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He wrapped her up in it, swaddling her close and lifting her into his arms. She was perfect– bright blue eyes, dark hair, rosy cheeks. And she was his. She always would be.

The doctor walked his way. “Congratulations, Dad.”

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It only took one blast to break through the tower’s defenses. Brick and mortar exploded in a flash of light and fire, and the building toppled inward. The great stone spire had fallen in one breath of dragonflame, and with it rose the morale of her army.

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She eyed the rows of produce with an almost-wary eye, her cart clattering on the uneven tiles. She preferred shopping in the wee hours of the morning, when most people were asleep and the college kids were home partying. It was quiet. Just her, the cart, and the food. She could take her time. Be picky. Savor the moment.

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Her foot broke the water’s surface, tentative, ready to pull back at the first sign of danger. Of something wrong. But nothing happened; the waves lapped quietly at her toes and buried her deeper in the sand with every pass. She took another step. The water was cool and inviting, innocent, soothing. And she smiled.

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She stood on the hill, overlooking the cemetery with her text in hand. She could feel them– the restless spirits of the dead. They couldn’t move on without her; she could feel it. So she descended into their midst, already reciting the rites. Soon, they would sleep.

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There she was, a gleaming golden goddess upon the clifftop, wielding her cast iron weapon like a blade of yore. Every blow she struck resounded like a gong, every foe crying out as they fell face-first in the dust. It was in that moment I realized… That pan was everything I ever wanted.

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They stood on that hill forever, wondering up at the twinkling pinpricks in the blanket of deep blue-black above. It was something they’d dreamed of for years, so long they were countless, and it took their breath away. it was everything they’d imagined and more. This was the real thing– no more sparkling rocks in the cavern roof. These were bright, and beautiful, and so far out of reach that it made them aspire to greater things.

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He could hear it nearing the dock from around the bend in the river, faint at first, like the incessant flies doing loop-de-loops around his head and biting every inch of skin he had. But the sound was growing, gradually but at an almost-alarming rate. Then the motorboat came into view, and he realized there was no one driving.

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There was something between them that she just couldn’t match. They were constantly in sync; finished each other’s sentences, knew all the inside jokes. She was an outsider, her nose against the glass and wishing she could be part of their warmth. Instead, she felt like she was out in the cold, on the other side of the fence, and she’d only ever catch a glimpse of what it meant to belong.

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He paid the paper on the table, slid it across the woodgrain surface with a single finger and stopped it just in front of me. I heard the click of the pen as he sat it across the contract, but I didn’t look at it. I just stared at the dotted line at the bottom. So insignificant, faint, and yet so heavy. My hand reached of its own accord for the pen, fingers trembling.

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He slid his hands over the wheels, forcing his chair up the shallow incline and navigating the bars with no small amount of trepidation. It had only been a few months since he’d lost his legs, so he shouldn’t be this nervous. He’d had plenty of practice. Still, the guide rails only provided anxiety instead of comfort.

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They came in all shapes and sizes, but every Gem was the same in one way: they all had a heart of gold. They all believed in equality for their people, for the freedom to do what they wanted, be what they wanted, achieve whatever they dreamed. It was that shining sentiment that drew us to them, and an echo of their desires mingled with our own.

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There’s a place in my heart where I store things that I love. In that place, small, secretive, safe, I hide away my little trove of treasures. They’re seeds– memories of laughter and love, moments of passion, of deep pain, of sincerity. Of life. And there they wait. And there they grow.

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Atrocities were done here. This isn’t a game; it’s not a fairy tale, where magic and happenstance trumps logic and happy endings abound. No… This is Death, and it is final. Dark. Terrifying and atrocious all at once.

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They stood straight and tall, these armored men in their conical caps; swords clutched in their fists as they stood atop the ridge. Every eye was hard, dark, as the enemy approached. They would not fall without a fight, that much I could read in their faces. It was a terrible, glorious sight.

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There’s a guy I know– real sweet fella, the genuine sort ya know. The kinda guy who shows up to fix your wagon when ya call, or carries your groceries on his back in the rain so they don’t get all wet from the carryin’. Real nice guy.

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There was a lot more manual labor involved in this gig than she’d expected. Apparently, stages and lights and equipment didn’t magically appear onstage as needed. Any musician worth their salt did their share of lugging, lifting, pushing, and sliding until everything was where it needed to be.

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I walked along the way, and came to a bend in the road. The road turned up a hill, and the brown-gold paving stones turned into stairs. But these steps were not also stone, but books, dusty and leather-bound and worn from their time in the dirt. At first I was appalled, vowing to climb through the brush instead of step on such books. But they were steps toward knowledge and greatness, I realized, and so I climbed.

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it seeped into the cracks and the corners, an alien force that threatened to stifle the life that had long thrived in this room. Like a living thing it crept into the crevices and made its home, vowing never to leave. And I couldn’t fight it, couldn’t prevent it. It stained everything it touched, and nothing I could do would wash it away.

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There was something tucked in his elbow, cradled gently and swathed in ample folds of his coat. Why he was carrying it and not wearing it in all this rain was beyond me; at least until I heard the gentle mew as he pulled back his dripping sleeve to reveal a tiny furry face.

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Ask not for whom the bell tolls; that is a stupid question. Obviously it’s you, idiot– who else would it be? I mean really. You’re so oblivious sometimes! I can’t believe you’d miss something so apparent, so crystal clear. Is your head in the clouds or shoved up– I’m sorry. That’s mean. Let me try again.

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He watched them, his gaze never wavering and full of– something. Love? Wonder? A little bit of fear? Probably all of the above. But he’d never felt so completely filled. Joy poured from him in such quantities that he wondered it didn’t ooze from his pores and drop in great globs to the floor.

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There was a certain sort of satisfaction watching the claw descend, wrap its tines around the tiny plastic toy, lift it into the air like a mechanical alien abduction, and finally, slowly, creep its way back to the exit slot. Face pressed against the glass, breath held, the claw let it go– and the toy dropped down the chute and disappeared out of sight.

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Shrapnel flew overhead, but Ellie couldn’t see it; she cowered behind the fallen bunker door, head down and hands over her neck. She hoped this was a rescue and not something that would make her situation even worse, but there was no way to tell until the explosion subsided.

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The shadow hurtled toward her from the left, and through instinct alone she ducked underneath the charging creature. She felt the wind from its passing rustle her hair, but she took no more time than a thought to regain her balance and prepare herself for the upcoming fight.

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There’s a certain kind of experience I’ve come to expect, and this chapter just isn’t giving it to me. I used to believe that there were good things about this series, but I’m so disheartened, discouraged, disappointed. So much hype led to so much let-down. It’s unbelievable, after the last installment. What happened? Where did my beloved fandom go?

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He couldn’t stand the sight of it– her suffering. The way she looked through him but not at him; the way her every breath hitched, every movement came with a price. He had spent a lifetime trying not to care, but now he did care. He cared deeply, and it was eating away at his mind.

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The revolution will not be televised. Nor will the resulting slaughter. There is too much at stake to grant these people the notoriety they deserve. They wish to be martyrs? Let them. But we will not parade it before the citizens of earth like a macabre procession.

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It was like floating, but with purpose; you didn’t just drift away, but something anchored you, some unseen force, that kept you in motion and yet never any closer or farther away than you’d started. Perpetual motion, but not moving forward. How odd– that one should be making progress and yet go nowhere at all.

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She walked– no, sauntered into the bar like she belonged there, and had it not been for the raggedness of her clothes, the way she hobbled on one broken heel, you would have thought she had every right to be. But the fancy and the rich looked down on her, turning their noses as if her poverty reeked like week-old garbage.

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