why for God’s sake he did not contact her.

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He was scared. The scraping of the nails or that is what it sounded like to him, were coming from the room above him. Where would he hide if his greatest fear came into form? He was home alone. His parents had left just a few minutes before the sound appeared in the background of the noise of his game. He wanted to race out of the house and run to the closest place shelter. Yet, he was frozen in fear. His brain seemed to stop working. The fear had done something to his thought process and now he believed he was facing the end of his life.

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