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She squeezed her cheeks. Pumpkin, she saw the lips murmur, my little pumpkin. She blinks, laughs, and turns away, her curly dark hair bouncing at her shoulders. The little girl laughs as well and follows her through the green field. And then, from there, everything evaporates into a pit of nothingness.

Syeda opened her eyes.

Memories of a time long past.

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Her shirt shifted from her body. She felt the collar shred around her. With a grunt, she thrashed away from the man’s scythe, feel the tear run along the back of her shirt. Thank goodness for undershirts, she thought. She bit her lip and conjured a shield around her as the scythe swung in her direction. The blade bounced against the shield and flew back, almost flying from the man’s hands.

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Like a rocket, the force flew from her. Ayesha turned on her heels, and then with a rapid swish of her arm and a flash of her eyes, a large, psionic blade appeared at her arm. They saw Goliath’s lips part in an expression of surprise short moments before he felt onto her blade, stopping him in his tracks.

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His anger fed his strength. Around them, glowed a darkening red light. Eli gritted his teeth. As his foot shifted against the ground, he saw a sparkle in the other’s eyes. The power intensified around them even more. Eli gulped. How was he supposed to defeat someone who gained their strength from movement?

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He screamed as he felt the curved end of the blade slice against his side. Automatically, he clenched at his searing side, the pain radiating from his side and to what seemed everywhere. Grinning, the Goliath swung the blade again, approaching him. It had a sinister walk, and the ground underneath him rumbled and shook at each step.

“Aw, look at our hero: in pain and derailed from his truth path. Tell me, how does it feel to be helpless?” It sneered.

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The power was gifted to her. Kory stared down at her hands. On sight, they appeared normal. Oh, yes, just on sight they seemed to be gentle, glowing, but she knew the truth behind them. She still recalled the day she reached down to touch the striped, stray kitten and how its soft, gentle purrs stopped as it fell stiffly to the ground. She had taken the kitten’s life simply by petting it.

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Sometimes, she wanted the world to know. She sat in her small, makeshift home in the abandoned parts of the city. Consistently tortured by her power, she preferred isolation over interaction, darkness over the sun. She had brought so few things to life, but delivered so many more things to Death’s door. She tried reconciling her mistakes by disappearing forever.

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Audrey ran up the golden hill, her breaths coming in rapids gasps. The cloud of grey behind her was rushing and gaining on her quickly, its wisps beginning to trickle around her ankles. How would she ever conquer her inner disturbance? How would she ever find the peace she needed to reach her true strength, her true power? Upon the hill, a white arch appeared; below it, between its pillars, stood a bright golden shroud in the shape of someone she had known all her life.

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Stretching high over the forest floor is a world untouched by the destructive hand of mankind. Flora and fauna have taken over this space, are free to build and grow like weeds in an abandoned house.

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how are you doing?
I think that people should understand one another more easily than they do. But perhaps this is not to be. Alas. I will wait for the day when understanding and communication are key to existence and happiness is second-nature, because really, who wants to live in a world where this is not the case? not me. I want festive rainbows, smiling gentlemen, charming women, and giggling teenagers. No one should be without these things.

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The pattern on her dress was just like the one I’d seen on my grandmothers. Dolphins. She loved dolphins. Every time I saw it it made me think of the sea air, the sand sticking to my feet and legs and my grandmother. I was younger then, young and naive and it was wondering.

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I was sinking ever slower. And as I began to fall all I could think was about concerned the mistakes I made and how I let them drag me down, sinking ever slower… when they could have helped me. Gave me the power to improve. Pushed me to do something other than fall, made me want to get up and fight that ever-sinking feeling.

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The first thing that I thought of after i read the word “trailer” was movie trailers. Well, movie trailers are a really cool way of promoting new and upcoming movies. sometimes, we can just tell how a movie will turn out just by watching a trailer.

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She grabbed the small broken tool. It fell from a tree, in snapped under someone, and it laid there broken. And she frowned, for the resemblance was unmistakable. She fell from a building, snapped under someone, and laid there broken. Just like the tree wanted.

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She was hungry and lone, under the sycamore tree – all dead and gone. Her eyes gleamed with tears, sickening cries of mangled despair echoing around the putrid forest. No more ever wood songs. She fought tooth and nail, and she lost.

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Wearing high-heels in the forest wasn’t practical. It wasn’t elegant, or pretty, or charming, or seductive. It was condemning, it was desperation, it was survival. Crunching leaves and tripping legs, strangle cries and stumbling steps. It wasn’t practical. It was survival.

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It was white, pure, innocent. Little, even. Its ears would pick up the song of the woods, the ballad of the leaves, the whisper of the grass. The tiny ball of pureness would eat in silence, mute to the world, invisible to the eye. But from one gentle swoop, white is stained and the pureness is gone.

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the phone is ringing like it never rang before.There is a certain distance from the base to the floor.Who are you. Hello? No, she’s not hear right now. Also destiny

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I will be joyful. I am joyful the sun still remembers how bright it is even when the rain falls.. no that’s not true the sun does not have knowledge of itself. it just is.

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voice dust noise clean

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gives live to electronic stuff

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the systems of the body help us work and run. they help us work through disease and illnesss, they help us live and survive. There are also systems for machines that help the machines run and work the way they should. a system makes a person or object run the way it i=should and usually there are many systems all working together in sync.

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worship in the name of one god one sod our mother earth giving birth to a people of one nation under the sun our father holy spirit and son fighting liberty with one mission one belief and one gun no time to think just sink

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some come to me in the mail every so often. and some i use to form sentences. if i didn’t have both in my life i would have a loss for words, because letters from you are what keeps me going. and letters from the alphabet are what keeps me living.

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clipboard is an object used to help put paper in place. The clipboard is a good invention that helps us hold paper in place. I enjoy the clip board.

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