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Julia wiped a hand over the shirt sleeve. His essence was everywhere, and yet she couldn’t pin-point the one thing that she missed the most. He wasn’t gone. She was sure of it. If it was the last thing she did, she’d find him. If he didn’t come back, there was a good reason. Julia looked at the ticket in her hand. Nigeria. That was the last postcard she’d received, so that’s where she intended to start looking. The horn of a taxi sounded outside. Julia let the sleeve fall back against the side of the shirt, picked up her bag, and walked out of the apartment.

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“Your turn.”
Jack took the board and spun it slowly in his direction.
“This isn’t a good idea,” he said, glancing at his friend, Steve.
“Don’t be a sissy,” Steve sneered, “It’s a bunch of hooey!”
Jack sighed and settled his fingers lightly on the heart-shaped disc sitting silently on the Ouija board.
“Okay,” Jack whispered.
A cool breeze seemed to come from nowhere and the candles Steve had taken great care to light flickered and danced, sending shadows around the room. Jack looked at Steve with wide eyes.
“Ask,” Steve urged, his eyes as wide as Jack’s.
Jack nervously licked his lips.
“Are we alone?” he asked.
From somewhere in the room, a low growl seeped out of the darkness.
“Noooo,” a deep voice answered, and Jack’s fingers moved with the disc to letters on the board.
One letter at a time. Steve mouthed the letters and looked up at Jack.
“D…I…E,” he read, “Die.”

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Paul leaned against the brick wall and chewed on a long straw. He watched the boys across the street huddled together. He’d heard all the accusations before. Now he was hearing them again. It didn’t matter how many times he and his mother moved, the rumors and innuendos followed him. It wasn’t true. He knew it. His mother knew it. Who was following them and setting the accusations loose wherever they attempted to make a home. It was time Paul found out.

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Johnny watched the large grizzly ponder fishing at the edge of the stream. Crossing at this point was now impossible. He was considering moving back into the trees and heading further downstream when the second bear appeared.

The first grizzly gave a warning growl, his teeth shining in the sun with dagger sharpness. The second grizzly was not impressed and lowered his head with his own threatening growl. This was his fishing ground and he would not have another use his spot.

The two enormous creatures approached, hair raised, heads lowered, eyes glued on each other. Johnny took this opportunity to cross. He was just entering the stream shallows when the two animals began to fight for their fishing rights. They danced into the water, attacking each other with a ferociousness that chilled Johnny the length of his spine. He ran. As he stumbled out of the stream on the other side, he turned back to see the two bears still fighting.

His escape across the stream had seemed as scripted as the rest of the day. His problems had just increased two-fold. Johnny gave one last glance in the direction of the grizzlies and ran into the forest. He had a long way to go and only a short time to do it in.

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He looked foreign and that was why so many of the girls smiled at him as he walked through the halls of his new school on the first day. Foreign. Girls thought that held a magical formula for a good boyfriend. He wasn’t foreign and he wasn’t interested. He was here for one thing…to find the boy who had seen his father’s murder.

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Johnny peeked into the dark room. His flashlight scanned the furniture for a safe pathway and settled on the safe on the opposite wall.

“There it is,” he whispered, “Don’t touch anything.”

“If I can’t touch anything, why did we wear gloves?”

Johnny glanced at Hunter and shook his head.

“Just follow me and try not to knock anything over.”

The boys slowly shuffled across the room toward the safe. Hunter reached a hand to grab Johnny’s arm.

“Did you hear that?!” he whispered nervously.

Johnny paused. The room was quiet. He gave Hunter a slight scowl and they continued to the safe. Johnny handed Hunter the flashlight, pulled a small bag from his belt, and reached to turn the combination lock.

Johnny stopped. The door of the safe easily swung open. The boys peered inside and as Hunter raised the flashlight they were greeted by an empty interior.

“The jewelry is gone!” Hunter exclaimed.

“They got here ahead of us,” Johnny nodded, “Now we have to find them and get it back before Uncle Chester finds out what’s happened!”

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The forest was unusually quiet. Jason had the distinct feeling he was being watched. He moved forward slowly, as silently as he could. He thought about Sarah’s warning that she felt something evil in these trees. Now he wished he’d listened instead of laughing at her. Something evil was unfolding around him. He felt it.

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Sam could only estimate how far it was from his side of the canyon to the other. The rope bridge swayed dangerously on the rise and fall of the unpredictable winds that flowed up from the canyon floor. He peered over the edge and cringed. The bottom was too far to see and the black shadows seemed to be reaching up for him. He looked back at the bridge. If it didn’t hold, he’d be discovering what hid below in those black shadows long before he wanted to.

He knew he had to make a decision. They weren’t far behind him. It was now or never. Sam gripped the rope bridge in both hands, closed his eyes, and took a step….

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Nip shouldered the bow and jogged out to the kill laying in the meadow. It had been a clean shot and there would be plenty to eat in the village tonight. Nip was hoping this hunt would make his instructor proud.

Nip had been under his watchful eye for seven cycles of the moon and soon he would receive his final lesson. The instructor had spoken of his challenge. Nip was to become a black saber and to prove himself he would be left alone in the wilderness to find an idol placed where he must defend to achieve it. He would be given a time frame to complete his task. He would return triumphant or he would not return at all.

Nip was not afraid for himself, but for the instructor. If he failed, the instructor failed and would be sacrificed to the Gods. He couldn’t let that happen.

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“Come on, Jake.”
John Paul leaned forward and gave the bike a long, hard look. The front wheel was bent, spokes sticking out in all directions. There was no doubt that the wheel was beyond repair.
“Just take it off and go down to Pete’s Bike Shop. I know Pete will give you a real bargain on a new tire.”
Jake sighed as he looked at the damage.
“I don’t have the money to repair this tire. My Dad’s going to kill me. I didn’t have permission to ride it.”
“It’s not like you planned for a dog to run out in front of you,” John Paul stated, “When does your Dad get back?”
“In two days,” Jake replied.
“So we have two days to get this fixed,” John Paul smiled, “So let’s make plans. Your Dad will never know.”
Jake watched John Paul start toward town. Two days was not a lot of time to get money to buy a new tire, but John Paul was in game mode. Game mode was not always a good thing. Game mode could mean a whole lot of trouble.

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Jennifer glanced at her sister’s boyfriend and scooped a large spoonful of mashed potatoes onto her plate. Jerry was beginning to cut into the turkey.

Turkey. That wasn’t a turkey! Turkey had meat and juices and skin that she waited all year for, not a pretend bird made of tofu.

She poured gravy over her potatoes and added jello salad to her plate. She had promised to behave when she heard that Jerry was making a tofu turkey, but it was harder than she had thought it would be.

Her thoughts moved to the pumpkin pie she could smell. It better not be tofu!

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Brave had never been used to describe Tom Perkins. He was skinny and wore thick glasses, stood quietly at the back of the crowd, was soft spoken, and could easily be described as invisible. But not today. Today, Tom Perkins had had enough. He was mad, and as he walked with intent down the street toward the park, students stepped back out of his way. The bullies had made a mistake…..

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Gazing out at the gray, smoky city, Johnny Ghost sipped his cold, sugarless coffee and thought about the letter lying on the desk in front of him. He’d read it twice. A widow certain her husband had been murdered. He’d get letters like this every two to three months and always used them to paper the bottom of Cecilia Lady’s bird cage. But not this one. This one was different. Johnny couldn’t put his finger on just why this one was different. It was a feeling that started at the back of his thick neck and ran the full length of his six foot four stature. This one had the feel of a real case. Slapping his shabby hat down over this dark hair and wrapping his arm in the ancient London fog coat his mother had given him too many years ago to count, he tucked the letter into his pocket and started to the door. Time to pay Mrs. Cortney Marie Rosenberg III a visit and hear what she had to say in person.

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Jack kicked the soda can into the air and cursed as he watched it drop several feet away and roll awkwardly into the brush. He shouldn’t have stopped to look at the animal tracks. Now the others had moved on, and because of his stubborn insistence to do what he wanted and not what he was told, he had been left behind. He wasn’t sure in which direction the group had gone. Again, not following directions, he hadn’t looked over the map Mr. Gordon had given the boys the night before. He sighed. The only choice left was to backtrack and hope he could find the main path back to the road. If he took one wrong turn he would be spending the night in the forest alone and he was well aware how unprepared he was to stay a night in the unknown forests of the Pacific Coast. Nevermind that he’d bragged to the other boys how much he knew about living in the wild. He’d lied. The only night he’d ever spent in the forest was watching TV movies. The star always made their way safely out. He wasn’t a star. He was a problem, and now he’d given himself a taste of what he always gave everyone else.

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Cam rubbed his eyes and peered out from the collection of rock and brush where he’d hidden. It was dusk. Night would envelop him soon and he could again start toward the distant mountains. He knew that was where they went. Everyone else was looking South, but Cam knew the caves were North. That’s where they’d go…North to the caves. It only made sense. They had been abandoned in the caves and the caves were where they would go for evidence of who they truly were.

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The playground was dark and quiet. Jen and Peter hid in the shadows, ducking down behind the rose bushes that bordered one side of the park.
“Anytime now,” Peter whispered.
The night was still. Not a breeze rustled through the trees around them.
Jen gasped softly as shadows emerged from out of the darkness. Shadows that took the form of children outlined in soft white mist moved silently across the sands to climb into the swings and onto the slide. Children from the past played quietly on the equipment, running and jumping together, enjoying each others company.
Jen’s wide eyes looked at Peter in disbelief.
“See?” he whispered, “The playground is haunted.”

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“Gentlemen usually open the door for a lady,” Gertie frowned.
“You know any?” her brother, Jon, replied with a sigh, “I’ll give them a call.”
“Very funny,” she stated flashing him a fake smile.
“You could have stayed home,” Jon reminded her.
“And miss all the fun?” Gertie stated as she climbed out of the car and looked up at the old castle, “Not a chance.”
Jon slammed the car door behind her and lifted up the two suitcases sitting on the curb.
“I’m only staying for one night,” he grumbled as she turned to be certain he had her luggage.
Gertie laughed lightly.
“That’s the bet,” she said quietly, studying the large, dark windows, “Whether or not you make it through the night is the question.”
Jon shook his head as he carried the suitcases up the stone steps.
“It’s not haunted,” he insisted.
“Well,” Gertie replied following him, “I have $100 on the bet that says it is and that you won’t stay.”
Jon set the suitcases down on the top step.
“You bet against me?!” he snapped with raised eyebrows, “Carry your own luggage!”
“Oh don’t be such a crybaby,” Gertie sniffed and pulled the long cord that began the ringing of a deep bell somewhere up in the steeple. She looked at her brother and rolled her eyes.

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“Assuming you know what you’re talking about…why would I want to spend the night in that old, empty barn?”

Jake smiled. He had him. Paul wouldn’t say no now, not when there was money at stake.

“We stay the night and we get paid $500.00 each,” Jake stated, “One night, Paul. Just one night.”

Paul frowned. He knew the reputation of this barn. Haunted is what everyone said and rumor had it that no one had ever stayed the night and survived. But he needed the $500.00.

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Jackson peered through the trees. Janice inched in beside him and stared at the strangely dressed people dancing around the fire in the clearing below.
“There it is,” Jackson whispered and Janice nodded as she spotted the small, golden statue sitting on a carved slab with candles glowing around it.
“How do we get it without being seen?” she asked softly.
“Soon as they finish their ceremony, the statue is moved into that cave over there.”
Janice glanced at the dark hole in the wall.
“Is it guarded?”
“It is…and we’ll be selling our souls stealing it. Once I have it in my hands, we’ll have only 15 minutes to get back to the boat with it before someone notices it’s gone and gives chase. Don’t look back when I say to run…just do it. Get yourself on that boat.”

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Jesse tossed what was left of the rabbit to the side and wiped a hand across her mouth.
“Not good?” Parker asked.
“Overcooked,” she stated flatly.
“Overcooked or not, it might be the last food we see for several days,” Parked sighed, “You might want to think about that before you leave it for the ants.”

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Baffled, James ran along the night-darkened beach. It wasn’t there! It wasn’t there! He finally fell to his knees, exhausted, and looked out over the ocean waters. How was he to get off this point without the boat that had been promised. There was only one explanation. No one was left. He was alone.

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He was never known as a songwriter. But he could sing. His voice could be heard drifting on the morning breezes as he herded the sheep from the old barn out into the fields for the day.

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The date was almost here. I dreaded it. James was sending me a message, a message that confirmed to me that there was life after death. But I didn’t want this message. I didn’t want to know he was there somewhere beyond my sight. I was scared. The circled date on my calendar was getting closer and If the message was correct, my time was short. Oh God! What had I done?!

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Johnny heard the sound behind him and stopped. He felt the darkness around him clasp hold tighter and any hope of calling out for help lodged in his throat.

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“Listen,” Lester whispered, “Someone’s in the hall.”
Lester and Spencer leaned further back into the closet, silently being swallowed by the mothball perfumed coats and furs that had been placed in storage.
“What if it’s…” Spencer began softly.
“Shhhhh!” Lester hushed, quickly slapping a hand over Spencer’s mouth.
Footsteps echoed in the hall outside. Each step moved closer in their direction and, adding to their distress, they could hear heavy breathing.
Spencer’s eyes widened and Lester began to tremble as suddenly the doorknob began to turn back and forth in an effort to check the lock.
Both boys slid to the back of the closet behind the coats, closed their eyes tightly, and waited…..

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Both boys stared wide-eyed at the strange egg on the table before them. It rocked and rolled and bounced and hopped up and down, circling the tabletop directly in front of them….and then it stopped.

“What is it?” Brad whispered.
“I don’t know,” Lawrence said, his voice hushed and weak, “Do you think it’s dangerous?”
“I don’t know,” Brad replied, “Maybe we should destroy it.”
He raised a stone from the yard, intending to slam it against the egg. Lawrence grabbed his arm as he was about to bring it down.
One tiny, six-fingered hand pushed through the shell, waving slightly.
“Wait,” Lawrence repeated, smiling as he watched the small creature attempt to free itself.

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The horses were tied in the shade of the mesquite and the three men knelt down together with the bags from the stage. Benson holstered his sidearm and grinned a toothless grin at Packy Mack.

“How much?” he asked with excitement.
Packy Mack frowned slightly as he looked in the first bag.
“Sure ain’t the amount we was expectin’,” he grumbled.
Benson leaned forward and grabbed the bag looking quickly inside.
“Why them lyin’ polecats! There ain’t enough in these here bags to pay fer more than a hot meal and a bath!”
“What are you sayin’?” Martin questioned.
“We been robbed!” Benson snapped.

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The arrow shot across the meadow and landed with a thunk into the side of the barrel.
Blake slowly lowered the bow with a slight smile of satisfaction. Finally, after months of practice, he could tell Kar that he managed to hit something.

Kar had always believed he could do it, he was the one who had doubted. Maybe the pale creature who spent hours showing him the correct way to hold a bow and who constantly reminded him with disbelief to close one eye, would say Blake was ready.

He felt ready.

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“Not now!” Sara whispered harshly.
Her sister pouted and sat back in her chair as Sara slid the eggs from the frying pan onto the plate.
“Do you want bacon?” Sara asked.
She turned to look at the protruding lip when Bethany didn’t reply. Sara sighed. She shoved the pan onto the back burner and sat in the chair next to her sister.
“Mom asked me to take care of you,” she said quietly, “That’s all I’m trying to do.”
Bethany’s dark eyes looked up at Sara with the threat of tears.
“Sara, it’s been three days. Why hasn’t mom come home?”
Sara felt the pit in her stomach that had been rolling around inside for the last three days.
“I don’t know,” she replied, “But I’m sure she has a good reason. Maybe she found a job.”
Bethany hung her head and Sara put an arm around her shoulders.
“Eat breakfast and then we’ll go for a walk. I’ll bet Mom will be home when we get back.”

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The smoke was thick and black. Running down the slope, Jeff slipped and the only thing keeping him on his feet was Justin’s hands grabbing him and holding tight as the damp leaved beneath their feet caused them to skate toward the stream.

“Where did that fire come from?!” Jeff shouted over the roar of flames behind them.
“I don’t know!” Justin called back, “Get in the stream! It’s the only chance we have!”

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