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I love all kinds of movies especially a drama. I used to go to the movies all the time. But life events happened and going now just isn’t the same.

» Posted By Chaz On 09.29.2015 @ 9:41 pm


Mario welcomes me to poo poo land it is stinky so he gives me his oxcgen mask but then he faints.

» Posted By Chaz On 04.01.2014 @ 4:45 pm


Artistry is an art. It shows the quality that someone or something displays. It leaves one in awe or amazement. It can be viewed as perfection.

» Posted By Chaz On 10.26.2011 @ 1:11 pm


Warning, waiting, wasting. Time is not written in a red bordered sign. We’re on our own, a world without direction. A world void of perfection. No man to marshall us across the street, no luminous jackets, nothing discreet. Warned, washed away, to another lonely day. Never anything to say..

» Posted By Chaz On 10.06.2011 @ 9:41 am


cast away all your fears and doubts and realize you are strong and brave. You have been through tough times before, and you are all the better for them. Cast away all your hate and jealousy, live your life in love.

» Posted By chaz On 07.06.2011 @ 1:19 pm


its a place where loadsa people can be found. its one of the few places where such a diverse range of people are found in the same place at the same time. a plcae where poeple act in a certain way, if u stop and look around its a place where theres so many different faces, people, and you can roughly tell where people are headed.

» Posted By chaz On 06.14.2011 @ 11:56 am


i don’t know what this word means but i guess it’s ok. i like the sound of it anyway, and i like how in french it would almost by my age… arghhh running out of time!! HELP! omg, a cat just came up to my window

» Posted By chaz On 05.31.2011 @ 1:22 pm


Oh your salty curves make my lips tingle and my mouth water. But alas, on the side of the world, you don’t feature as part of street vendor’s offerings. I can’t buy the real you, only your dried, crunchy, bagged friend. It’s a pretzel despair over here..

» Posted By Chaz On 05.23.2011 @ 5:14 am


Domestic. You call this domestic abuse? It’s obtuse. Being stuck in this box of life is domesticated, going round and round and round like a hamster on a wheel. It smells in here too; has anyone else noticed that? Smells rank. Least I can see through these bars, I feel wild in my mind..

» Posted By Chaz On 05.21.2011 @ 8:45 am

Oh here I am again, stuck in this domestic prison. Like a hamster in a cage, but being domesticated, domesticated, domesticated. Frustrated. Alienated. I don’t want to run round and round and round on this stupid fucking wheel.. And it smells rank in here. Who wants domestic bliss when you can be wild!?

» Posted By Chaz On 05.19.2011 @ 3:33 pm


All my dreams, that’s what’s forgotten. All the thoughts, processes, loves and lives, that end up under a torrent of overwhelming sea, flume and spume, choked until they no longer exist. And then it all sinks, right down to the base, the bed of the sea, where it lays forgotten in a menagerie..

» Posted By Chaz On 05.16.2011 @ 8:39 am


These hollow bones are meant for more than what they settle for.
Destiny is etched into them perfectly.
They carry promises and legacies long written.
Singing a song of sweet longing, I hear them whisper through my skin.

» Posted By Chaz On 05.11.2011 @ 6:50 pm


Understood this sick revolting reply, the jest of expressionless, haunting eyes, that takes a back seat to the plot of ever changing time; i sought to rid the page of something new a something ever and often cruel.

» Posted By Chaz On 08.21.2010 @ 7:18 pm


I’d loan you my world if it helped.
I’d loan you a shoulder to cry on if you wish.
I’d loan a life time for you to have.
I’d loan a second to watch you smile.
I’d probably loan you my heart but you’ve kinda had that for a while.

» Posted By chaz On 12.31.2008 @ 12:02 pm

Loans are horrible. While the majority of the progress made in our lives have been made due to loans from banks and whatnot… In a personal sense, they can be deblitating. Living beyond your means is never a good idea and is damaging in the long run.

That is the problem with the United Stats currently; we have lived beyond our means for far too long.

» Posted By Chaz On 12.30.2008 @ 11:48 pm


She can deny the truth
but it will always find her.

She can deny the past,
but it will never leave her.

She can deny her actions,
but the blood spells the truth.

She could deny her love,
but that would just be a sin.


» Posted By chaz On 11.28.2008 @ 1:03 pm


i was sitting on the front porch when i heard something in the bushes near my house. i stood quickly in response. the noise caught me completely off guard. my heart began to race and i could feel my pulse n my finger tips.

» Posted By Chaz On 11.06.2008 @ 9:35 pm


Her hair brushed across her innocent face in a gentle fashion….gently she slid off the bench and with her gentle touch, picked the young boy off the ground where he had fallen.

» Posted By chaz On 10.27.2008 @ 12:29 pm


she looked around not knowing what to do.
Should she take the path less travelled?
It’s what her English teacher had once said “we should take the path less travelled or we’ll never know what we missed”
“Is this true?” she thought to herself.

» Posted By chaz On 10.23.2008 @ 12:06 pm


The bulb lay broken on the floor
“Look what you did now!” I shouted as she fled from the scene to the safety of her room. I heard the door slam and a wave of guilty came over me. I began to clean up the pieces of the smashed bulb.

» Posted By Chaz On 10.18.2008 @ 12:43 pm


something you wear, something you have sex in, and then cover up your dick with. something you use so that the lovely lady can walk without getting wet. a coat can be an artifact. it indicates your social status, where you come from, your stylistic tastes, your desires, your goals, your passions, your ambitions. a coat is a microcosm of your life like a charlie kauffman script.

» Posted By chaz On 01.02.2010 @ 9:58 am


an orange fruit or vegetable, commonly used as a lantern on halloween and for pies on thanksgiving in amerixa. they have pips and can be made into soup. hagrid grows giant ones in harry potter. or maybe the film. they are horrible

» Posted By chaz On 11.27.2009 @ 3:45 am



» Posted By chaz On 12.25.2009 @ 7:58 am


I have a bunny in my head. He is wearing fifty- seven anthrax ripples. Of all the people in the world I could hear right now, I wouldn’t expect Winston Churchill to give me his slippers. One of which I suspect is of a certain shape. He did smoke a ton of cigars.

» Posted By chaz On 03.28.2010 @ 9:18 pm


The arrow flew straight as it left the bow.

The archer ran to retrieve it.

It was gone.


» Posted By Chaz On 10.31.2009 @ 11:46 am


people loss sense of what’s important in this world. they let go the sense of righteousness and friendliness and just started worry about themselves only. that’s where we fall apart as a society. we need to take care of each other.

» Posted By chaz On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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