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when the pawn moves the game begins, how will you play? with mercy? dont use me to get to the queen. check mate. check mate. and everyones one word will be of chess

» Posted By Chelsey Fowler On 02.13.2017 @ 6:55 am


don’t bother looking like that this way. i’m not scared and you dont intimidate me. go fast the other way cause i’m the one that knows how to dig. i’ll embrace you with patience

» Posted By Chelsey Fowler On 01.19.2017 @ 12:01 pm


ramp up darling, go fast go fast. the car rushed forward and we jerk with it. our necks went back as we got stuck and you kissed me there. and we got stuck too. lets stay stuck in snow. let’s just be here

» Posted By Chelsey Fowler On 01.17.2017 @ 8:18 pm


it use to be fun. it use to bubbles and good times. but maybe it will always be something i saw as a kid drawn like the wordly kids can do. save your luke warm disaster. i’ll abuse it, like i will abuse anything good

» Posted By Chelsey Fowler On 01.16.2017 @ 8:46 am

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