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There’s a light bulb in the ceiling of my bedroom. It’ is my safety. When I flip the switch all my fears disapear. The man in the closet, the boogeyman under the bed, the womanly figure in the corner of the room, even the fear that as I lay sleeping I am retainging calories opposed to shedding them. I leap from the bed side(to avoid something under the bed grabbing me) to the switch. I missed. I only need one more step but I lost my balancing stumbling over myself to reach that safety so far away. Suddenly on my knees beside the wall. I can feel all the evils of my mind rushing toward my from everycorner of the room. I reach up scratching for the smallest switch on an empty wall. i flip the switch. The light bulb flashes on and off in an instant. It burned out. Suddenly there is no safety in the room. I open the door, run down the hallway turn on the light and breath for the shortest second. Light is in the hallway but I’m not safe. Dark creeps up on every side. I need to get into the closet with the spare bulbs. As I peak in my room I can see the handicap of the hall light. As the light can only stream from the open door long shadows from the dresser and book shelf create excellent hiding places for my enemies. Mustering all the courage I can I sheepishly tip-toe in the room to hurriedly switch the lights. Here in the warmth of the light of my room, I know I’m safe. No burglar can harm me. No creature can reach me. I’m ultimatley safe.

» Posted By Courtney Andrade On 08.07.2011 @ 1:14 am

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