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The end, she said. But it wasn’t, not really. The end of a chapter, the end of an epic, even, but it wasn’t THE END the end. She still had some fight left in her. She still had things to do, things to learn. Her children had grown and left, her husband had passed, but her life was still hers, and she could do more with it.

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She didn’t cry anymore. Not when her first love said he cared and then proved otherwise. Not when her friends abandoned her. Not when her family treated her like a pawn. She just didn’t care anymore, didn’t feel anymore. Maybe that was messed up. But she hated crying. And now she didn’t have to do it anymore.

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“Yes, Master,” he sneered as he took the plates into the kitchen. It was so like his girlfriend to invite her new “friends” (or complete strangers) over when they were supposed to have a romantic night in, and then make him cook and clean as they laughed and had fun. One more month and he would be out of debt, and he could look for a place he could afford on his own.

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“Politicians are dumb. They are dumb and I want no part in this.”

That’s what she always said when she lived in DC. She moved across the ocean just to fall in love with an MP. Of course she now wants to live at number 10.

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It was a promise that she broke, just like her own heart. Forever, til death, all the cliches. She tilted the ring in her hand, trying to capture the light just so, hoping to blind herself with it. She was alone now, in a strange city. She meant to feel free, but instead felt more trapped than ever before.

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“I must have you,” he whispered sensually, pulling his pants off. He finally was alone with his one true love, finally they could be together without anyone watching, without anyone judging.

“I love you, pepperoni.” He bit into the pizza as he fell back onto the couch. He was finally at peace with the world. He knew now that everything would be okay.

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