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i used to have a cassette player. I loved my music and the ability to take a tiny (seemly) music player anywhere I went even in my car. My music was an extension of my dreams aso having them so close by was perfect.

» Posted By cindy On 01.07.2019 @ 7:57 am


The ghosts of my past come back each time I try to trust someone new. They all left before…why not this one, too? But I’ve seen those Winchester brothers kill ghosts with rock salt and shot guns. What’s the weapon for ghosts who left broken hearts?

» Posted By Cindy On 02.04.2018 @ 11:29 am


Unhappy, not reaching my goal. Failure.

» Posted By Cindy On 09.14.2017 @ 7:17 am


He rolled his sleeves up to the elbow, and got to work. The mechanical mouse was a small, tricky piece of work. He fiddled with the wires, gears, and rods, trying to fit the puzzle together. After several hours, he shut the bottom panel and took a deep breath. He slowly wound up the little mouse, and smiled as it began to weave in circles atop his desk.

» Posted By Cindy On 06.01.2016 @ 1:24 am


Endless, without end … spaghetti strands, Rapunzel’s hair, waves on the sand, stars in the skies … endless.

» Posted By Cindy On 03.22.2016 @ 12:14 pm


exact. being precise. its a thing thats like accuracy and to be exact is to be E X A C T on something like on point on fleek lol. if someone gets something you get youre like EXACTLY bro i get you this is so long like for this exact 60 seconds i cant keep writing but exact is five letters and has the letter x which is pretty cool because it’s random and the act makes a cool noise lol this is way longer than 60 seconds i’m pretty sure but im actually not sure because my timing isnt very exact.

» Posted By Cindy On 01.03.2016 @ 6:21 pm


I have a genetic defect. They say it is not serious but it makes me act passively. I cannot rise to anger as my mind does not allow it. I reason everything out with a spin to

» Posted By Cindy On 10.02.2015 @ 1:56 am


In a dark basement, vague lights blinking um on a computer screen, was a headquarters. Not just any headquarters but the super most awesome every headquarters, where dark and devious plots and strategies were hatched the sinister and mu

» Posted By cindy On 06.13.2015 @ 9:55 pm


The airbag deployed at 2000 mph, knocking off the bulldog’s head and left shoulder. The head flew out the open back window, hitting a shopping cart, guided by one Adam Remer, who had just fininshed

» Posted By Cindy On 04.03.2015 @ 6:18 pm


can’t stand the pressure do I have to do it all no one to help why i am doing this when will it stop too much to do too little time is it only me that has all of this pressure? do we have to have all this stree

» Posted By Cindy On 03.26.2015 @ 10:43 am


There is no greater influence than a hungry belly. For who can think or dream or dare or even listen but to this one raving sound — the empty belly. This is my influence right now. I want OJ and cheesecake.

» Posted By Cindy On 03.13.2015 @ 8:17 pm


My wrist was unstable to say the least. One bone glistening and strangely bloodless peeked through the skin. They’d told me the production line was the safest in Caveir County.

» Posted By cindy On 03.06.2015 @ 4:44 pm


The envelope wasn’t sealed and that was my downfall. If he hadn’t seen. And showed it to her. If she hadn’t read so carefully. If she hadn’t already been given to misunderstanding every fucking thing I said, let along wrote.

» Posted By Cindy On 03.05.2015 @ 3:14 pm

I’d sealed the envelope, tucked it into the box, and watched it trounce away in the hands of Manny, our sexually ambiguous mailman — mailwoman.

» Posted By Cindy On 03.05.2015 @ 3:07 pm


Ah, to contribute a meaningful life. Melissa thought about this as she walked past the train station in the morning rain. That’s what he’d really meant; that her life had no meaning, that she’d contributed nothing.

“I’m only 14,” she could have yelled back.

» Posted By cindy On 03.01.2015 @ 5:50 pm


Every negative can be offset by a positive. People should try not to focus on the negatives. They can ruin your day and your outlook on your job, life, and people.

» Posted By Cindy On 02.14.2014 @ 12:15 pm


IN the middle of the road, she wondered how she got here. She just couldn’t remember. yes, she knew david kicked her out of the car, but how did she get in a position to be abandoned like this and to allow someone to do this to her. She thought she was smarter than this

» Posted By cindy On 12.18.2013 @ 10:34 am


Too often we think is beter to flee than to face new challenge. New is enticing but scary at the same time too.

» Posted By Cindy On 10.21.2013 @ 12:13 pm


Simply no life
Anger and Torture collide
Where there are forgotten souls
Where all is frozen over
Where there is temptation at every corner
Where there is Satan and the fallen angels
Where God can not help for you have chosen this destination
Where there is no joy but agony

» Posted By Cindy On 09.23.2013 @ 8:18 am


I hid the key in the planter so he could come in the door when he came by. I have never done anything like this before and wish that I would think this out better before I did it. But I like him, I like him with my whole being, which is the reason that I am going to let him approach my bedside.

» Posted By Cindy On 04.24.2013 @ 7:28 pm


In the cedar tree near the edge of the drive, a vine of honeysuckle wraps around the branches choking the life from the evergreen. Yet, the hummingbirds

» Posted By cindy On 04.04.2013 @ 6:14 pm


I looked, but I could not see. They told me to go, and go I did, but I could not see. Then, there it was. What I was looking for was just ahead, just outside, I could not see it before, but now I can.

» Posted By Cindy On 01.26.2013 @ 6:25 am


Earth below me, sky above me, Fire within me. This, my friends, is one of my favorite quotes. Turns out it is from a video game

» Posted By cindy On 12.26.2012 @ 8:38 am


There wasn’t much time. She knew this. As soon as the option was available, she knew she had to snatch it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone.

And yet somehow she couldn’t do it. She glanced beside her and realized that she wasn’t willing to give all this up for something like that. Even if she’d spent her life yearning for it, she was somehow in a better place.

» Posted By Cindy On 12.11.2012 @ 12:50 pm



» Posted By cindy On 10.11.2012 @ 8:43 pm


breathing .. i breath.. really!! ahahahha!! who wouldnt??.. your dead if you dont breath!! ahahhaha!! kpayn!!:)) im really weird..:))))

» Posted By cindy On 09.28.2012 @ 2:03 am


I feel so sad and lonely,I miss my lost love and I feel so miserable with my life..going down the drain with someone I thought I should have stayed with,but now only back firing my past life in my face every single day.
I should have left him and carry on with my life..I changed everything for him..I trusted him again..I would not have gone if he loved me in the first place…
But then he cried..yes he cried ..and I stayed..I thought it was for the best..but only to find out it is for the worst.
Every day I open my eyes with a sigh..every night I close my eyes but you are not in sight..
It hurts.

» Posted By Cindy On 09.21.2012 @ 4:44 am


A breath of fresh air, the scent of flowers. Rustling. Activity. It is everywhere. And I am a part of it. I am alive.

» Posted By Cindy On 09.16.2012 @ 6:39 pm


You were by my side.
You were on my side.
Now the world seems to me, a different kind of place.

» Posted By Cindy On 08.25.2012 @ 2:28 am


In the zone of nothing, you will find a sort of abstract peace. There is comfort in the lonely and beauty in the emptiness. There is solitude, and a better understanding of the contents of your own heart.

» Posted By Cindy On 08.15.2012 @ 12:40 pm

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