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Under a bridge sat a girl. She was half starved and shaking from the cold. Neither of those things mattered to her at the moment. She was too busy focusing on not being discovered. If she was discovered, she was as good as dead.

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The man grabbed the soldier. A simple threat wouldn’t do this time. No. He had to set an example for the rest of the world. He had to make them see what he was capable of. They had to know that he would never do anything but what he said he would, whether in public or in private. He took the dagger and grabbed the soldier by his hair. And then he slit the man’s throat.

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Simple hair hanging straight down the back, only ever brushed. No make up. Jeans and a tshirt. Basic. Boring. Ordinary. Who would ever look twice at her? She was nothing and nobody. That is exactly what she wanted from the world. To be the next great surprise. She could waste her entire life striving to make people see her, or she coud simply be herself. She could wow the world that she could do the things she could do, and all because she seemed to be so very very basic.

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