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Rivals. It pained her to think that this was now the nature of their relationship. After years of friendship, marked by gossip, boys, and broken hearts, this was where they stood. And worse, it was her fault.

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Pulsating in my chest a solitary drummer tap tapping its way out through my skin into the red, theopenair

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“You’re leaving,” she said bluntly.
“Yeah,” he said, clutching the passport he was holding even tighter. “I’m sorry…I wanted to tell you but it never seemed like the right time.”
She didn’t respond. What could she say?

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It clung to the tops of the buildings, heavy and thick, settling in like a blanket over the city. It was hard to breathe. We were suffocating ourselves with our own filth. How appropriate.

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He charmed her. She felt the warmth of his smile from across the room. Some dynamics dancing in his eyes. She looked away feeling a panic in her stomach. She wasn’t sure she wanted to look again, but couldn’t help herself. He was heading towards her. Suddenly her husband walked up and kissed her on the forehead.

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the tree spread out its arms as far as they could stretch, baking under the intense glare of the sun. its leaves rustled lightly in a dry breeze and its roots wiggled, looking for some water to soak up. nearby, a swing creaked quietly.

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History: late 14c., “a solving or being solved,” from O.Fr. solucion, from L. solutionem (nom. solutio) “a loosening or unfastening,” also “a solving,” from pp. stem of solvere “to loosen, untie, solve, dissolve” (see solve). Meaning “liquid containing a dissolved substance” is first recorded 1590s.

Houston, we have a problem. It is big. It is disastrous. It is common to us all. It is sin.

I wonder about the discussion we might have overheard in the Trinity had we been around when “free will” was first put on the table. Jesus: Let’s make them autonomous beings… able to decide things for themselves. Father: I love that idea, but it may have some bugs to work out. What if they choose poorly? Because, they will. Jesus: Hmmmm…. that is a problem, but we can provide a solution. We’ll love them anyway. We’ll show them how by doing it ourselves, for them. We’ll model community, cooperation and sacrificial love. We’ll love them and they’ll love us. Holy Spirit: We can coach them. We can influence without forcing. We can empower, but not require them to do right. And in the end, when they fail, we’ll pick them up. We’ll be the solution.

And it does. There’s a problem, but before there was a problem, there was a solution. His name is Jesus.

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I suspect that what I see is not what it appears. However, I tend to overanalyze things. I think it’s a common idea many people have. What do you do though? Assume the best and expect the worst?

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I was running through the meadows, until I reached an oak tree. I was alone, and no living being was in sight except for a pair of birds perched on a nest on the top branch. I was damn hungry. I decided to climb the tree and eat the bird’s blood. Blood is blood. No difference. I climbed up quickly and grabbed the two birds by the neck, my long fingernails piercing their soft skin. I bit their small bodies as blood oozed out. I finished lunching on them and threw them away like a piece of paper. I called my friend Vanessa. It was time to go hunting.

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There was a petition going around the day that I was sick. He came to the door and knocked confidently. I answered with a Kleenex in my hand and a bottle of vicks in my other. I looked at the most heavenly eyes I have ever seen. He smiled and all of a sudden my stuffed up nose and drippy eyes didn’t seem so bad. In his hand he held a clipboard. I didn’t know what he wanted but at this point, I didn’t care. I just wanted to pull him in and find out exactly what this dream boat wanted because I felt I had a few things up my sleeve for him, if he’d have me, blubbering and all.

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I can relate to my brother’s woes. He’s being bullied in school and he’s having a hard time dealing with it. I know how that feels. The crushing realization that yes, you’re the kid who is going to get picked on. You’re the kid they talk about it movies and tv shows. It’s horrible. I want him to know it’s ok.

» Posted By Chrissy On 10.21.2011 @ 7:53 am


my mother warned me about life and hard it could be, but i did not listen. today, i am faced with many life experiences that tell me i should had listen when i was warned. warned over and warned over again, only to have realize i wish i had listened.

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I’d dreamed, about and practiced, this maneuver, what must have been thousands of times before, but nothing could ever truly prepare you for the reality of being under fire. Shrapnel and gunfire seem to come from all directions, and in the midst of it all, I only had to hover over a small clearing, just three feet off the ground, in what can only be described as less than optimal weather conditions. But all of that is nothing when you stop to think that the lives of seven brave soldiers were dependent on it. My heart was absolutely beating faster than sound of the rotor spinning above.

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elastic is a rubber band. You know, like the one you use to snap your wrist because the doctors say not to use a blade. Elastic is a friend, because we bend our ways but never break the bond. Elastic is what holds us together, and gives us room to breathe.

» Posted By Chrissy On 08.10.2011 @ 8:33 pm


I am plagued with some mental mix up. I have been using a substance for too long. The wrong chemicals are filling the wrong receptors and it’s a mixed up situation.

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Mean is a place I rarely explore. It’s a place for evil human destroyers. Mean is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Children are some of the meanest creatures I’ve ever encountered.

» Posted By Chrissy On 07.11.2011 @ 11:05 am

It’s mean when people go around demanding that the world take care of them. They believe that they deserve the utmost time and attention. It’s horrible when children think that they must go places and spend money to be happy.

» Posted By Chrissy On 07.11.2011 @ 10:42 am


when i think about her, i think about the way she laughs, the way she looks at the world. it’s so incredibly inspiring to see her smile. i don’t think it’ll ever get old. if there’s one thing i wish, it would be to see that smile every single day. to wake up and to look at her. and if i could, i would tell her i love her and just hope that deep down, that would make her smile, too.

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When people die, there’s usually a funeral. You’re supposed to wear black, but what is the point in wearing black? Black is a depressing color. Wouldn’t you rather wear something colorful to a funeral so everybody is just a little happier? I just don’t understand people. They make absolutely no sense.

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A backpack holds things. It can hold just about anything that can fit into it. My brother wants to go train hopping and he wants to get a backpack to carry clothes and items that he would use on a daily basis. Most people use backpacks to carry books when they’re in school. I always use a backpack to carry my books home from school. Backpacks are very, very, useful.

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what the hell does montage mean?

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the thing that is on the side of peoples faces and elvis had really long ones. got to love side hair. the side hair needs to be tamed sometimes. wahoo.

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catch me if you can. who stole my last cookie? cops and robbers, I’m always the robber. she cuffs me to the tree and leaves me. why do we play these games? don’t catch me, I want to be free.

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the world is a wasteland, a land of waste and decay. Our place has become a place where nothing flourishes and everything falls into nothingness because we don’t care for it. that is what wasteland truly means. it means we waste our land and eventually there will be nothing left. sad isn’t it?

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you draw it around your eye and try and make yourself feel better about how you look. it hurts when you poke your eye. is it really worth it though? i don’t know. make up goes all the way back to egypt so people can feel purty. what is this i don’t even.

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hobos with gross hair live in dirty trailers. i think id die if i lived one. they look hot and dirty. i hate animals that seem to be around trailers such as rats and other odd creatures that shouldn’t be on this planet. i actually think mice are cute, but not rats. odd, very odd. i hate gross people.

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My family, everyone is one big ball of hysterical emotions. Whether it be crying one minute to laughing about something the next. We are who we are even if i don’t show it; I love them I guess.

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No one would ever have guessed; they were night and day. Those six little words would change, and also explain, everything. He couldn’t help but feel they were somehow connected, but he’d never imagined it to be true, and certainly not like that!

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I’ve been trying to find my ‘word’ for some time now, and I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to two in particular. I’ve struggled with various things throughout my life and I wanted to get a word of inspiration tattooed on my wrist to help keep me going when I’m struggling. I can’t decide whether it should be strength or courage, but I think both are really great choices. Perhaps I should get them both?

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i really wish i had the desire to go i know it’s good for me and i know it’s what i should do, but i don’t feel like it. i just don’t feel like it. i don’t care about the consequences, i don’t feel up to it. maybe because i’m too fat to feel comfortable, maybe because i’m lazy, but i just don’t feel like it. i keep wondering, did i ever feel like it? i thought i loved it once, but not now

» Posted By Chrissy On 03.17.2011 @ 3:42 pm

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