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The wealth of the rich people put them in nicer houses than the typical person. Like me I think it’s greatly unfair that they don’t have to pay much on taxes than the lower class person does.

» Posted By Charlie Brown On 11.17.2016 @ 6:07 am


A prolonged period of little or no growth in an economy

» Posted By Charlie Brown On 11.15.2016 @ 6:11 am


I feel like there are a lot of idiots at my school and that’s why we don’t have a lot to do anymore. Last year there were too many fights and that’s what caused my brother to not have rec and that’s because of all the last year 8th graders.

» Posted By Charlie Brown On 11.10.2016 @ 6:08 am


The banker told us that we could get into our dead grandmas account to help pay for her ashes. The owner of the bank said it was illegal to let us into her account but me and my sister went to the judge to see if it was illegal and he told us, as long as it’s to pay for her ashes and nothing else. The banker gave us four thousand dollars and we needed one thousand and five hundred dollars to get her. We never expected her to pass away so fast. We’re going to have to take the time to take to know that she’s gone.

» Posted By Charlie Brown On 11.08.2016 @ 3:28 pm


Sounds to me like some kind of bloody vampiric beast, maybe a bunny.

» Posted By Charlie Brown On 09.19.2009 @ 5:01 pm

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