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The groaning floorboards sweated in the oppressive heat. Marie stood, her gun shouldered and pointed at the floor. All around her the jungle produced so many chirps and squawks that the noise rolled in something like a heavy fog. The tiger snorted below the floor of the hut. She clicked back the action on the rifle, and exhaled.

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She put the dozen muffins into the oven and shut the heavy metal door. Steam fogged the bakery windows, and the outside sky had turned the purple shade that foretold dawn in an hour or so. A few drunken stragglers from a wild Friday passed the plate glass, some looking hungrily into the windows. They didn’t see her.

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As he shifted the conductor into a lower run cycle Andan looked into the distance. He could already see the faint glimmer of the next star, his target for the mission.

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The bouncer crossed his arms across his chest, his gold watch level to Jackie’s eyes.
“There’s no way I’m letting you in, the club is full and you’re not on the list after all.”
He was about to get mad when Judy pulled her away from the bouncer.
“Don’t you want to at least TRY to see them play?” Jackie wined.
Judy just ran a small hand through her short hair.
“When the going gets tough, the punks get sneaky.” she said, and she pointed to the fire escape.

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The wooden porch slats dug into her bare legs, the very same ones her grandfather had laid down when they first built the farmhouse. It was big sky country and the view seemed to extend into forever and ever still; yet in her heart Mary just wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere but here.

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The bare bulb hung from the cord in the center of the room giving off a dim light and buzzing gently. How many hours had He been in this windowless tomb? What had he done to deserve imprisonment. There was a knocking at his door and the sound of a metal latch sliding, grinding against it’s socket. Long enough for a beard he thought, long enough for that latch to rust.

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The thundering of their hooves echoed over the valley. The wide swaths of grass crushed beneath their feet were the source of fascination for Will all his young life. Roads to nowhere, on and on into the horizon.

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Her father’s library curled around her like a mink. It was small, with high ceilings, but the space was used so efficiently, and so tightly crammed…crap

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The sound of the laughter echoed though the hallways. The architecture of the house was still perfectly preserved in her mind. The dark green damask wallpaper extending, yearning forward for what seemed like ever, the oil lamps giving off their orange light. It was the only place she’d ever been happy and she knew that, and lamented it, especially here; at the end of her life.

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When she opened the door, a musty smell wafted over her. Stacks of yellowing news papers were everywhere. Nobody had been inside for years, a hoarders paradise. In the corner a man lay slumped over a card table. The game solitaire spread out before him.
“How fitting.” Julie thought before tripping over a box of glass figurines.

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She picked up the cards that the dealer gave her. A swath of red spread out on her hand. All hearts. If she was her grandmother she would have taken it as a sign, but she was only herself, and a gambler, so she put down a card and motioned for the dealer to hit her again.

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The only sound that Mike could hear was his own heart beating in his chest. The thudding of his feet on the pavement, only a few feet away was not close enough to be in the singular world of his head. How many miles left? When did I start running? There were perks to having retrograde amnesia as a marathon runner.

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When Mary looked down at the old barca lounger she tried to be optimistic. Perhaps it was just a transitional device, this piece of furniture. A transitional object like her pacifier or blanket had been. Yet she worried. Its slightly stained upholstery seemed to glare at her. The issue at hand, echoed the voice in her head, was not that it was a transitional object, but that lately her father had been forgetting that there had even been a transition. This morning he had even called her by his long dead sister’s name.

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Joe hung the photo prints up on the gallery wall. Image after images of Emily hung on the white walls. He didn’t miss her, he knew that. Yet she had that habit of looking directly into the lens, and it was a little more eye contact than he’d wanted.

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The war had begun strangely enough over a patent. Though Vladimir had not nearly the money Blackwoods did, with his fancy laboratory, funded by his rich wive’s father, he had his ideals. And these ideals did not allow being taken for a ride.

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Generally when I am lacking in the profundity department I just try to say something simple. There is a good chance that somebody may not know the thing that seems so clear to me and I’ll come off looking very clever. One can hope.

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The idea came to her suddenly.
“If I re-route the pipeline back into the coolant sector we can reduce the heat of the barium crystals and save the ship!”
The android whirred with the calculations,
“Where do ideas come from in humans? Organic spontaneity is hard to compute.”

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The doctor called it obsession but he never agreed.
“I’m just a passionate person. Like Da Vinci, or Michael Jordan.”
Granted sometimes his passion made him do unusual things, like what happened to the cat.

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Her hair hung around her shoulders, dripping wet. The tub drained its water down in a tornado. She stood still by the door waiting to hear the noise. The drain sucked the last of the water sloppily down the pipes. The scratching echoed from the window again.

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The first time she saw the sun set over the western sky she knew she was home. It was if the fog that surrounded her head through all the years that she had lived in the city had lifted. Truly an awakening of a sort, she slung her pack over her shoulder and headed towards the whistling of the train.

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It took her a long time to get to a point where she could relate to the other animals in the woods. To be honest her father hadn’t been very encouraging.
“They’re just different from us, too many legs or not enough! What would you even have to say to them?”
Jerry changed that.

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The wind blew through the cracks in the stone when Isabelle awoke in the morning. It had been a stoke of luck finding a place to stay the night in such a remote area. She worried that she might be discovered but the only noises she heard as she fell asleep was the brook navigating around the bend.

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