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brands are names companys use o show wht they have to sell, theres many different brands of many differetn things, my favourite clothing brand is nike, my favourite car brand ford, fabourite cigartte brand is next blues and so on

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There was a hailstorm developing in the north, showers were passing through this afternoon, however tonight will be a torrential downpour that could bring hail the size of golf balls.

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the crack in the sky was slowly growing. we had been standıng ın the front yard watchıng for nearly half an hour. a brıght beam of lıght had broken through the clouds and had washed out the entire neıghbor hood ın bright blue light. my friends and i stood wıth our phones out waitıng for a hint or an explanatıon for what was casuıng thıs strange ocurance. suddenly a sırned began to sound. ıt dıd not sound lıke a polıce or fıre truck sıren but somethıng almost like an alarm clock. seconds after a large dark sphere apeared from the crack ın the sky. ıt descended at nearly fallıng speed. the sıren waıled from ıt as ıt fell radiatıng blue light. the shadows of the neighbourıng houses stretched accross the ground as ıt fell and landed wthout a sound out of sight behınd a line of houses a few blocks away.

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I instantly went to the toilet after i did a smelly one. I couldn’t stop, i had dihrea. It kept on coming, i instantly felt it. dirihhea

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Tom stumbled toward the slit of light visible along the far wall. He hoped, no, he prayed that this door would be unlocked, that this door would let him out of this hell hole. Tom grew closer and closer to the light, and just when it couldn’t get any brighter, the light vanished, plunging the hallway into blackness. A ways further down the hallway another strip of light appeared. Tom sighed and stumbled toward it. A light in the darkness is far brighter than no light at all.

» Posted By Connor On 03.31.2017 @ 10:50 am


“Knight to E4”

A young man in a checked jacket looked up at me from across a small table.

“You know, your knight can’t reach E4, especially not when you’ve pulled him so far out of position.”

His voice was quiet yet powerful, the kind of voice you expected to hear out of a well-liked King or President.

“Ah, I’m sorry” I replied, “I meant to say Pawn to E4.”

The young man scrutinized the board for a moment before locking eyes with me.

“You can’t do that either. You don’t have a pawn that can go to E4” He said.

Damn. He was right. I looked for something else on the board, anything to keep me from losing.

“Um, Bishop to Rook 5?”

He looked at the board and then back at me. He simply gestured for me to make my move.

I moved the piece.

“Check?” I asked, knowing that it wasn’t going to last.

“Check indeed” He responded.

We waited for several minutes. Nothing happened. I looked at the young man, questions burning behind my eyes. He looked back, eyes strangely empty.

“I pass the turn?” I asked, hoping to cue him in that he should move.

The young man stood up, turned around, and began to walk away.

“Wait! We haven’t finished the game!” I shouted after him.

Although he was already fading from sight, I heard him speaking as though he were next to me.

“The game already ended. You were close, though. Closer than anyone has been in a while. Congratulations.”

“I don’t understand!” I shouted to the empty air, “What is going on?”

I heard him moving behind me. Spinning around I shouted, “Found you!”

It was him, but suddenly I wasn’t in a generic park playing chess, I was in a generic park, standing in a line with several other pieces. Behind me I saw the young man, towering over the chess board I now seemed to be a part of.

“Pawn to E4”

My feet started moving.

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Hillary screamed as the masked man leaped out from behind the bushes.

“Wooga Booga!” He yelled.

Hillary promptly passed out cold, her head falling to rest in the bush the man had just left.

“Ha! I tricked you!” The man’s voice became clearer as the mask fell away from his face.
“You weren’t ever going to make it to the house” Sneered the revealed Donald, “Never ever going to make it.”

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We strive for answers, both to questions we hold in our minds and to questions hidden in our hearts. And looking at the state of the union today, it is apparent that some of us have different answers to questions we weren’t willing to talk about before. The key to moving forward is to listen. Listen to your allies, listen to the experts, listen to the opposition, and with an open heart and mind, make a choice.

» Posted By Connor On 01.30.2017 @ 10:37 am


“No no no! It’s not pearl one, knit one, it’s pearl one, knit one below, pearl another, knit one. I don’t see what is keeping you from doing this right!”

“Mom, I’m not even sure we’re still weaving…”

“Of course we are! is the most used site for learning to weave!”

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The New York Times sitting on the newsstand hadn’t even been considered by the thousands of people commuting through the train station in Mumbai. Even when people stopped, the one copy of the Times was a novelty, not where a working class individual seeks their news. In the entire history of the newsstand, only one had ever been purchased.
That didn’t stop Jean Claire from performing his vigil. He would know the second someone even considered purchasing that paper. His eyes hadn’t left the headline in hours. “Terror Attack in Bombay, Thousands Injured, More Missing”. No, there was to much at stake for Jean to stop staring. To much to lose.

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Miles struggled to put aside his hatred. Of course it was easy for everyone else in the class. They all had two friggin hands with which to build their stupid bridges. Miles looked at the pile of popsicle sticks in front of him and then glanced over at the twins. No surprise there, Mia and Leaf had pooled their resources and already had quite the bridge built. Leaf caught Miles’ eye, winked and whispered,
“Let me give you a pointer, the taller your bridge…”
“The easier it is to break.” Finished Mia.
As if to illustrate their point, both pushed down on the middle of their bridge and it immediately fell to pieces.
They smiled at him, “The bigger they are…”
Miles cracked a smile. “The harder they fall.”

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Waiting for something to happen.


There’s an expectation.


Of something coming.


But what if nothing


Nothing happens at all.


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“This place is full of idiots!” Chris shouted.

“Quiet down Chirs,” Don whispered from the other side of the table. “We don’t want to let everyone know that we know.”

“Bullshit! Just look around! Everyone is happy. How can they be happy with what’s happening?”

” Because they don’t understand. Not really. To them, the world has suddenly become more friendly to their cause than it was before. They finally feel justified.”

“But Don, they don’t know. How can they smile and laugh and enjoy the suffering that is sure to come?”

“Ignorance is bliss, Chris. How can they fear what they refuse to see?”

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Jim peered over the rims of his tortoise shell glasses at the woman standing at his teller’s station.
“Ma’am, I cannot simply allow you to withdraw several million dollars in cash right now, it’s just -”

“I need that money now!” the woman interjected. Jim hated days like this. Tedious, filled with people who refused to listen to basic logic.

“Ma’am, we’re a small, regional branch of a larger national bank. Even if our policy didn’t require several days notice of a cash withdrawal of the size you are requesting, we simply don’t have that kind of cash on hand at this branch of the bank. I would be happy to-”

“No!” The woman screamed. “I need it now!”

This was going to be a very long day.

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4123. It had to be 4123. One too few would be absolutely catastrophic. One too many would cause a series of events to unfurl that would make the entire exercise pointless. 4123, that was the number. Sometimes the specifics matter. Especially when the number of jelly beans in a jar could lead to the end of the known universe.

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The institute created the rules society follows today. Every single thing you believe to be right and wrong was voted on by a highly selective board of trustees. Those values you thought your upbringing and parents taught you? All artificially created to provide order to a world that attempts to defy it at every turn.

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I don’t know if I have had enough changes in my life in the past week. My relationship ended, I got and had to return a dog. I haven’t figured out my fairly recent move to a new city, and my parents have stayed with me for a while. I like changes, I think they are the spice of life. But for the first time I feel overwhelmed by the multitude of changes in my life.

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I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me to make a slideshow. People seem to expect one for everything they want to talk about. “Oh, I need to be able to explain why my dog is better than all the other dogs, better have a slideshow made.” I can tell you, you don’t always need a slideshow, sometimes just your words will be enough.

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How does one quantify their own worth? This is a question I have asked myself time and time again. It is hard to imagine a world in which you have none, so something about you must have worth. Does it come from something intrinsic to being human? Or is it some other divine gift that allows us to be what and who we are.

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When being sick after the cold winter the era of relapse got me back to my feet. Running around being able to do what I want. The pain before was harsh and painful but thanks to medicine and helpful doctors I was safe and sound.

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The man in the store was so greedy that he decided he was going to hold up the place and make everyone empty their pockets, and make the cashier empty his pockets and the register and the man stole everyones money and the money in the cash register

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Time is always measured on a scale, however people don’t seem to take into consideration how more than one person can measure time for themselves. Some people are much more selfish than others when it comes to time, especially time for themselves or for those they care about. Or for their own personal needs. It’s a delicate thing, keeping balance of the scale of things. Yet some people can never quite perfect it for themselves or others at all.

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From when she was a young cub, the only daughter of the Grizzled Mane clan was very boisterous and haughty. Her mother attempted to raise her to be civil and ‘ladylike’, but her attempts went unheard and astray. For so many years, the girl’s mothering made her feel restrained and tied down. Until at last, when she was older, she ventured out into the wilderness to find her own destiny.

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The only family left in the street was the Johnsons, and they were recently blessed with a child of their own. This child was even more special than you’d think, as the Johnson family spent many long months trying for a child of their own. Finally, after all this time, they had their little Emily, and she was as good a baby as any. She didn’t cry, or scream. But she did make noise in the night. Like knocking the furniture and howling.

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His eyes could only peer through the darkness, searching for the feminine form in the shadows. He couldn’t find his glasses, so it was difficult to see. He attempted to squint, trying to get a better view of his surroundings, and to perhaps get a glance of the figure. Then he saw her.

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Subserviant, follower, goat it was easy at first now I’m running out of things to say. Willfully Lazy. Tie is up, willifully incompetent easy enough, misspelled most of this. Woops. Time started again, that sounds odd doesn’t it. That time would ever stop in the first place just to start back up. Key in the iginition, turn it hard.

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The wind knocked over the glass from the table. It shattered and sent shards underneath the refridgerator. years later, when the fridge died and was moved out, worker randy got a nasty cut in his arch. You often don’t think of your arch as something that can hurt, but when you wear shoes with a cut arch, it does. He couldn’t walk right for ways, and soon it became infected. Now randy’s doctor was old fashioned and dealt with sickness and wounds by using leeches. Unfortunately for randy putting a leech on his foot didn’t help the cause. He started to feel weak after the leach was on too long.

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Responsibility is important cuz what the fuck would we do without it? If no one was responsible for anything we would just be spewing shit all over the place, no one would own anything, and we would all be mouth raping each other perpetually.

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in uniform and marching straight backed stiff backed iron-backed, too much iron backbone and not enough flexible steel – rapier sharp and rapier swift and too, too easily broken

officers, in ranks and file – rank, heh – file notes, file papers, file for orders, bureaucracy here and everywhere and always

officers know there are two constants


and paperwork.

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I am living daily. I live my life every day of every year. One day I will stop living. I will live until I stop living. I enjoy living. Life is good and fun, it makes me happy when good things happen. I like to spend my time with friends who live their lives with me.

» Posted By Connor On 12.14.2012 @ 5:10 pm

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