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Your choice comes due. There is a point when the mulling over whose fault it is becomes useless, like shifting dirt, and one must simply take responsibility, make a choice and be happy with it.

» Posted By Clarity On 12.16.2012 @ 11:53 am


“Higher and higher, won’t you come with me? Baby, gonna get my soulfree.” George Michael

» Posted By Clarity On 12.04.2012 @ 7:04 pm


There were five or six steps between her and her new home in the Pacific Northwest. She would plot them out, one by one.

» Posted By Clarity On 11.01.2012 @ 6:31 pm


In her dream, he wore a priest’s garb and a hard topped hat, like the dervishes wore, with cloth hanging down on all sides. He chanted the perimeter of the house in an ancient tongue. She couldn’t tell what his intentions were….

» Posted By Clarity On 02.09.2013 @ 10:12 pm


His movements were gentle, careful not to harm her. His touch soft as a fawn’s ear.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.29.2012 @ 3:41 pm


Her breath was full of all the power she’d been withholding.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.27.2012 @ 9:34 pm


It was unlikely that she was his first. His answer to her invitation was easy, as if he didn’t need to mull over it. He was ready to add this tryst to his collection of affairs.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.25.2012 @ 3:23 pm


Before you go, will you turn out all the lights and lock the top lock? Thanks.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.24.2012 @ 7:27 pm


Her real fear, the thing she was most afraid of, was abandonment. Homelessness lived in her daydreams and she stirred Alone into her oatmeal.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.23.2012 @ 8:20 pm


She just did it. She claimed it. Decided she’d do it, then did it. No doubts and no quibbling. She would be successful switching careers. Period.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.19.2012 @ 2:38 pm


She was renewed, and did an even better job than she expected, despite the news that she’d lose her position at the company in the coming months. She knew her worth and reinforced it with proof.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.18.2012 @ 9:54 pm


She learned how to sleep sitting erect, propped up by pillows. Her asthma made prostrate sleep impossible.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.13.2012 @ 7:48 pm


I am so small in his shadow…just a child and he towers over me. His voice booms. Every footfall is an earthquake in the house. The walls shudder. The air cracks when he claps his hands. I wait for his absence. Why did ma marry him?

» Posted By Clarity On 09.11.2012 @ 9:52 pm


The socialization of the 9 to 5 work day is a tight-binding bungee cord on the wrists of Freedom.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.10.2012 @ 4:54 pm


The world should provide free spa days, 3-times-monthly, for women, and 4-times for moms.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.09.2012 @ 7:41 pm


After stillness, comes clarity, if one sits with it every day.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.06.2012 @ 9:04 pm


Whether or not the weather is better, we will endeavor to gather together.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.05.2012 @ 7:26 pm


It wasn’t one miracle, but 20, performed every day by the newcomer, that stunned us. She confounded our simplest science in the time it took her to exhale. We had no words, no explanation and couldn’t even find a way to question what we’d seen.

» Posted By Clarity On 09.03.2012 @ 6:40 pm


They’d been without power for 5 days. Food was running out and the bath water they’d run, anticipating the storm, was only an inch high now. The scarcity showed in her cracked, dehydrated lips. “What next,” she thought?

» Posted By Clarity On 09.01.2012 @ 8:55 am


Did you mean the Daleks are coming? RUN!!! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

» Posted By Clarity On 08.30.2012 @ 7:17 pm


It was her freshness, her vitality that shook him that day. She walked into work dancing. It woke him from his sleepwalking. The sight of her vibrant, happy body moving in rhythm was his salvation.

» Posted By Clarity On 08.29.2012 @ 9:02 pm


I adore all forms of water. Hurricane weather is invigorating. Humidity is my skin’s best friend and my hair drinks it (nappy works that way:) and misty is juuuussssst right on a cool morning.

» Posted By Clarity On 08.17.2012 @ 4:14 pm


No one touched the magazines. The children didn’t see them, maybe because they didn’t appear on a screen, they had no conception of them, their awareness of print frozen by the fast-flashing medium.

» Posted By Clarity On 08.28.2012 @ 8:16 pm


She believed she could do it in half the time if he weren’t slowing her up. If he’d just fall asleep, she could ditch him. Did she care really, or was that just a noble idea she’d aspired to in theory? What to do now that it mattered?

» Posted By Clarity On 08.21.2012 @ 6:57 pm


Fly into it. Dodge it. Skirt it. Play with it. But don’t squat there. The zone is bad for homesteading. It’s a temporary place. A phase.

» Posted By Clarity On 08.16.2012 @ 7:17 pm


By the time she’d cut the third one, a friend of 5 years, she thought they might not all be suspects in real betrayal, but a story running on repeat in her head. Tragic business.

» Posted By Clarity On 07.21.2012 @ 2:59 am


She wore a blanket of bandages, with slivers of skin showing for titilation. Pain was her first and last breath.

» Posted By Clarity On 07.12.2012 @ 8:06 pm


“What would I do with you, Lita, my steadfast adviser?” said Rola. “Wander through time and space with no vision, no sense? Thank you for being so steady. For shoring me up.”

» Posted By Clarity On 07.12.2012 @ 12:15 am


The suggestion flew
silence paused for another
none came. accepted.

» Posted By Clarity On 07.10.2012 @ 4:56 pm


Her wound never healed and the crust of it looked weary, for attempting again and again to cover it.

» Posted By Clarity On 06.28.2012 @ 8:38 pm

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