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I pull at the rose as a thorn punctures my finger. I let the flower fall to the ground as it suddenly seems so evil to my small hands. I back away searching for arms to be cradled in but find none.

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The key lays in my hand, I grip the end and numbly shuffle my feet towards the door. Is it true what they say? I’ll finally find what I seek? No. Stories and wishes like this dont come true.

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We were more than just a neighborhood dance crew. We were a pack. A group of people that came together as one and danced until sweat soaked through our clothes, and it made us feel important for once in our lives.

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I walk shyly into science and sit down, wondering if he notices me the way I notice him. I scoot the tiniest bit closer and look up at him. He smiles and I blush a deep scarlet. Just say hello. It isn’t hard. I begin to form the word when Mr. Brewer begins talking. I sigh in defeat and slump down into my seat. I look over to find him looking at me intently. I smile and blush again. “Hi.” I mouth. He grins and mouths “Hello there.” Back.

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“What a slut.” “She’s ugly anyways, dont stand too close,” I switch the modem off and fall back onto my bed, covering my head with a pillow to muffle the sounds vibrating my chest.These people, strangers, dont know me. How can the be so mean? I roll over onto my side wondering if maybe someone cared.

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I jab at the modem in frustration. My Internet has been slow the past two days and I wonder mindlessly if this could be the issue. I sigh and scoot away from my desk and fall back onto my bed. I keep thinking she’ll come sweeping into my room, accusing me of wearing her new pink sweater. But she doesn’t. Her door stays shut tight and an eerie empty feeling weeps from under her door.

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The wind whips my hair in circles around my head as I stand on the railroad, my teeth clenched and eyes focused on the wailing train ahead of me. My feet seem unbalanced and as the train grows nearer. I can feel the crazed excitement of what will come to me as I begin to breath harder and harder.

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I stand here, my head tilted back at the moon, my eyes wide. The railroad sits beneath me, comforting me in a silent way that tells me I’m not alone. I listen for the scream of the train, but only find silence. Nothing seems right as I stand here to await…what? No, its not death I look for. Im searching for an alarm to wake me from the nightmare I have been walking through for sixteen years. Now, as I stand on these tracks, I can only find the darkness ahead of me.

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