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I walked past a tree in the woods, familiar as it was. As I moved forward, I stopped to encounter a pale wolf with yellow, sunken eyes. It bared its teeth as my foot crunched lightly on the snow. I grasped the tree next to me. There was something about this wolf.

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Please demonstrate the lab for me. I want to know that you have mastered the skills. Please begin. She took the test tube and with shaking hands poured the solution into the beaker. Immediately the solution began to bubble, first gently and then with vigor.

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Confide in me… you’ll never regret it. I know that you need to get off your chest what is bothering you. Just get it out and you will feel relieved! I know there is something on your mind. Does it have to do with….
Ok, ok. I’ll tell you. Yesterday I got in a fight with my master teacher and I can’t believe the things that she said.

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She stuffed the taffy in her mouth and licked what was left off of her fingers. Yummy! This was her first time to eat taffy and she thought it was fantastic. She just ate the blue colored taffy, and now she would like to try the pink one.

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The freezer stood in the garage, between the cabinets. She opened it and rifled through its contents, searching for the ice cream that her mother hid in there. Her Mom didn’t think she knew about this sugar stash, but one day she saw her mother put it in there. And she was so glad she did!

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He was tracking the great big bear and he had lost it! He glanced around hurriedly and then decided he needed to stop and breathe deep. Then he breathed through his nose and detected a faint smell of bear. He turned around hurriedly and the bear was right there!

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She ran into the elevator before it had a chance to close. In the elevator were four other people, one man and three women. She glanced at the other people, trying to look at them without being obvious about it. She had seen one of the women before, but she wasn’t sure where.

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Three gentlemen walked into the room and every woman there watched them. They were unique as they each had a third eye on their forehead.

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He sat in the audience and watched as item after item appeared on the stage. Eventually as the most famous buyer in the room he raised his hand silently. Everyone was surprised to see what he wanted to purchase. Really? Why would he want that?

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His quest was to reach the top of the mountain before the storm came in. There had already been some thunder int he distance and he was afraid that the lightening would come close to his location. If that happened it would be too dangerous to continue to the top because there was always a risk that the lightening would strike him!

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The colonel raced into the building and scanned the room, The room was dark, however he could see enough to know that the footsteps went left, so he darted in that direction. However he then came to the door and unfortunately it was locked. He kicked hard against the door knob, again and again.

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In pursuit of her goal she was not willing to give up anything. And therefore she had nothing because no one would tolerate what she would do to them. Her goal was to always have her way. Always. She would not give in to anyone, nor did she want anything else.

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After looking through the camera she checked the aperture and clicked the picture. It would be perfect, she just knew it. And hopefully she would win the contest. She glanced up at her friend, Sarah and saw that she was smiling. They walked back toward the car together, not having to say a word.

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Their teacher handed them a handout of geometric designs and they eagerly looked at their choices. Terri decided on hers and then took out her ruler so that she could draw her own. She needed to keep it to scale and that was her weak point. She rubbed her pencil on her arm as she thought.

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In the middle of the night it began to rain and slowly the wind built up and the water poured down. She worried about the windows, so she ran in her kids room, woke them up and they went down into the basement. Even in the basement they could hear the rain and the win.

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Sounding out triumphantly the trumpets made their debut. Ta Da! They were magnificent and she gloried in their sound. Then she rolled over in bed and covered her head with her pillow. Yuck! Another day at work and she did not want to get up!

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She grabbed the stencil kit and her pencil and traced the shape. She didn’t know what to do next. Do another one? Or go on to painting. She decided on painting and filled her glass with water, stirred it with her brush and dipped into the purple paint. Purple was her favorite color.

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He leaned on the armchair and it broke. ” Ouch! ” He yelled. His wife came running from the kitchen to find out what had happened. She found him on the floor clutching at his arm. She knelt beside him and looked at his arm, “Are you okay?”

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It is unthinkable that she would hit. She reached the limit of her tolerance and could take no more. So, she hit him and ran from the room. She plunked herself on the toilet and cried and cried.

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One day there was a wonderfully abstract building. In it were thousands and thousands of workers. They were artists and musicians and writers and builders and painters. These people worked together to keep the building from falling apart.

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I was sick with dehydration one day. I thirsted for water and yet none presented itself to me. I asked to be excused from class, I begged to go home, but to no avail. The water evaded me at every turn. I felt faint, I felt sick. I moaned for relief; I was denied. In a similar way I beg for you love. At every turn you avoid me, deny me, leave me to squelch in my dehydration. If only you could help me quench this thirst.

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Trailer trash. Movie trailer. Can be scary. Or heartfelt. Either or. Trailer park. Real families. Real scary. Fun music. Good food. Love?

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Sometime in life im puzzled. but that is just my way of allowing people so see what i am. we sometimes try to solve puzzles but its better to let them solve themselves. let he pieces fall and fit where they may. let life happen.

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the flavor in her mouth was like that of cinnimon, with almost a mix of mint. it must have been the chewing gum that he always kept in the back corner of his mouth. but right now, the taste or smell or sight or sound didn’t matter any. all that mattered was this one, small world, in which only two people resided, taking up so little space that they even left extra room.

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and he picked up the bundle, full of all the little things he could fit and pack. he was gone, tonight, and tomorrow morning his mother would walk into his bedroom to whisper her apologies, only to find a pillow, a sheet, and an empty bed.

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